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Juma's Story

“When Juma started falling sick and having seizures I thought it was a condition that can just be treated with tablets or syrups. I took him to the health center in our village and in fact he was given a syrup. The treatment that he was given did… Read more

“When Juma started falling sick and having seizures I thought it was a condition that can just be treated with tablets or syrups. I took him to the health center in our village and in fact he was given a syrup. The treatment that he was given didn’t help and he just became worse. When his head eventually started to increase in size, my mother advised that we visit a witchdoctor. She believed that my step-mom was bewitching her because one day she cursed my mom that she would lose all her grandchildren. The witchdoctor confirmed that we had been bewitched and he gave some charms. They however didn’t help. My father was against the idea of going to the witchdoctor and was consulting with relatives on what other options we had and that is how we came to learn about CURE Hospital. I am a Muslim but before I brought Juma, I first took him to a church to be prayed for because I had heard that when a sick person is prayed for in church, they get healed,” explained Ziria, Juma’s mom. Juma's young mother lives with her parents who also take care of Juma because she is unemployed. It is Ziria’s father who provided the money needed to transport Juma to CURE Uganda and now that she is here she says, “I just want him to be fine, I don’t want him to die.” Please be praying for Juma to have a successful surgery and for Ziria, that she would know the love and presence of Jesus while they are here.

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Latest Updates

Feb 06, 2019

“This time I pray that his head doesn’t increase again. I am tired of going to hospitals all the time,” Ziria said. Juma is doing well and was discharged this morning. He will be reviewed in one month’s time. Please keep praying for him! Photo of Juma

Feb 05, 2019

“Juma is better than yesterday,” Ziria said. He had a stable night and was transferred back to the general ward where our nurses are continuing to take care of him. Ziria spent most of her day hanging out with baby Renita’s mother because they speak the same language and get along. Please be praying for Juma and Ziria! Photo of Juma

Feb 04, 2019

“My brother came and visited me today at the right time, he came when Juma was in surgery and I was feeling sad. When we returned home last month after the first surgery, I went to visit Juma’s father and he said that he thought about Juma and concluded that Juma is not his son. He then told me to leave. Fortunately, my brothers have been my support,” Ziria said. Juma was brought back to CURE Uganda because of a failed ETV/CPC and so this morning Dr. Justin decided to place a shunt. The surgery was successful and Juma is now recovering in ICU. Please continue to pray for him and his mother Ziria. Photo of Juma

Jan 09, 2019

“I’m feeling good,” said Ziria. This morning she was told they were being discharged. They will spend a couple weeks at home before returning to CURE Uganda in February. Upon returning, Juma will be reassessed and a plan will be made if another operation is needed. Thank you for praying for Juma and sending them get well messages while he was in the hospital. Photo of Juma

Jan 08, 2019

For now, Juma will continue with antibiotics for the next five to seven days to treat sepsis. “Juma is doing well, he had a calm night here in ICU and he is stable,” nurse Miriam told us this morning. When we met up with him he was nursing and Zaria said that she feels relaxed and is expecting her parents to come and visit because they were excited that Juma came out of theatre alive. This morning he will be transferred back to the ward from where he will be monitored. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Juma

Jan 07, 2019

Today Juma went into surgery where Dr. Emma attempted an ETV/CPC however, he could not perform the operation due to the anatomy of Juma’s brain. In normal circumstances, a shunt would have been placed unfortunately, Juma continues to struggle with fevers a sign of infection. Juma is now in the ICU with his mother recovering from the operation. He will need to go back into surgery and have a shunt placed once his doctors feel comfortable that there is no infection. Please be praying for Juma, that his infection will soon clear and for Ziria to stay strong and not be discouraged. Photo of Juma

Jan 04, 2019

Juma has been put on antibiotics and his fevers are calming down. According to his mother Ziria, his feeding has improved. She says that this morning she was praying for her baby Juma and was told during the ward rounds that he will have surgery early next week. “I had hoped to go back home this weekend but if God has decided that we stay here, what can I do?” Ziria said. Please continue to pray that God strengthens Ziria and Juma as he awaits his surgery. Photo of Juma

Jan 03, 2019

Juma had a fever last night and as a result, his doctors have decided to postpone his operation which was scheduled for today. Clinical officer Stewart told Ziria their decision and sent them to the laboratory for some blood tests to be run before the doctors make a plan for what's next for him. As for Ziria, she gave her life to Christ and says, “this morning I prayed on my bed. I prayed the Christian way.” She told us that she isn’t worried about the upcoming surgery because she wants her baby to be well. Please continue to pray for Juma and for Ziria's new faith! Photo of Juma

Jan 02, 2019

“Juma is much better now than when we first came two days ago,” says Ziria. The seizures have stopped, he is feeding well and had a calm night. Ziria who had lost hope now says that she has become stronger since she saw other children with the same condition here at CURE Uganda. The highlight of Ziria’s day was when her mother came to visit her and Juma and she brought some of her clothes from home and a loaf of bread. Please join us in prayer for Juma and Ziria as they await his surgery! Photo of Juma

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