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Asadi's Story

Mama Fatuma gazed down at Baby Asadi as he slept cozily in his sweet yellow hat. Born just five days before, she had come to CURE Uganda right away so that he could be treated here for spina bifida. Spina bifida is a condition where part of the bac… Read more

Mama Fatuma gazed down at Baby Asadi as he slept cozily in his sweet yellow hat. Born just five days before, she had come to CURE Uganda right away so that he could be treated here for spina bifida. Spina bifida is a condition where part of the backbone and membranes around a baby's spinal cord don't form properly in the womb. The doctors at the local hospital noticed Asadi had a problem with his back, and sent him and Fatuma here quickly. Because he was born right before the Easter holiday, they have had to wait for his surgery, but the doctors and nurses are keeping a close eye on him and we hope he can have his surgery soon. Fatuma has four other children who are at home with their father, who is a business man and sells watches in the local market. She is very anxious about Asadi, but has enjoyed becoming friends with Hadija, whose baby William has a similar condition. William's bed is adjacent to Asadi's and their moms have become good friends! We are so thankful that the moms here at CURE Uganda can get to know each other and share their stories. Please join us in praying for peace and healing for this sweet little guy and his mama!

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Latest Updates

Jun 12, 2019

Asadi is heading home today! Mama Fatuma had a good chat with our CURE Uganda social worker, Rose, who counseled and encouraged her about all the things she will need to do to take care of Asadi at home. Because he has spina bifida, he'll need some special care, so nurse Helen, one of our spina bifida care coordinators, is teaching Fatuma what she needs to know to care for him. Additionally, Rose advised her to come to the CURE Uganda parents' support group. This is a wonderful group of parents that meet here every other month and we know will be a big help and encouragement to Fatuma and her husband. Thank you for the beautiful get-well messages and all your prayers and love for Asadi and his family! Photo of Asadi

Jun 11, 2019

Mama Fatuma and baby Asadi are back in the ward. Our doctors are very optimistic about baby Asadi and he has been doing well since his surgery. To make things even better, Fatuma’s husband came to visit them today! Thanks for your continued prayers for this beautiful family! Photo of Asadi

Jun 10, 2019

Asadi was one of the first babies to have surgery at CURE Uganda this morning! His surgery went well and after Nurse Joy helped him recover in the PACU, she took him to the ICU where he was reunited with mama Fatuma. He was able to breastfeed and cuddle with his mama and the ICU nurses will be sure he's well taken care of. The surgery Asadi had is called an ETV/CPC - the surgeons created a small hole in his brain to help the fluid drain better. They also cauterized a very small piece of his brain to prevent it from creating too much fluid. He's waited a long time to have this surgery and we are thankful that it finally happened today. We are praying now for God's grace in good healing! Thanks for praying for Asadi and his family! Photo of Asadi

Jun 07, 2019

Asadi's procedure went smoothly and he was able to go home with his mama last night! They'll rest at home for a couple days and he'll be back to see us again on Sunday. He's gotten so big since last time we saw him and we're really glad he's growing and gaining weight. Please be praying with us that his brain would be healed of all infection!

Jun 06, 2019

Guess who is back! We were glad to see Asadi and mama Fatuma this morning, but sad to hear Asadi isn't feeling very well and has been crying a lot. Today, the doctors will once again do a tap to test his cerebrospinal fluid for infection. Fatuma shared with us that she's feeling worried about her other children as well as they are fighting malaria at home. They're taking medicine, but malaria is never fun or easy. It's so hard to be a mom sometimes! Thankfully, Asadi's dad stopped by to check on them after lunch - we're so thankful for the good care he takes of his sweet family. Photo of Asadi

May 27, 2019

After a long time with us, Asadi and his mother Fatuma are going home! They are just waiting for a final tap and they will go leave. A tap is when the nurses and doctors remove a very small amount of cerebrospinal fluid from the baby's head to check and see if they have any infection in their brain fluid. Because Asadi's family lives very close to the hospital the doctors are letting him go home early, but they will be coming back every morning and every evening for continued check ups and treatment with us! Photo of Asadi

May 24, 2019

Fatuma’s husband visits her every evening because their home is just a 10 minutes’ drive away from CURE Uganda. She told us that she is hoping to see her other children over the weekend and will plan for that with her husband today. “Asadi is not as frail as he was when I first came. The change is slow, but it is there”, Fatuma said. As of today, Asadi has completed seven days out of a fourteen-day antibiotics regiment. Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Asadi

May 23, 2019

Today we met Asadi's dad! It was great to meet him and we can tell that Asadi definitely resembles his father - it's fun to see how babies can look so much like their parents! Asadi has three bigger siblings at home, ages eight, six, and five, and they are all going back to school on Monday after the term break. Mama Fatuma is missing her other children, but is glad that her husband was able to pay the school fees and they are being well looked after. A lot of the mamas here at CURE Uganda have been mistreated by the men in their lives so we're all really encouraged to see such a good husband and father! Asadi's dad shared the get well messages we printed out for her with her husband, and he was excited to read all the notes from far away. Thank you for your prayers for this sweet family as we hope they can all be back together again soon! Photo of Asadi

