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The picture above is of CURE in Uganda. Everyone who serves with CURE in Uganda, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Elizabeth. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Elizabeth's Story

“I have two children from two different marriages. My first born is completely healthy and she lives with my mother and Elizabeth is my second child. She was born healthy and just before she was eight months old I separated with her father. When … Read more

“I have two children from two different marriages. My first born is completely healthy and she lives with my mother and Elizabeth is my second child. She was born healthy and just before she was eight months old I separated with her father. When she developed hydrocephalus and I informed him of the child’s condition he told me that he didn’t want anything to do with Elizabeth and that she is not his daughter. I knew where his family home is, so I went there to look for him and luckily his family welcomed me, and they have been taking care of Elizabeth,” Maureen says. Elizabeth wasn’t taken to a hospital but instead was taken to an herbalist who gave Maureen herbs for smearing on Elizabeth's head. He claimed that the herbs would reduce her head and stop the seizures, but they were not effective. One day she met with a councilwoman who advised her to bring Elizabeth to CURE Uganda instead of using herbs which Maureen agreed to do. Elizabeth has now been admitted and is awaiting surgery here. Please join us in praying for Elizabeth's healing!

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Latest Updates

Jul 23, 2019

Elizabeth came back to CURE Uganda today for her review appointment, but she was so speedy we didn't manage to grab a photo! She met with Dr. Noah and he tells us she is doing well. She may have a little infection, so Dr. Noah prescribed some medication and she was able to head home. Thank you for praying for her and her family as she continues to grow - we know that God loves and sees her, and pray that she and her family would know and feel his mighty love for them.

May 21, 2019

Elizabeth and her mom Maureen came back to CURE Uganda for a review with Dr. Michael in our Outpatient Department today. Dr. Michael said that the surgery was successful and Elizabeth is doing well although she does have developmental delays. Dr. Michael asked Maureen how Elizabeth is doing, and she said that Elizabeth can sit up and reach and grab things. Dr. Michael directed Elizabeth to the physiotherapist department for an appointment this afternoon with our physiotherapist, Douglass. She will come back to CURE for another checkup in July! Please keep praying for Elizabeth and that she will continue to grow stronger as she does her exercises at home! Photo of Elizabeth

Feb 15, 2019

Elizabeth started feeding normally and her NG tube was removed! However, she is still vomiting a lot. The doctors reviewed her CT scan and have decided to put her on anticonvulsants which she will take for one month and then stop depending on how she improves. Please be praying for her! Photo of Elizabeth

Feb 14, 2019

“Elizabeth is still weak, feeding through the NG tube, and vomiting. I have to be with her all the time." Maureen says. "When I try to have her sit, she cries like she is in a lot of pain, but the nurses are taking good care of her. I also told the nurses that I am pregnant, and they said that they will take care of me too." Today, Dr. Justin said that he will review Elizabeth's brain CT scan and the lab reports before making a plan will be move forward. Please keep praying for baby Elizabeth. Photo of Elizabeth

Feb 13, 2019

Since last evening, Elizabeth has not been feeding well so our nurses decided to insert an NG tube to aid her in getting the nourishment that she needs. She was very irritable during the night but is calm this morning. Dr. Justine ordered that they be taken to the labs for several tests to be run and also for another brain CT scan to be done to ascertain the cause of her not progressing. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Elizabeth

Feb 12, 2019

“Elizabeth played through most of the night, it is unbelievable that just yesterday she had brain surgery. Even this morning after feeding she started playing with the wires that connected her to the machines, so the nurses were always on alert,” Maureen said. She added that she hasn’t informed her folks back at home about Elizabeth’s operation because “they worry too much’ and she hopes to inform them when Elizabeth is out of ICU which may be today. She will be transferred to the general ward before midday. We give God the glory and are thankful for your prayers! Photo of Elizabeth

Feb 11, 2019

“I got really worried while she was in the operating room but now I am so relieved that everything went well,” Maureen says. An ETV/CPC plus a shunt placement was done successfully and baby Elizabeth is now recovering in PACU from where she will be transferred to ICU. She will spend the night being closely monitored, please remember her in your prayers this evening! Photo of Elizabeth

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