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Shallot's Story

“If it wasn’t for faith I wouldn’t have managed to take care of this baby, but I believe God is the One who has given me the strength. I gave birth through a C-section and I know how difficult an operation can be so my baby who is not even a … Read more

“If it wasn’t for faith I wouldn’t have managed to take care of this baby, but I believe God is the One who has given me the strength. I gave birth through a C-section and I know how difficult an operation can be so my baby who is not even a month to have an operation is one of the most trying moments I have had in my life,” Mama Shallot shared. When she was pregnant she went for all her antenatal appointments and even had three ultrasound scans so she, Shallot's father Denis and her entire family where in shock when they saw baby Shallot’s condition. “Because I was still sedated after the C-section, it is my family who first saw baby Shallot and they even feared to carry her. My mother (who is in the military) said that in our entire clan, she had never seen nor heard of any relative of ours who has spina bifida. She told my siblings that the family of the child’s father would have to take care of the baby. When I regained my consciousness and they showed me the baby, I too was as scared as they were. It is my mother-in-law who has been helping us to take care of baby Shallot,” says mama Shallot. One week after giving birth, mama Shallot now has the courage to hold her baby. Denis, baby Shallot’s father, has just graduated from university and is still unemployed and Shallot who also just graduated from high school is unemployed too, so it is Denis’ parents who are providing for baby Shallot and her mother. “I am not sure if I will have any other children because I would prefer to have only Shallot who I can give all the care that she needs,” Shallot said. As for now, they have been admitted at CURE Uganda and baby Shallot will be having surgery soon. We are grateful that mother and baby are here with us where they will receive both the physical and spiritual care that they need thanks to your support!

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Latest Updates

Jan 11, 2019

Shallot was discharged this morning! Prior to them leaving, some hospital shenanigans occurred - Dr. John wanted to see if Dr. Peter could tell the twins apart so he had Sharon act like Shallot’s mother during the ward round, Dr. Peter didn’t notice the switch resulting in Dr. John, the nursing staff and the twins bursting out into laughter! After getting everything packed up, Sharon prayed with Pastor Winnie while Shallot got medication for her baby. Please keep Shallot in your prayers that her back will heal well and strength for her mom as she continues to care for her. Photo of Shallot

Jan 10, 2019

Baby Shallot is making progress! Her doctors have no major concerns, she is feeding well and continues to be on antibiotics. Shallot’s twin sister Sharon has returned to the hospital to lend a hand. During the ward round, the staff was impressed by how similar the two of them look. They have had a quiet day talking to each other and making friends with the other families in their section of the ward. Please keep baby Shallot in your prayers that she will continue to recover well from the surgery. Photo of Shallot

Jan 09, 2019

Shallot is doing well, today is her fifth day on antibiotics which is the main reason why they are still at the hospital. Once her antibiotic regimen is completed at the end of the week, she should be allowed home. Shallot has been getting lots of attention from her grandmother who has been holding her and trying to get her to suck on her thumb! Please keep Shallot in your prayers that she will continue to do well! Photo of Shallot

Jan 08, 2019

While Shallot had a calm night in the ICU, mama Shallot was up and down most of the night checking on her to make sure she was doing alright. Her recovery has gone well, she is feeding and hasn’t had a fever this morning so she was transferred to the ward. Shallot’s aunt went home yesterday after the surgery but her grandmother is still here helping out mother Shallot. Please keep Shallot in your prayers that her recovery will continue to go well! Photo of Shallot

Jan 07, 2019

“I am still scared about today’s surgery. I will only feel better when Shallot is out of theatre,” said mama Shallot. Shallot and her sisters spent time chatting with other mothers in the ward about their experiences raising children with spina bifida and later on this week, she will have time to chat with our spina bifida coordinator who will teach her in detail about the condition. Baby Shallot had a successful myelomeningocele closure this afternoon and was transferred to ICU where she will spend the night. Please remember her in your prayers! Photo of Shallot

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