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Deus's Story

“When Deus developed hydrocephalus, I took him to the government hospital where he was born and we were referred to CURE Hospital but we thought that CURE was very far and preferred to a hospital in Kampala. However, most hospitals in Kampala cou… Read more

“When Deus developed hydrocephalus, I took him to the government hospital where he was born and we were referred to CURE Hospital but we thought that CURE was very far and preferred to a hospital in Kampala. However, most hospitals in Kampala couldn’t handle his condition and the ones that could handle it asked for a lot of money which we didn’t have. One day, a friend of mine came and told me that our former teacher, Madam Teddy (Baby Divine’s mom) had also given birth to a child who had developed hydrocephalus and that they were already at CURE Hospital. So we looked for her number and when we called her, she encouraged us to immediately come to CURE. When I got here we met, and Divine was discharged the following day, healthy, and that encouraged me to be strong, to have faith that God will heal Deus too,” said Rita, Deus’ mother. She added, “I absolutely pray more these days.” Rita lives with her parents, she was a waitress at a Hotel in Kyengera which is in Central Uganda, however she hasn’t worked since she conceived Deus but plans to resume with her work so that she can earn the money that she needs to take care of Deus. When Rita was three months pregnant, Deus’ father, denied responsibility of the pregnancy so she went through the whole term alone and even now, despite the fact that he is aware of Deus’ illness, he isn’t supportive so we really need your support, prayers, and encouragement as we treat Deus and minister to this family.

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Latest Updates

Jul 09, 2018

Deus left the hospital over the weekend and given nearly two months at home before we will see him again at a follow up clinic in the capital of Uganda - Kampala. Please remember Deus in your prayers that he will have a swift recovery and for him to need no further operations.

Jul 06, 2018

“I really love Lilly (social worker intern) because thanks to her, I am no longer worried about my Deus' condition. The talk that I had with her strengthened me a lot and I will forever be grateful to her,” says Rita. Deus' night in the ICU was calm and he will be transferred to the ward today where he will be observed for a while. Please continue to keep Deus and Rita in your prayers! Photo of Deus

Jul 05, 2018

Deus' mother is worried about the shunt that might be implanted in her baby’s head because she will not be the one taking care of him when they return back home. Deus will be staying with his grandma because she wants to get a job to be able to take care of him. She had a chance to talk with Lilly a social worker intern who shared her experience with her. “All you will have to do is to tell your mum all the details on how to take care of Deus to avoid linkage or infection of the shunt," said Lilly to Rita. After the chat with the intern, Rita felt encouraged and decided to be strong for her baby because her state is likely to affect Deus too. Photo of Deus

Jul 04, 2018

“Since I have been told that a shunt might be placed in my baby’s head, I am a bit worried and I keep on praying that everything goes on well,” said Rita. Rita did share that her stay at the hospital has been good so far. Deus will be having his surgery probably Thursday or Friday, please be praying for him! Photo of Deus

Jul 03, 2018

After the surgery, Deus’ head continued to increase and during the review in Katalemwa, Dr Esther advised his mother to bring back the child to CURE Uganda as soon as possible and see what can be done for him. They arrived at the hospital yesterday and the doctors are planning his surgery date. Please be praying for wisdom and strength for Deus and Ritah! Photo of Deus

Feb 08, 2018

“We are now going back because he is fine,” said Ritah. This morning during rounds, Dr. Peter told Ritah they could go home. “His head has decreased in size and he is no longer crying as much as before,” said Ritah. Please continue to pray for Deus to recover well from his operation and for strength for Ritah as she cares for Deus. Photo of Deus

Feb 07, 2018

“Deus will be fine. I have already noticed his head reducing in size and I am very grateful for what was done yesterday. I am happy,” said Ritah. She spent the morning feeding him and hugging him. Later on Deus will be transferred from ICU to the general ward, he is now stable and we thank God for that and for your prayers and support! Photo of Deus

Feb 06, 2018

“I feel worried because we are going to the theatre... just worried,” said Ritah. Deus was Dr. Justin’s first case of the day but his operation was delayed because of a big case in another operating room, which added to Ritah’s nervousness. Deus’s operation was a success and he is now in his mother’s arms in the ICU. She is relieved to have him back! Please be praying for Deus to make a quick and full recovery. Photo of Deus

Feb 05, 2018

"I am comfortable at this hospital because the doctors are caring," said Rita. During ward rounds she was told that Deus will have surgery this week. Rita enjoys the devotions in the ward and says that she has never seen a hospital that "puts God first." Please be praying for Deus and Rita. Photo of Deus

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