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Shakuru's Story

“When I was pregnant with Shakuru, I was very sickly which was not the case with the other pregnancies. I had no appetite and I had no peace. When Shakuru was just a few days he started to cry continuously and his head started to increase. Then I… Read more

“When I was pregnant with Shakuru, I was very sickly which was not the case with the other pregnancies. I had no appetite and I had no peace. When Shakuru was just a few days he started to cry continuously and his head started to increase. Then I went to a government hospital and found a nurse who told me that he could be treated at CURE. I met with a mother who was just from CURE Hospital with her child who had been treated of hydrocephalus and they encouraged me to bring Shakuru,” said Getrida. Getrida then shared the good news with her neighbour Rose whose child (Francis) also has hydrocephalus and they planned to travel to CURE together. Back at home, Getrida has six children, three girls and three boys, so we asked her how many more children she was going to have but she just burst out in laughter and said “we’ll see”. Getrida and her husband Faisal are both peasant farmers and they live in a town two hours away from CURE Hospital. Please support us in this endeavor to make Shakuru's life healthy and better.

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Latest Updates

Nov 07, 2017

“Shakuru had been improving! He was healthier, but last night he developed a fever and yet our date for his first review had reached so I decided bring him back,” said Getrida. The good news is that Sharuku’s shunt is working well, he was just developing a common cold, so he was given medicine for that and also did some physiotherapy. They went back home at around 5 in the afternoon yesterday and will be back for his next review on the fifth of February 2018. Please keep them in your prayers! Photo of Shakuru

Oct 10, 2017

On Saturday, Shakuru was discharged home! Next Saturday he will get his stitches removed and then in early November he will return to CURE for a check up. Thank you for praying for Shakuru, writing get well messages, and supporting him, please continue to lift Shakuru up in prayer as he recovers from surgery.

Oct 06, 2017

“I am very okay! I’m happy!” said Getrida as she sat next to Shakuru in the ICU. At night, Shakuru had a fever but it is coming down. He is now feeding well, and his doctors have no major concerns so they are transferring him to the ward today. Getrida called her family to inform them that the surgery was successful, and they were thankful for the hospital. Shakuru and Getrida received several get well messages which brought a big smile to her face. If no new concerns arise, Shakuru may get to go home over the weekend. Please continue to pray for Shakuru and his mom that they may soon get to go home soon! Photo of Shakuru

Oct 05, 2017

“I am looking forward to it [surgery] because I want my child to be fine,” said Getrida. Today, Shakuru went in for surgery. Dr. Justin and Dr. Kerry performed an ETV then placed a shunt. Last night and this morning Getrida has been praying, ”for the healing of my child.” Please join Getrida in praying for Shakuru to recover well from his operation. Photo of Shakuru

Oct 04, 2017

“The other doctors will come check on Shakuru, then the operation on Friday,” said Getrida. The ENT doctor saw Shakuru and had no objections to Shakuru having surgery. Today, the anesthesia team will review him again and make a plan for surgery on Friday. Getrida and Shakuru are both doing well. Getrida has been spending time with her friends and enjoying the church services. Please be praying for Shakuru’s upcoming operation to be successful! Photo of Shakuru

Oct 03, 2017

“He is different than the way he was Sunday. He has improved and is sleeping well in the night,” said Getrida. Shakuru has been transferred back to the ward where they are now in A section which has another family from their district. Getrida has made friends with Zulaika whose son is going into surgery today. This morning, Zulaika did Getrida’s hair. Yesterday, the anesthesia team met and discussed Shakuru, the plan is for an ENT doctor to examine him and the soonest that will happen is tomorrow. Getrida’s morale is high, she is very happy to be back in the ward. Please continue to be praying for Shakuru to improve. Photo of Shakuru

