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Asanti's Story

Asanti was born on the 9th of August 2016 in Northern Uganda. She was in very good health when she was born but at the age of one, she started developing the first symptoms of hydrocephalus and a brain tumour. After two months, her condition became… Read more

Asanti was born on the 9th of August 2016 in Northern Uganda. She was in very good health when she was born but at the age of one, she started developing the first symptoms of hydrocephalus and a brain tumour. After two months, her condition became worse and she was taken to Arua Hospital by her aunt Ramula and that is when the family found out that her condition could be treated.
“A few years ago, we had a same case in our family but the kid died because of lack of knowledge. People told us that it was a curse and not a sickness,” said Ramula.
Unfortunately, Asanti's parents are not supporting their child and it’s her aunt who is looking after her. She has been selling second hand clothes to be able to get enough money together to transport both of them to Mbale to get to CURE. Asanti arrived at CURE Hospital yesterday accompanied by her aunt Ramula and her grandmother. Please join us in praying for Asanti's healing as she begins that process soon!

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Asanti had a few hours extubated yesterday before her condition worsened and her doctors decided to intubate her again. They had concerns of an upper airway obstruction and decided the best course of action was a tracheostomy. They told Ramula the need for Asanti to have a tracheostomy but she refused to sign off on the operation, however during the night she met with a few nurses and agreed to the surgery. Today Dr. Ricky was called in to perform the operation and he was eagerly assisted by Dr. Peter and Dr. Justin. The operation went well and Asanti is now back in the ICU. Ramula is struggling with the amount of time they have spent in the hospital and really wants to get home. This morning and afternoon Immaculate from the Spiritual Center met with Ramula and tried to encourage her. Please be praying for Asanti that she will improve and for strength for her aunt! Photo of Asanti


We are thankful to God that Ramula is feeling much better today. Dr. Agatha, Dr. Fred, and nurse Caren extubated Asanti and placed her on an oxygen mask. She is under close observation and if she continues to breathe well, she will not be intubated again. Her electrolytes have improved and she has been tolerating feeding through her NG tube. Please keep Asanti in your prayers that she will continue to improve. Photo of Asanti

2 days ago

Asanti’s surgery went on well and the tumor was removed successfully. On Friday, she had a CT scan and the results were good, we give glory to God for that! She had a blood transfusion yesterday and since Thursday when she had her surgery, she is still in ICU because her condition is still critical so the doctors want to observe her until she becomes more stable. Her aunt Ramula hasn’t been feeling well since Friday, she has been having heartburn and whenever she tries to eat the pain gets worse. “Although I feel pain when I eat, I try to at least take something small so that I can be strong enough to take care of Asanti,” she told us. Please continue to keep them both in prayer for healing! Photo of Asanti

Jun 14, 2018

“I was generally dedicating the kid to God… praying for a successful surgery and even a quick recovery after the surgery,” said Nurse Filex. Prior to being taken to the operating room, Asanti’s nurse Filex prayed for her with her aunt Ramula. About an hour after Asanti was taken into the operating room, Immaculate from the Spiritual Center spent time with Ramula trying to encourage her. Asanti is still in surgery, Dr. Justin and Dr. Phu are performing a craniotomy and tumor removal. Please be praying for the operation to be successful. Photo of Asanti

Jun 13, 2018

Asanti will be having her surgery tomorrow, and this news has helped Ramula to feel a little bit okay compared to yesterday, she now has hope that she might soon go back home and be able to finally take care of her children. Let’s continue praying for both of them as God continues to work in their lives! Photo of Asanti

Jun 12, 2018

Ramula is not doing well and she seems very discouraged. This morning after the ward round she was crying, she shared with us that she wants to go home. Asanti is awaiting an anesthesia review to determine when she will have surgery, she is still fighting a cough which could delay her operation. Staff members have been trying to encourage Ramula and so have the mothers in her section who have noticed her doing poorly. Asanti has been irritable but two of her nurses have seemed to befriend her while they feed her through an NG tube. Please be praying for encouragement for Ramula and for Asanti to soon have surgery and for the operation to be successful. Photo of Asanti

Jun 11, 2018

The weekend was friendly to Asanti, she is now able to eat her favorite meal which is rice and beans! Before, all the fluids were still going through the NG tube. She is receiving treatment to stop her tumor from growing bigger, and at the same time she is receiving other medicine for her stomach because with the tumor treatment, she has a high chance of developing ulcers. Prevention is continually better than healing as they say. Please be praying for Asanti as God keeps on improving her condition! Photo of Asanti

Jun 08, 2018

“I fed her all night so she slept a bit,” Nuliat said. She fed Asanti seven times last night. This morning however Asanti was irritable and Nuliat looked tired and distracted, as she couldn’t get a hold of her folks back at home. Luckily from around 11 a.m. Asanti was calm and she rested for a while. Please keep praying for Nuliat and Asanti! Photo of Asanti

Jun 07, 2018

This morning Asanti had nasogastric intubation because she isn’t feeding well and is becoming weaker. She has also developed a cough. It’s been discouraging to Ramula that she is still crying during the night because of the pain. Ramula tried calling her folks back at home, they promised to call but haven’t had a chance to connect yet. She has been involved in the hospital devotions during her stay here which has helped strengthen and lift her spirits. Please keep praying for her! Photo of Asanti

Jun 06, 2018

Asanti’s tumor is causing her so much pain that she cried throughout the night and even this morning. She is now receiving pain killers and her surgery has been planned for next week. Ramula has been feeling discouraged today. Please pray that our Father strengthen Asanti during this hard period of her life and we would encourage you to send her a Get Well message to Ramula to let her know that there are lots people out there praying for them! Photo of Asanti

Jun 05, 2018

We found out that Asanti’s CT scan showed that she has developed a brain tumor. The night was not so friendly to her because of the pain but she is undergoing treatment for that. We're thankful to God that Asanti is feeling much better this morning and has been asking for eggs since she woke up. The surgery date is still unknown and your prayers are really needed. Photo of Asanti

Jun 04, 2018

Asanti’s grandmother has gone back to Arua because only one caretaker is allowed in the hospital and Ramula is preparing baby Asanti for a brain CT scan and various other tests in the laboratory as they are waiting for the surgery plan to be made. Please be praying for Ramula and Asanti as we prepare for their surgery! Photo of Asanti

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