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Fred's Story

“I don’t like being in the ward, it saddens me seeing all these sick children. I am 73 years old and I can assure you that I had never seen this sickness until Fred developed it,” Francis said. His grandson Fred developed hydrocephalus immedi… Read more

“I don’t like being in the ward, it saddens me seeing all these sick children. I am 73 years old and I can assure you that I had never seen this sickness until Fred developed it,” Francis said. His grandson Fred developed hydrocephalus immediately after birth and when he was one year old, his parents divorced. Francis and his wife decided to take in Fred and his two siblings and they have been raising them since then. Taking care of Fred hasn’t been easy because Francis and his wife are both unemployed except for farming a small piece of land to sustain them. When Fred’s illness became serious, some folks in Francis’ village advised him to visit a witchdoctor but because of his strong faith in Christ he didn’t go, he instead went to church and requested his pastors to pray for Fred’s healing. Fred’s parents do not visit him and his siblings and they not aware that he is at CURE Uganda hospital awaiting surgery. Francis however says that he will take care of Fred and his siblings and believes that one day his parents will come to their senses and check on him. Please join us in praying for Francis' healing and restoration for his family!

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Latest Updates

Mar 17, 2020

Guess who is heading home?! Fred and grandfather Francis! The medical team gave them the all-clear, and also provided some medicine for Francis so he is feeling much better already. We're huge fans of these two and are praying for traveling mercies for them today! Photo of Fred

Mar 16, 2020

Fred is back! We always loving catching up with this little guy and his grandfather, but unfortunately they both aren't feeling tip-top right now. Fred has been having headaches, so the doctors did some testing, including a CT scan, to try to figure out what's going on! They also helped do some testing for his grandfather, too, and will make a plan for them both. Fred's grandfather, Francis, is still taking really sweet care of Fred, even though he doesn't feel great himself. We're hoping they'll both feel a lot better soon! Photo of Fred

Apr 29, 2019

Fred has been complaining of headaches for the last three months and his surgical site is swollen so his grandfather Francis brought him to our mobile clinic in Kampala. Our clinician Stewart observed that his ETV may not been working well, so he has decided to send them to back to CURE Uganda for a baseline Brain CT scan to be done. Fred and Francis arrived at CURE last Friday and yesterday he had the brain CT scan done. Our medical team reviewed the scan and found that Fred is actually doing well and doesn't need another surgery. Prior to receiving the good news, Fred and his grandfather Francis spent their morning praying in the chapel so when we asked him what he thought about the news that he had received from the doctors, he said that his prayers had been answered! Fred was then discharged but Francis said that they will travel tomorrow morning because they live far away, and he doesn't want to travel late in the night. Today they have spent most of their time moving to different spots at the hospital to just relax. Please be praying for Fred and Francis! Photo of Fred

Oct 08, 2018

“The weekend was okay, we sat and ate, he got this (toy) and started to play, only he is feeling head aches. Church was not bad, in fact it was good. We were just praying to God and thanking God because he (Fred) is still alive,” said Francis. Last week's blood work was good so Fred’s doctors did a CT-scan which they reviewed today and decided they will allow Fred home for a couple weeks then see how he is doing. Fred saw the physical therapist Sam today who is working with Fred to get him walking. Please be praying for Fred that his headaches will go away and he will not need another operation. Photo of Fred

Oct 05, 2018

“He is okay, happy, smiling, joyful, (and) starting to take strides,” said Dr. Micheal and he continued, “The dad (grandfather Francis) came back concerned about him having headaches but he is fine.” This morning Fred was asked to take a walk, with the support of Dr. John and he took a few steps. Francis has been encouraged to get him a walker and do physical therapy regularly to get Fred walking on his own. Fred got to play a little in the OPD as he waited to be seen by a doctor, he enjoyed the toys! Fred had blood work done to see the cause of his headaches, vomiting, and fevers. While they waited for results, Fred and Francis got a few get well messages which they were thankful for. Please be praying for Fred to start feeling better and for him to become more mobile! Photo of Fred

Sep 14, 2018

Fred was giving out high fives like Oprah gives out cars. He seems to be back to his normal self this morning and he was allowed to go home after being given a follow up appointment. The doctors want Fred to start physical therapy in order to get him walking. In the early part of his stay at CURE Uganda, he had found a walker in the playroom and he loved walking around with it's assistance. Please be praying for Fred that he won't need any other operations and for him to soon be walking. Photo of Fred

Sep 13, 2018

Fred’s smile has returned. He seems much more lively today. Yesterday’s IV fluids helped a lot. He still isn’t eating well so he will spend today in the hospital. However, it is looking promising that he might go home tomorrow. Francis is cheerful now that Fred is doing well. Fred and his neighbor Denis have lightened up the mood in their section of the ward as both kids are doing well and are able to make the mothers laugh. Fred and Francis received a stack of get well messages which added to their good day. Please continue to pray for Fred that tomorrow he will get to go home! Photo of Fred

Sep 12, 2018

“Fred was improving, but he was vomiting during the night,” said Francis, Fred's father. “He attempted to feed and drank half a cup of milk yesterday, but we're still worried he's not eating enough and he vomited twice,” said Dr. Micheal. Today, Fred’s doctors said they are giving Fred fluids through his IV line in an attempt to get him hydrated. They hope once Fred is properly hydrated, he will begin to improve. Please be praying for Fred that the fluids will work and he will make a quick recovery. Photo of Fred

Sep 11, 2018

Fred is not doing well. An IV line will be placed to give him fluids as the doctors are concerned he is dehydrated. They will also be running blood work to monitor his electrolytes. Fred continues to vomit and does not have an appetite. Francis is doing his best to give Fred fluids, but Fred doesn’t want to cooperate. Fred has spent the day laying in bed and Francis appears worried and is unsure why Fred is doing badly. His spirits were lifted when they received a couple get well messages. Please be praying for Fred that he will start feeling better. Photo of Fred

Sep 10, 2018

Fred had a rough weekend, he has been vomiting, having fevers and not wanting to eat. Our usually playful Fred has low energy and has spent the day laying on this bed, he only wants to rest and when Francis tries to feed him or give him something to drink, he refuses. Fred spent the weekend in the ICU due to their being no room in the ward but today he is going back to the ward. Please be praying for Fred that he will stop vomiting and that his appetite will return! Photo of Fred

Sep 07, 2018

Fred is currently in surgery where Dr. John and Dr. Jacob have taken an outside pressure measurement of the CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) and are now doing an ETV/CPC. This morning a child passed away which has brought the morale low in the hospital. “I wasn’t feeling bad, but the loss of the kid has demoralized lots of the people, I’ve been encouraging the mothers,” said Francis. Prior to surgery, Fred played outside the ward and mothers pushed him around in a wheelchair which he enjoyed a lot. Fred is one of the most popular kids in the ward! Once Dr. John and Dr. Jacob finish the operation, Fred will go to the PACU where he will recover then he will be transfered to the ICU where he will spend the night. Please be praying for Fred to make a swift recovery. Photo of Fred

Sep 06, 2018

Fred has a skin infection which is being treated and the doctors are hoping that by next week it will have cleared, and then he will be ready for surgery! Francis too isn’t feeling so well either, so he saw the doctor and was sent to the labs to run some blood tests. Fred is very active, he likes spending time in the playroom and the moms like being around him! Please be praying for him! Photo of Fred

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