Oct 02, 2017

“The weekend was not good, he was badly off yesterday. Yesterday normal chores, went for breakfast he was fine. When I brought him breakfast I wanted to first bathe him. I found him weak and immobile. I told the doctor, when the doctor saw the child we went to the treatment room and tapped. We were told to go back to the bed, after that they brought us here (ICU) and put him on oxygen. Around 2 AM I noticed some improvement,” said Getrida. Shakuru received a CSF tap and decompression because the pressure in his head had increased greatly. He is currently off oxygen and is being monitored in the ICU with the possibility of being moved to the ward later in the day. Please be praying for Shakuru to soon be healthy enough for surgery! Photo of Shakuru

Sep 29, 2017

"I am believe in God that Shakuru will have the operation on Monday or Tuesday,” said Getrida. For the last couple of days, Shakuru has been going through chest physiotherapy and he will continue today too. The chest physiotherapy is going will! Getrida’s prayer request is for her child to get healed. Please join us in prayer and support baby Shakuru. Photo of Shakuru

Sep 28, 2017

“This morning I prayed, gave Shakuru breakfast and then supervised the mothers as they did their laundry. Shakuru is changing and I know that he will have surgery soon,” said Getrida. Shakuru’s chest is still being closely monitored by our doctors and he is still on medication. Hopefully by early next week he will be in surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Shakuru

Sep 27, 2017

“I was appointed the LC (leader of the mothers in the ward) and it is a good role because I get to take care of these mothers. The doctors told me this morning that the results from the Echo are good, and so when Shakuru’s chest clears he will be operated on. Please pray that he gets well and starts walking,” Getrida said. Physiotherapist Sam did chest physiotherapy with Shakuru in hopes of loosening some of the mucus in his lungs. As the current head of the mothers in the ward, she says she has learnt to do many responsibilities while also taking care of Shakuru. Please continue to pray for Shakuru and his mom! Photo of Shakuru

Sep 26, 2017

“Chest still isn’t good still, has bilateral chest crepitation,” said Dr. Stewart. He is considering placing Shakuru on antibiotics to help clear his chest which has kept him from surgery for over two weeks. Before surgery, his doctors want his chest cleared and a cardiac echo which they have been waiting on for several days, Dr. Stewart is hopeful the cardiologist will examine Shakuru today. Getrida says, she is doing well and so is Shakuru, they had a quiet morning in the ward talking and laughing with the other families in their section. “I have been praying for the child to be good,” said Getrida. Please join Getrida in praying for Shakuru, that his chest will clear and for the echo to show no problems so he can have surgery. Photo of Shakuru

Sep 25, 2017

“Shakuru is breathing well. I think he is much better," said Getrida. Shakuru, however, is still on medication for his chest infection. Over the weekend, Getrida says she spent most of the time in prayer, praying to God to heal Shakuru. Please continue to pray and support his healing! Photo of Shakuru

Sep 21, 2017

“Ever since Shakuru started taking his medication, I have noticed some change. He isn’t coughing so much and he isn’t whizzing so much,” said Getrida. Today Shakuru is going for an Echo. Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Shakuru

Sep 20, 2017

“My prayer is for God to help my child to be like the others, to sit and to walk like other children. I am anxious about the surgery, but the doctors said that they need to first check his chest,” said Getrida. Shakuru and Getrida have returned to CURE today. Shakuru had a chest X-ray, blood work, and a CSF tap done. His doctors are also reviewing his CT-scan from last week and making a plan for him. Please join Getrida in praying for Shakuru that his chest will be clear and for him to soon have surgery. Photo of Shakuru

Sep 12, 2017

“They are going home and they will come back after a week,” said Dr. Stewart. The hospital is currently beyond capacity, and due to Shakuru’s chest he wouldn’t be eligible for surgery till next week, so his doctors have decided to send them home for a week. They will return on Tuesday. “I’m not happy because the baby is not okay. (He) didn’t get operated on, and now I’m going home,” said Getrida. Getrida understands why they are going home, and says they will be back next week. In the meantime please be praying for Shakuru’s chest to clear and for his upcoming operation to be successful! Photo of Shakuru

Sep 11, 2017

Shakuru could be in surgery today, but he was brought to CURE Hospital with a respiratory infection which our doctors are treating first. He has already had a brain CT scan and he will be in surgery as soon as his lungs are healthy. Please keep him in your prayers! Photo of Shakuru

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