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Miracle's Story

“I have been married for four years and in that period I conceived twice. My first pregnancy however ended in a miscarriage so when I conceived the second baby and gave birth to her, I named her Miracle because she is a true miracle,” said Anne… Read more

“I have been married for four years and in that period I conceived twice. My first pregnancy however ended in a miscarriage so when I conceived the second baby and gave birth to her, I named her Miracle because she is a true miracle,” said Annet. When she was in her last trimester she did a scan that revealed that the baby had hydrocephalus. He gynecologist started to counsel her and teach her about hydrocephalus, he even showed her some children who had been treated. What the scan didn’t show, was that the baby also has spina bifida, so Annet says she was very shocked when she saw that she has given birth to a child with spina bifida. “I just decided to pray and it is the prayers that sustained me,” she says. Her husband has been very supportive and even came to CURE after their referral from Mulago Hospital. Join us in praying for Miracle's healing and the continued support and encouragement of her family!

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Latest Updates

Aug 15, 2018

“When I remember how much I used to cry when Miracle was here in ICU and when I see her now I just give thanks to God. I now have peace. I just pray for her and observe how she is growing," Annet said. After review, Miracle was found with no concerns. The doctors ordered that she get a Renal Ultrasound scan, CIC materials and to do some physiotherapy. Annet was so tired from last night’s journey to CURE Uganda so she plans to travel back home tomorrow when she is stronger. We thank God for Miracle's progress and for you who's prayers and support make it possible! Photo of Miracle

Jul 05, 2018

“I started losing faith in God when I was seeing my daughter’s condition deteriorating and yet I was always praying for her, it reached a point where I told myself that God is not hearing me and stopped praying,” narrated Annet. She continued, “my husband kept on encouraging me and at times he would take the initiative of leading the prayers, and seeing Miracle getting better has restored my faith.” Miracle and her mother will be setting off for home today. Please pray with us that God grants them safety in travel and for Miracle to not have any complications so that come next month, she will be able to have her last surgery. Photo of Miracle

Jul 04, 2018

“The surgeons were able to do the irrigation and clear the water in Miracle’s head and it’s only after a month that they will be able do the surgery for hydrocephalus,” said Dr Micheal. Annet is a little bit low today because she is worried about her daughter’s condition. But she has not lost hope, she still believes that one day Miracle will be able to open her eyes and see her mother. Please continue to pray for Miracle's healing and strength and hope for Annet! Photo of Miracle

Jul 03, 2018

“I’ve been praying for the surgery to go well, and now I am thanking the Lord now that she is back,” said Annet. Miracle went into surgery today where Dr. Peter performed an irrigation of the ventricles. He washed out the infection from her ventricles and she is now in the ICU. While Miracle was in surgery, Annet went to the afternoon devotions, “It was encouraging … they were teaching about the power of the word,” said Annet. Please be praying for Miracle to have a swift recovery and for her incision sites to heal well. Photo of Miracle

Jul 03, 2018

Esther is at the same time happy and worried about the surgery that Miracle will be having today. The doctor wanted to clear the water and at the same time create a way for it to flow properly. “I pray that God be with my Miracle during her surgery,” said Annet. Would you please pray with her that all will go well? Photo of Miracle

Jul 02, 2018

According to Dr Stewart, when Miracle first came to CURE, she was not able to get a well-defined surgery because the fluid in her head was not clear enough to allow the surgeon to make a way for it to flow properly, and that’s why her head kept on increasing. On her review day in Katalemwa, Annette told the doctor that she was worried about her child, so she was asked to bring back Miracle to the hospital. Our doctors are planning to run other tests to check if the fluid is now cleared. If it is still cloudy, Miracle will receive treatment to clear the infection before planning for the surgery. Let’s all join hands and pray for Miracle! Photo of Miracle

May 18, 2018

“Hosanna in the highest…” sang Annet as she bathed Miracle and prepared their things to go home. “I’m very excited,” said Annet. This morning she was told they could go home and given a follow up appointment. We will see them again in a week where our doctors will make sure Miracle's wounds are continuing to heal well. Miracle and Annet were helped to the gate by their friend Proscovia, their timing was good and they were able to get a ride in a CURE vehicle which dropped them at the bus park. Please keep Miracle in your prayers that she will continue to heal well! Photo of Miracle

May 17, 2018

“The head is okay but not the back. If the back was okay, we would have gone home today. Since I was born, I have never been in such a situation. This situation has stressed me,” said Annet. Today Miracle has finished her IV antibiotic regiment, the wound on her head appears to be healing well, however Annet and the doctors are still concerned about the back. Annet has been praying and fasting and wondering why Miracle hasn’t improved. Please be praying for Miracle that her back and head will heal well and for Annet to know God is with her in this situation. Photo of Miracle

