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Rickson's Story

Rickson is a twin but unlike his brother Kato, when he was three months he developed hydrocephalus. “I was advised by people to do many things, some advised me to go to witchdoctors and I did so because I was desperate for my child to get well," … Read more

Rickson is a twin but unlike his brother Kato, when he was three months he developed hydrocephalus. “I was advised by people to do many things, some advised me to go to witchdoctors and I did so because I was desperate for my child to get well," shared Annette. We also learned that she went to the closest referral hospital where a scan was taken but because they were looking for a tumor and didn't see one they were discharged home. It was around that time after returning home that her husband decided to leave the family because he felt he couldn’t manage to take care of a child with such a condition. Life became really hard after Annette separated with her husband. She had the children with her, yet she had no job, so she moved in with her parents who are unemployed too. She started farming to sustain the family. “I got many jobs offered to me but couldn’t take them up because Rickson needed my undivided attention. The best I could do was go with him to the farm,” Annette says. It is while she was at her parents’ that she heard about CURE Uganda from a friend who told her to bring Rickson even if she didn't have money, he would still get treated. Rickson’s twin Kato, and their sister Lillian, the firstborn, are both in school and Annette now has hope that Rickson will be able to someday study too after he gets the treatment that he needs. Please join us in praying for Rickson's healing so that he can join his siblings at school!

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Oct 23, 2018

“I feel good about being discharged. He is now feeding well, he ate a chapati and is drinking well, he took tea. I am so happy,” said Annette. Annette is looking forward to seeing her children who are back at home, her youngest is under the weather so she is especially eager to see them. Annette doesn’t have any medical worries and she is now looking forward to helping Rickson become more mobile. “My prayer request is that God should help him to get up and start walking,” said Annette. Please pray with Annette toward that goal! Photo of Rickson

Oct 22, 2018

“He is now looking okay. It is good that they found what is paining him, yesterday his doctors did a scan that showed a bilateral subdural. I am having hope the baby will be fine,” said Annette. Annette and Rickson didn’t make it home. On their way back he began having convulsions and vomiting so they returned to CURE Uganda on Friday and were readmitted. Rickson is currently being observed for convulsions and if he is feeding well, the surgical team is making a plan if Rickson should be allowed home or if he will need another operation. Despite being back at the hospital Rickson has a smile on his face and is happy as long as his mother is nearby. Please be praying for Rickson that he will not need another operation. Photo of Rickson

Oct 18, 2018

“I’m feeling good, I’m feeling happy,” said Annette. This morning they are going home, both Annette and Rickson are very happy as they have been missing their family at home. Even though it was hard for Annette to be away from her other children, she has had a positive experience at CURE Uganda. “Every time there are prayers and words of encouragement they give you hope,” said Annette. Prior to leaving, Winnie from the Spiritual Center came by their bed to wish them well and prayed for them. Rickson's doctors have been encouraging Annette to do more physical therapy with Rickson to get him stronger and more mobile. Please be praying for Rickson that he will not need any more surgeries and for him to become physically stronger. Photo of Rickson

Oct 17, 2018

“The eyes are a bit brighter since surgery,” said Annette. According to Rickson’s nurses he is recovering well and he had a stable night so he is being transferred out of the ICU and back to the ward. Rickson enjoyed breakfast in the ICU where he had milk and a chapati which he enjoyed! Annette has been able to share the good news about Rickson with their family at home who called them yesterday to check on them. Please continue to pray for Rickson that he will soon be able to go home! Photo of Rickson

Oct 16, 2018

“I feel good that the baby will be operated, on the other hand, I am also worried that I don’t know the outcome of the operation,” said Annette. This morning Annette and Rickson met with Winnie from the Spiritual Department and Annette shared their story with Winnie who then prayed for them and encouraged them. Rickson is currently in surgery where Dr. Peter is performing an OPM and ETV/CPC, once Rickson recovers he will be transferred to the ICU where he will spend the night. Please join Annette and Winnie in praying for Rickson and we invite you to share your encouragement to Annette and her kids too! Photo of Rickson

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