May 22, 2019

We love seeing the moms of CURE Uganda developing friendships and encouraging one another! The Bible talks about how important this is in 1st Thessalonians 5:11, "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up"! Fatuma was really happy today because she's had some good visits with Asadi's father, who has been coming to visit during lunch time. She told us the doctors say they'll need to stay at CURE for a few more days, so we're glad she has some good friends here! Photo of Asadi

May 21, 2019

Today we spoke to mama Fatuma who is still in the ward with Asadi, she was very happy because Asadi's father is coming soon to visit them even though she was feeling lonely because most of her friends in the ward have left the hospital. The doctors are waiting for Asadi's infection to be totally cleared up, so they can hopefully proceed to another surgery later this week. Thank you for your prayers for healing!! Photo of Asadi

May 20, 2019

We visited with Asadi and Fatuma this morning, and asked Fatuma how she would like people to be praying for them! She asked that we would pray for Asadi to heal well, and to pray for her as well. They've been at CURE Uganda for almost a week this time, and it can be hard to be far away from family and home. Please be praying that God would heal Asadi of infection and protect him! Photo of Asadi

May 19, 2019

When we stopped by to see Asadi this afternoon. He was fast asleep, but his mom was really excited because her mother (Asadi's 'jaja' or grandma) had come for a visit! She was so encouraged to have time with her mom. No matter how old you are, moms can make everything better. The doctors are keeping a close eye on Asadi and he seems to be doing well. Thank you for your prayers for this little guy! Photo of Asadi

May 16, 2019

We visited with Mama Fatuma this morning as she was enjoying some time with her friends outside of the ICU. Baby Asadi is doing well, and she said they will go home soon and then return later to see if the infection has cleared enough for the surgeons to perform the rest of the procedure. We read Fatuma your get well messages and she was glad to hear from you. Thank you so much for your continued prayers for Fatuma and Asadi! Photo of Asadi

May 15, 2019

Baby Asadi is back with us at CURE Uganda. His mama noticed recently that his head size was increasing, so she brought him back to us for testing, and the doctors confirmed he does have hydrocephalus. Today neurosurgeon Dr. Justin Onen and visiting neurosurgeon Dr. Matthew Gutman operated on Baby Asadi. They had hoped to perform an ETV/CPC, which is where the surgeons create a small hole for the fluid to drain from the baby's brain better, and then prevent the brain from creating excess fluid. Asadi actually had a lot of infection in part of his brain, so they changed their plan and completed part of the the procedure. They will give Asadi some antibiotics and wait until the infection clears up before finishing. Please be praying for little Asadi and his mom Fatuma, that the infection would go away and the operation would work well! Photo of Asadi

Apr 29, 2019

Baby Asadi and his mama were discharged this morning. Dr. Agatha told us that he is doing well, and will be back to have his stitches removed next week. Fatuma is happy to be heading home! Photo of Asadi

Apr 25, 2019

Today, Dr. Justin Onen, assisted by Dr. Joyce Koueik, who is visiting from Wisconsin, performed surgery on Baby Asadi. He is recovering now in our CURE Uganda ICU and our nurses are making sure he is comfortable and safe. Please pray for a good recovery and continued peace for his mama, Fatuma. The nurses prayed with her before Asadi's surgery, but she was nervous of course! Earlier today her husband was able to come and visit her, and she was so glad to see him, and hopes that he'll be able to come back again soon. Photo of Asadi

Apr 25, 2019

Dr. Peter and the other doctors checked on Asadi and his mama this morning during their daily rounds. Asadi will have surgery this afternoon to repair the myelomeningocele on his back. Myelomeningocele is a type of spina bifida where the spinal canal and spinal cord don't form or close properly before the baby is born. A small sac, which looks similar to a water balloon, extends through an opening in the spine and is covered by a membrane. While this is the most serious type of spina bifida, our neurosurgeons here at CURE Uganda are extremely experienced in doing this type of surgery, so we know that Baby Asadi is in the best of hands! Please pray for peace for his mama Fatuma as she anticipates his surgery. Photo of Asadi

Apr 24, 2019

“It is never good being in hospital and more so during the festive season. I wonder how my children are,” Fatuma said. She also shared that although Asadi hasn’t had his surgery yet she has noticed some change in him, for example, he doesn’t cry as much. During today’s ward rounds, the doctors told her that they are making a plan for Asadi’s surgery. Please be praying for Fatuma and Asadi! Photo of Asadi

Apr 23, 2019

This morning, Immaculate, from our spiritual team, came to visit with Fatuma, to tell her about Jesus and pray with her. The CURE Uganda spiritual team visits each baby and caretaker every day to share the good news of Christ with everyone. We are praying that this Easter baby and his mom would know the love and hope of Jesus! Photo of Asadi

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