May 16, 2018

“For me, I go to pray for my baby, for myself, for the other children, and for my husband,” said Annet about why she attends the afternoon chapel services. This afternoon like most, Annet was there with her Bible open following along. Miracle is stable and she continues to be on antibiotics and under observation. “When I see my baby not crying, temperature low, that makes my day good,” said Annet. Please continue to pray for Miracle and Annet that they will have many good days ahead of them. Photo of Miracle

May 15, 2018

“I will also be praying for her,” said Annet, after reading a get well message from Brenda who shared her story with Annet. Today Miracle and Annet received several get well messages which have been a source of comfort and encouragement during their stay at the hospital. “We have prayers from visitors, everyone is praying for us,” said Annet. A team of medical students is here at the hospital and went around the ward praying for our families here. Miracle has completed 12 of 14 days of antibiotics and if her wound keeps healing, their time at the hospital maybe coming to an end. Please continue to pray for Miracle that her wounds will heal and they will soon be able to go home! Photo of Miracle

May 14, 2018

“The wound is now discharging pus, we thought she was improving, it is not good,” said Dr. Agatha. “The night was not okay for sure, she was coughing,” said Annet. This morning Rita, our social worker, talked with Annet trying to encourage her. She told her that she had already walked a long journey and to stay faithful and not to give up hope. Miracle’s doctors are making a plan to treat her back, however, they don’t know what caused the wound to break down originally so they will be looking for alternate ways to treat her. Please be praying for Miracle that she will heal and wisdom for our doctors as they make a plan. Photo of Miracle

May 11, 2018

“Im really tired of the hospital. I just need Miracle to be well and go home,” said Annet and she continued, “Miracle is now sick and has a cough and flu. Miracle is having lots of problems,” said Annet. In the ward round book under Miracle it says, “continue antibiotics and prayer”, it is still unclear what caused Miracle’s wounds to break down the first time so the doctors are praying that they will not break down again. Please continue to pray for Miracle that her back and head will heal and for strength for her mother. Photo of Miracle

May 10, 2018

“For me I only want to go home, (missing) everything at home. At home everything is good," said Annet and she continued, "the place is good, the people are good, but it is a hospital. You can’t love a hospital." Today Annet is up to her normal routine and she is unsure when they will get to go home. Annet continues to read through the Bible and she has been in Psalms 51 and 54. Miracle is doing okay and her nurse Lisa told us that her wounds are intact and she continues to be on antibiotics but she is stable in the ward. Please continue to pray for Miracle that her wounds will heal and strength and patience for Annet! Photo of Miracle

May 09, 2018

Miracle’s stitches appear to be holding both wounds together this morning as the bandages were removed. Annet seemed bothered by the amount of stitches on Miracles head and back. Other than that, Annet seems to be doing well, doing her normal routine of washing laundry and napping in the morning and attending the afternoon chapel service. Today they received several get well messages which have been an encouragement to them. Please keep Miracle in your prayers that her wounds will heal well! Photo of Miracle

May 08, 2018

“I’m praising the Lord and now what I’m praying for is her wounds,” said Annet. Miracle spent the night in the ICU and she is being transferred back to the ward this morning. They received several get well messages which Annet is very thankful for! Please be praying that Miracle will now heal well. Photo of Miracle

May 07, 2018

“Fantastic!” is how Annet described her weekend. On Sunday, Willy visited the hospital which has made Annet very happy, they were able to spend time together and he prayed for his wife and child. Today Miracle went back into the operating room where our Dr. Peter re-closed her two surgical sites which had broken down. “I’m not feeling worried because we have prayed, I have given everything to God,” said Annet. Please be praying for Miracle that she will now be able to heal. Photo of Miracle

May 04, 2018

“They come, then they leave me here,” said Annet as she watched her neighbor pack their things to go home. Miracle and Annet have been at the hospital for over two weeks and Annet is ready to go home. It will be at least two more days before Miracle will go back into surgery and their is no guarantee she will make the surgical list for Monday. Miracle and Annet received several get well messages today which made Annet happy, she is thankful for the messages she has received. Annet has no plans for the weekend and seems a little bored, she said she will be washing clothes and taking care of Miracle. In the evenings she reads her Bible and at the moment she is in Psalms. Please keep Miracle in your prayers that she will soon have surgery and for her wounds to heal. Photo of Miracle

May 03, 2018

Miracle will go back into surgery next week and they will close the wounds again. This morning, Dr. Peter and Dr. Justin looked at Miracle's head and back and told Annet the plan. “Miracle was having fevers, she cried the whole night. I’m going to wash and after washing, I’m going to sleep,” said an exhausted Annet. Annet continues to talk about the Get Well messages they received yesterday, she is very happy to know that people are praying for them! Please continue praying for Miracle that she will start to heal and for continued strength for Annet. Photo of Miracle

