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Deo's Story

“My child’s condition has made me to pray more because I know that prayer, coupled with treatment, will make Deo fine,” said Prossy. Prossy had never seen or heard about hydrocephalus. It was a friend whose child had hydrocephalus who identif… Read more

“My child’s condition has made me to pray more because I know that prayer, coupled with treatment, will make Deo fine,” said Prossy. Prossy had never seen or heard about hydrocephalus. It was a friend whose child had hydrocephalus who identified Deo and advised Prossy to take him to Katalemwa (CURE Uganda Partners) and thereafter to CURE Hospital. Her firstborn, Joel, is completely healthy and is very close to Deo. Joel is now living with his grandmother until Prossy and Deo return home. Back at home, Prossy does a little farming and her husband is a boda boda taxi driver. Please join us in praying for Deo's healing!

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Latest Updates

Mar 19, 2018

Deo was discharged on Saturday! We will see him again at the end of April at a follow up clinic in Kampala. Thank you for praying for Deo and Prossy during their time at CURE.

Mar 16, 2018

“I feel hopeful. The head was bigger, now I can see the head is getting better,” said Prossy. Deo is being transferred out of the ICU today. He was irritable during the night but seems to be happier this morning. “I called (home) before and after (surgery.) They are happy because I told them the baby is better,” said Prossy. She would like prayers for Deo that he will become healthy. Photo of Deo

Mar 15, 2018

“She prayed that the baby would have a successful surgery. I felt encouraged, that is why I love CURE so much because they believe in prayer and they believe in God,” said Prossy. Prior to going into surgery, nurse Caren prayed for Deo. His operation was successful, Dr. Peter placed a shunt and he is now in the ICU. While Deo was being stabilized in the PACU and ICU, Prossy was in the playroom painting her nails and other mother's nails. Please keep Deo in your prayers, that his shunt will be successful and he will recover swiftly from the operation. Photo of Deo

Mar 14, 2018

“The head is not yet well, even after the second operation the head has been increasing, has been swelling. After the first surgery there was a very big improvement but when they did the second surgery, there has not been much improvement,” said Prossy. Last night Prossy and Deo arrived at CURE and this morning they were examined. Deo had a CT-scan done and a complete blood count. This evening the surgeons and doctors will meet to review his scan and make a plan. Please keep Deo in your prayers that if he needs another operation that it will be successful. Photo of Deo

Feb 19, 2018

Deo and Prossy were discharged home on Saturday. We will see them again at a follow up clinic in Kampala at the end of March. Please keep Deo in your prayers as he recovers from his surgery.

Feb 15, 2018

“I pray that God gives me life so that I can take care of Deo,” said Prossy. While Deo was in surgery, Prossy spent some time painting in the activity room with Annet from our Spiritual Department. Photo of Deo

Feb 14, 2018

“Pray for the head to be healed, said Prossy before continuing, “Deo is not fine. He cries all the time. He will be operated on tomorrow.” Deo has returned to the hospital and has been admitted. His doctors have run a CT scan and took a cerebrospinal fluid sample in preparation of surgery. Please remember Deo and Prossy in your prayers and join us in praying for his head to be completely healed. Photo of Deo

Jan 15, 2018

On Saturday, Deo was discharged and given a follow up appointment for the middle of February. Please keep Deo in your prayers as he recovers from his operation.

Jan 12, 2018

“The baby is fine and I am fine. I feel good and happy and I continue to pray for the baby to heal,” said Prossy. Doe’s doctor says they can go to the ward today if there is space which has made Prossy very happy. Please continue to pray for Deo to recover well from the operation. Photo of Deo

Jan 11, 2018

“I’m so scared,” said Prossy about Deo going into surgery today. This morning prior to surgery, Prossy got to meet with Winnie from the Spiritual Center, she counseled and prayed for Prossy. “My prayer is for God to reduce the problems,” said Prossy. Deo had an ventriculoscopy and septostomy done and the procedure went well, he is now in the PACU waking up from the operation. We found out that on Tuesday, while attending the afternoon chapel service, Prossy gave her life to Christ! Please be praying for Prossy's new faith and strength for her as she cares for Deo in his recovery, and for Deo's healing! Photo of Deo

Jan 10, 2018

Prossy and Deo arrived at CURE Hospital on Monday. Yesterday after our doctors had examined him, a brain CT scan was ordered and his cerebral spinal fluid was also tapped and sent to the labs as he is being prepared for surgery tomorrow. Please keep him and his family in your prayers! Photo of Deo

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