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George's Story

“I’m afraid and I don’t know what will happen,” Sharon, George’s mother, told us quietly. George was born just like any other baby, but he got sick right after birth. Two weeks later, Sharon noticed his head was starting to grow at an abn… Read more

“I’m afraid and I don’t know what will happen,” Sharon, George’s mother, told us quietly. George was born just like any other baby, but he got sick right after birth. Two weeks later, Sharon noticed his head was starting to grow at an abnormal rate. It turned out he has hydrocephalus, a life-threatening condition where fluid builds up in a baby’s brain and exerts painful pressure that can cause brain damage and eventually death, if untreated. Their local hospital referred them here to CURE Uganda and they have made their way to us. Now that George is here, he will receive the treatment he needs to manage his hydrocephalus, saving his life, and opening up his future. When we asked Sharon about her dreams for George, she said “I just want him to be a good person.” Please join us in praying for Sharon and George, that they would know Christ’s peace and love during their stay with us!

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Latest Updates

Feb 17, 2020

George and Sharon have headed home! Before they left, the CURE Uganda medical team made sure they had all the medications they needed, and we'll see them again in a few weeks at one of our mobile clinics near their home. CURE Uganda provides mobile clinics spread out throughout the year and throughout Uganda in 5 different locations! These provide a great chance for families to come see the doctors for their checkups, without traveling all the way back to the hospital. You can be praying that George's shunt continues to work well, and that he will continue healing as he grows!

Feb 12, 2020

This evening we caught Sharon as she was getting ready to give baby George a bath. Retrieving a cloth from the laundry line, she said the doctors weren't quite sure when they'll be cleared to head home. George is still recovering from his surgery, so of course the medical team wants to be sure he's feeling better before they send him and Sharon home. Sharon is in good spirits, but long hospital stays can be wearing, so thank you for praying for her and George as they continue to wait! Photo of George

Feb 11, 2020

George has had a pretty sleepy day! Earlier in the day he was fighting a high fever, but thankfully that has gone down. He and Sharon have moved from the ICU to the main ward, but Sharon let us know that George is still feeling pretty uncomfortable. That's understandable, since he had a pretty big surgery for a small baby! The medical team is keeping a close eye on him and making sure he gets all the medicine and attention he needs as he recovers. Photo of George

Feb 10, 2020

George had surgery today! In order to help his excess cerebrospinal fluid drain more freely, the neurosurgeon and OR team installed a shunt, which is a tiny plastic tube that goes from George's brain to the area around his stomach. This is George's third surgery at CURE Uganda, so Sharon was feeling pretty calm about it, and hopeful that the shunt will help him feel much better. Nurse Joy took care of George in the PACU, and once he was feeling better, transferred him to the ICU where he was reunited with Sharon. Thank you for praying for this little guy and his family! Photo of George

Feb 07, 2020

"He slept well last night!" we visited with Sharon this morning and she let us know that the tap was successful in releasing some of the pressure on George's brain, so he felt better and was able to sleep. He's pretty sleepy today, too! Dr. Wegoye and the medical team let Sharon know that George should be able to have surgery early next week. For this next surgery, he will need to have a shunt placed, which is a small tube to help his cerebrospinal fluid drain more freely. Sharon is feeling ok, and was able to check in with the rest of the family at home, and they're doing well too. Photo of George

Feb 06, 2020

Sharon and George made the long 8-hr bus journey from their home to come back to CURE Uganda. Unfortunately George has been having a lot of pressure on his brain, and his fontanelle (or 'soft spot' on babies) was quite tense with pressure when they arrived. The medical team was able to do a tap to relive some of the pressure, and Sharon says she thinks he is feeling a bit better. He'll be undergoing some more testing as the doctors and surgeons evaluate what he needs. Sharon is understandably feeling pretty discouraged, since George has had several surgeries already - so we let her know that people would be praying for her and George. Photo of George

Nov 20, 2019

George is headed home today! We weren't able to grab a photo, but we're so glad that he is doing well and gets to go home with mama Sharon. He'll get his stitches out soon at a local health clinic, and then come for a review at one of our mobile clinics for a check-up with CURE doctors. Our mobile clinics provide a wonderful opportunity for patients and their families to come for their checkups at a location closer to their homes!

Nov 18, 2019

George had surgery today! Because his cerebrospinal fluid wasn't flowing well, the neurosurgeons were concerned that he might need to have a shunt placed to help drain the fluid. However, by using a small, flexible endoscope, the neurosurgeons were able to modify the small hole the fluid flows through and get it flowing again. They're hopeful that this will work, and George will not need a shunt. However, they'll be keeping a close eye on him for a bit, just to be sure! Photo of George

Nov 15, 2019

George and Sharon are back with us at CURE Uganda! George is almost one year old, and is getting so big! Sharon told us he's started eating some solid food, and has been eating a lot of beans. However, he hasn't been feeling too well lately. George has been having some pressure in his head which is causing him to be irritable, so Sharon brought him back to CURE Uganda to see the doctors. It's looking like he will have surgery early next week, so the nurses are keeping a close eye on him while he waits over the weekend. Thank you for praying for this little guy! Photo of George

Sep 12, 2019

Mama Sharon brought George to one of our mobile clinics today for his check up! They met with our clinical officer Joshua, who was working with a local translator who helps us the local dialects. While mama Sharon speaks English, we're so thankful for these translators who help us out at mobile clinics since Uganda contains a lot of different languages! George is growing and getting bigger — he is still struggling with seizures and head and neck control, so Joshua prescribed more anti-seizure medication for him, and he's meeting with our physical therapist Issac, too. We're really thankful that we have such an amazing team at our mobile clinics! Photo of George

Jul 16, 2019

George’s hydrocephalus is still well and controlled, but unfortunately he is still having seizures. He was brought to our mobile clinic near his town today and was given more anti-seizure medication. He also has weak neck control so we showed his mom some physical therapy exercises which should help strengthen him up. Please keep him in your prayers as even though the biggest danger has been dealt with, there is still a long way for this young man to go! Photo of George

Apr 12, 2019

George was discharged from the ward this morning! He will have his stitches removed in ten days at a local hospital, and will come to a CURE mobile clinic near his home for his next checkup in May. His mom Sharon wrapped him up carefully and headed to the bus station to get back to their hometown. Join us in praying for safe travels and a continued good recovery for George! Photo of George

Apr 11, 2019

George is recovering this morning in the ICU and being transferred back to the ward soon. We asked his mom Sharon how she was doing, and she said she's tired of being in the ICU and she's excited to be back in the ward with the other moms later today!

Apr 10, 2019

George's test results came back good and he was able to have his surgery today! Dr. Emmanuel and his surgical team were able to manually create a hole in George's brain to allow more fluid to naturally drain and relieve the pressure inside his head. George's surgery went very well and he will spend the night in the ICU so the nurses can keep a close eye on him as he recovers! Thank you for continuing to pray for George and Sharon. Photo of George

Apr 09, 2019

Today George is getting some tests done to be sure he's ready for surgery. In the meantime, he and his mom Sharon had some fun exploring our playroom with our spiritual staff. Please pray that his test results are good so that he can move on to surgery! Photo of George

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