May 02, 2018

Annet says that Miracle and she are both doing fine, however, Miracle’s wounds are still in bad shape. This morning, her medical team took a swab from her back and head. Her doctors are still searching for the cause of the wound break down. Annet and Miracle received several get well messages this afternoon telling Annet that they was being prayed for. Please keep Miracle in your prayers that her back and head will soon heal. Photo of Miracle

Apr 30, 2018

“She is okay. Even the wound is giving me hope she will be okay,” said Annet, Miracle's mother. The wound on Miracle's back is improving. Unfortunately, the wound on her head is breaking down. Her doctors are investigating the cause of her surgical site breakdowns. Over the weekend, Annet has been calling home. She is missing her husband Willy and he is missing her. They have been married for three years and this is the longest they have been apart. “My weekend was okay. We went for prayers Saturday and Sunday. Every time I go, I pray for her. I just pray for my baby to be like other normal babies,” said Annet. Photo of Miracle

Apr 27, 2018

“She is 50/50. The wound is still her problem, at least now she is not crying so much. I’ve been praying. I want her to be well, get out of that situation and be like other people,” said Annet. Miracle’s wound on her back is being dressed twice a day with honey, and when they redress the wound it scares Annet, she doesn’t like to look at it. Hellen, our spina bifida coordinator who dressed her wound this morning has been trying to encourage Annet that it will heal and not to fear the sight of it. Please continue to pray for Miracle that her back will heal and for strength for her mother. Photo of Miracle

Apr 26, 2018

Baby Miracle is still on antibiotics, and Annet gave us a positive report saying that “at least she is not crying so much and is feeding well.” She says that so far her stay at this hospital hasn’t been bad and all she is praying for is that baby Miracle gets well. Annet spent most of the morning cuddling Miracle and feeding her. Please keep her in your prayers too! Photo of Miracle

Apr 25, 2018

"Miracle is not well," Annet sadly said. She had fevers because of her infection and has been very irritable, however, she is having her antibiotics intravenously and we hope she will get better soon. Pastor Winnie took time to pray with Annet today which was encouraging to her. Will you please pray for Miracle too? Photo of Miracle

Apr 24, 2018

“We found infection up there. We made a way for the water but we are not happy,” said Dr. Justin. This morning during ward rounds Dr. Justin spoke to Annet telling her about the operation, that there was signs of infection in the brain which she is on antibiotics for. It is not likely that yesterday’s operation will be successful so Miracle may need a shunt in the future. However, please be praying that a miracle will happen for Miracle and she will not need another operation. Photo of Miracle

Apr 23, 2018

“I’m feeling good but (Miracle is) crying crying all the time,” said Annet. This morning, Miracle went into surgery where Dr. Justin performed an ETV/CPC and irrigation. Miracle is now in the ICU with Annet by her bedside. Over the weekend, Miracle was having discharge from her back which is concerning her doctors, so please pray for her back to heal well and for her to recover swiftly from this operation. Photo of Miracle

Apr 20, 2018

“Miracle is fine, so am I,” said Annet. They have had a quiet day and Miracle has been sleeping while Annet has washed clothes and talked with her husband Willy who is missing them and has been praying for them. Her doctors mentioned surgery on Monday again during the ward round, so she is under observation this weekend but her medical team has no major concerns. Annet’s prayer request is “I want her to be well.” Thank you for your continued prayers for Miracle! Photo of Miracle

Apr 19, 2018

“Miracle’s father really wants to come and visit us but I told him that we are fine and he should save the money that he would have used for transport because we are going to need money to take care of her when we return home,” said Annet. Miracle will spend the weekend at CURE because we have scheduled Monday the 23rd as the date for her surgery for hydrocephalus. Annet said she has many friends at CURE so she isn’t worried about the prolonged stay. Please be praying for Miracle and her mama Annet. Photo of Miracle

Apr 18, 2018

Baby Miracle had a calm and stable night in ICU so this morning she was transferred back to the ward! Her mother Annet has been in touch with her husband and has also been hanging out with the other mothers at the hospital. We are thankful to God for your prayers and her successful surgery! Photo of Miracle

Apr 17, 2018

“She said if you take Jesus Christ as your Savior, if you have Him in your heart, everything is possible,” said Annet. This morning Winnie from the Spiritual Center met with Annet and two other mothers. She encouraged them to trust in Jesus and then prayed for the mothers and their children. Later in the day, Miracle went into surgery where Dr. Peter and scrub tech Steven performed an myelomeningocele closer. Once Miracle is stable she will be transferred to the ICU where she will spend the night. Please be praying for Miracle that her back will heal well! Photo of Miracle

Apr 16, 2018

Miracle and Annet arrived at CURE yesterday where Miracle was examined and admitted. Her doctors ran labs and booked blood for her upcoming surgery. This morning Annet was told Miracle would probably have surgery on her back tomorrow. Please be praying for Miracle, that tomorrow's operation will be successful. Photo of Miracle

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