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  • Ageless than 1
  • Conditionhydrocephalus and spina bifida
  • Currently In Hospital

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CURE in Uganda

The picture above is of CURE in Uganda. Everyone who serves with CURE in Uganda, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Winnie. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Winnie's Story

"I can say that my daughter’s sickness came with a blessing, it has allowed me to create a relationship with our Creator. My name is Winnie, I'm 22 years old. A few years ago, I left my parents’ home in Mbarara and went to Kampala to look for a… Read more

"I can say that my daughter’s sickness came with a blessing, it has allowed me to create a relationship with our Creator. My name is Winnie, I'm 22 years old. A few years ago, I left my parents’ home in Mbarara and went to Kampala to look for a job which was a success. I got a job in a bar and through that job I was able to get a house and also save enough to start my own business of plantains commonly known as matoke. My business was going on well so I left my previous job and decided to focus on my own business. I met a man called Acton, the father of my beautiful daughter Winnie who is three weeks old. After giving birth to her, I noticed that she had a swelling on the back (spina bifida) so I took her to Mulago hospital where she had a successful surgery. While we were still in Mulago, I started noticing that Winnie’s head was growing bigger. In the ward where I was with her I met I lady who referred me to CURE Hospital Uganda. Without wasting any time I took a bus to Mbale with my daughter and arrived here yesterday. With all the hospital bills in Mulago plus the transport I ended up using all my savings since I am the only one supporting my child. Even though the father has a job and earns some money, he is not willing to contribute to any of the costs, and I have not got enough courage to call back home and let them know that I am now a mother, so I have to carry my burdens alone. I reached a point whereby I became very frustrated with everything that is going in my life and I wanted to wanted to throw Winnie away. When I was sharing my story with one of the nurses at CURE hospital, she advised me to give my life to Christ because He is the only person who will always be there for her when everyone else leaves; and that’s how I gave my life to Christ yesterday during devotion time," Mama Winnie shared.

Please be praying for Baby Winnie's complete healing and for Mama Winnie's new faith, that it would strengthen and encourage her!

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“We are thankful for God’s grace toward us! My daughter and I are fine and healthy. Trusting the Lord is the best decision a human being can take," said Mama Winnie. Photo of Winnie


“Seeing my child’s condition getting better every day makes me regret the thought I had of throwing her away. I love her more every single day!” said Winnie. She also adds that she finally got the courage to inform her family about baby Winnie and her condition, and surprisingly the family took the news well and are encouraging her! “Having my family support makes me stronger,” mama Winnie said with a very happy face. Photo of Winnie

2 days ago

Baby Winnie is stable and healing. Mama Winnie is hopeful that they will be discharged next week when she finishes her treatment. During the weekend, Mama Winnie stayed busy with getting laundry done and going for prayers. Photo of Winnie

Jun 14, 2018

“Mothers should not wait for their child's situation to deteriorate before taking them to the hospital. As soon has you notice some anomaly on your child, bring them to the hospital, do not neglect or give up on your kid because that sickness can be treated and your child can have a normal life like so many other children. Bring your child at CURE Hospital Uganda,” said Mama Winnie. It’s a joy for mothers to see their children’s condition getting better while they are here and that they can encourage other women in similar situations. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for our brave moms! Photo of Winnie

Jun 13, 2018

“I experienced my first miracle yesterday. A friend of mine had sent me some money for our up keep during our staying here at CURE (snacks, diapers) but for some reason the phone line got blocked I was not able to withdraw the money, so yesterday when we were in the devotion session, I decided to pray for that problem and after that somehow my line was unblocked and I was able to withdraw the money…. Glory be to the All Mighty,” said Winnie’s mother. Winnie is doing just fine, she was brought back to the ward yesterday as planned and will be receiving her treatment from there for the next two weeks. Please continue to pray for our two Winnies! Photo of Winnie

Jun 12, 2018

It’s a great joy for us to hear that Winnie is now fine! The irrigation was a great success, and she didn't have any complications during the night. She was transferred to the ward today and will continue her antibiotics from there. “CURE environment is very friendly, words will never be enough to express my gratitude towards the help that I received from this institution,” adds Winnie's mother. “I never knew that I could have a personal relationship with God, but now I believe and I am not ready to go back to my old life, I just pray that God will strengthen my new journey with Him.” Give thanks to the Lord for everything that He has done! Photo of Winnie

Jun 11, 2018

“Winnie’s irrigation was a success,” said mama Winnie with a smiling face. When the irrigation was going on, she attended devotions where she had the opportunity to share her testimony with other mothers and to also hear their testimonies. Baby Winnie is now in the ICU department where she is being observed from, please keep praying for her! Photo of Winnie

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