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The picture above is of CURE in Uganda. Everyone who serves with CURE in Uganda, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Adam. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Adam is Susan’s fifth child and he is special to his family because he is the child born after twins, who are considered to bring good luck in her tradition. He however was born with spina bifida, a condition that neither Susan nor her husband ha… Read more

Adam is Susan’s fifth child and he is special to his family because he is the child born after twins, who are considered to bring good luck in her tradition. He however was born with spina bifida, a condition that neither Susan nor her husband had seen before. “I was so scared when the nurse showed me the wound on his back,” Susan recalls. She had given birth through C-section at a government hospital which immediately referred Adam to an even bigger hospital, but Susan couldn’t travel immediately because of the fresh wound from her C-section. However, two days later, she got the strength to travel and ended up at CURE Hospital. Her other children are being cared for by their grandmother but are aware that their brother Adam will be needing surgery. Susan is a peasant farmer and her husband is a truck driver and with their small incomes, Susan anticipates some financial struggles as she raises Adam. Please pray for Adam's healing and that Susan would trust in God's loving provision!

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“We are still here, pray for us to go home,” said Susan. This morning Susan spent time with Mama David who she has become friends with, Susan helped her get ready to leave the hospital. Susan is happy that Adam is doing well but is certainly counting down the days until they can leave. Susan was very curious about Pennsylvania, a curiosity that was sparked from one of the get well messages they had received. We showed her where Pennsylvania was on a map - it is 7,153 miles from Uganda, which in Susan’s words, “Is far away!” Susan and Adam had a normal day at the hospital where Susan did laundry, talked with friends and staff members, and attended the afternoon church service. Please continue to write to Adam and Susan especially if you are familiar with Pennsylvania! Photo of Adam

2 days ago

“My mother is doing a great job taking care of the children back at home,” Susan says. She called home and was told that everything is fine although she misses being with her family. The rains have come in her district, so she says her family is cultivating food. Susan was told by the doctors that after Adam finishes his dose of antibiotics he will be discharged but will need another surgery for hydrocephalus at a later date and Susan hopes that it won’t be long from now. This morning she spent some time in prayer with Immaculate from our Spiritual Center. Please continue to remember Adam in your prayers as well as he finishes his antibiotics. Photo of Adam

3 days ago

“Adam is good, you can see that he is looking livelier. We are keeping him here to make sure he finishes the course of antibiotics. His mother told me to take good care of him while she goes to pray in the chapel,” Nurse Lydia said. Earlier this morning we spoke with Susan and she said, “I am noticing some improvement in Adam. I just feel low sometimes because my husband is no longer here with me.” Today is his fourth day out of a fourteen-day regiment of antibiotics. Please pray for patience and strength for both mother and child as we continue to treat Adam! Photo of Adam

4 days ago

“Adam is improving, the wound is healing. It's not infected, it was a good thing to change (antibiotics) to meropenem,” said nurse Martha who is taking a care of Adam today. Adam will be on meropenem, his IV antibiotic, for a total of two weeks - today marks day three. Susan is doing well, she has been hanging out with her friends in the hospital while Adam has been resting. Adam and Susan have received several get well messages over the last couple days which have been a big encouragement to them - thank you! Please continue to write to Adam and Susan and lift them up in your prayers! Photo of Adam

Oct 15, 2018

“Adam is good, he is now okay,” said Susan. Adam is recovering well from surgery, he has a good appetite and his doctors have no major concerns! After the surgery, Adam was switched to an IV antibiotic which he will take for at least another week. Although Susan and Adam will still be at the hospital for a while longer, their morale is high. Susan has been holding Adam in her arms and praying for long periods of time. “I have been praying to God to give him spare parts for the body,” said Susan. Along with her personal prayer time, she has been going to the chapel services and reading her Bible. Please join Susan in prayer that Adam will continue to improve from surgery! Photo of Adam

Oct 12, 2018

“They are taking him to surgery. I have lifted it up to God each and everything. I have been praying that my God help us and the doctors,” said Susan. Adam has gone into surgery where Dr. John and Dr. Jacob attempted to do an ETV/CPC but the cerebrospinal fluid was too murky due to an infection, so they needed to do was a ventricular irrigation first. Adam will need the ETV/CPC done in the future when he is clear of infection. Please be praying for Adam to recover from this operation and for his next one to be successful. Photo of Adam

Oct 11, 2018

This morning during the ward rounds Dr. John said that Adam may have surgery for hydrocephalus as soon as tomorrow so that Susan and her husband can go home and look after the other children who are under the care of their grandmother. For Susan, this news came as an answered prayer because she has been thinking a lot about the children back at home. Susan’s husband Adam spent some time at the OPD watching music videos while Susan nursed Adam. Please keep praying that Adam’s planned surgery is a success! Photo of Adam

Oct 10, 2018

“Adam had a good night and I know that he will be fine. My baby is starting to be normal,” Susan says. Her only concern is that she doesn’t have enough breastmilk and is worried as to whether Adam is being sufficiently fed. Our nurses have now put her on a diet of porridge which will help her produce more milk. Her husband is still here with her, he helps mostly with doing laundry and also gives Susan comfort. Adam is on his second day of antibiotics. Please keep him in prayer as he goes through his antibiotics regiment. Photo of Adam

Oct 09, 2018

Susan has been with her husband sitting by the OR awaiting Adam’s return from surgery. She told me earlier that she was very anxious because none of her children have ever been in an operation before. She was encouraged in chatting with the other mothers who have had the experience of having a child go for surgery. Adam's surgery was successful and he was transferred from the PACU to ICU around 5pm. Please keep praying for Adam and his entire family. Photo of Adam

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