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Aaron's Story

“The doctors said after seeing the child was having a problem you go to CURE Hospital they will help that child with the problem. The back is spina bifida and the head hydrocephalus, I was worried after seeing that problem it was my first time se… Read more

“The doctors said after seeing the child was having a problem you go to CURE Hospital they will help that child with the problem. The back is spina bifida and the head hydrocephalus, I was worried after seeing that problem it was my first time seeing. Up to now I’m worried. What I’m praying for Aaron, tomorrow in the morning when he is going for theatre I want the Lord to care for him like he care for him before I gave birth. I am requesting the Lord to keep him alive,” said Annet. Annet had traveled far from home to attend a funeral, and while away from home, she gave birth three days ago on Monday. The doctors at the hospital referred them to CURE, but before going to CURE she returned home to her district about an hour from our hospital and met up with her husband and three year old and they have all traveled to CURE together arriving late on Wednesday. Please join us in praying for Aaron and his family!

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Latest Updates

Aug 28, 2017

Aaron recovered well and was discharged last Saturday. He will be reviewed in a month, please keep him in your prayers for complete healing.

Aug 24, 2017

“I saw the head growing, that is why I came back. They told me the ETV/CPC didn’t work, I don’t know if they will put the tube (shunt),” said Annet. Yesterday, Aaron and Annet returned to CURE where they had a CT-scan and CBC run. After a successful ETV redo, Aaron is now in the ICU being fed by his mother. “The tears have now stopped,” said Annet. Please be praying for Aaron to recover. Photo of Aaron

Jun 23, 2017

“We are going! We learned how to clean the wound so they are sending us home. I feel happy! I am very happy, God is great!" After nearly a full month at CURE, Aaron and Annet are going home. We will see them again at CURE at the end of July, please remember them in your prayers. Photo of Aaron

Jun 22, 2017

“You have to have faith in God, we are here because the love of the Lord. Everything will be okay, I know all this will be healed in the name of Jesus Christ,” said Annet. “They told me they will teach me how to clean it (Aaron’s wound) myself at home,” said Annet. Aaron and Annet are still at the hospital and Aaron continues to be monitored. Annet is waiting to learn how to clean his wound and she is hopeful that they will be able to go home tomorrow. Her prayer request is for Aaron to have a good future. Photo of Aaron

Jun 21, 2017

“I’m just praying God would help me and discharge me tomorrow,” said Annet. Aaron got his stitches removed from the wound site on his head and a honey dressing was applied. This morning visitors came to the ward distributing get well messages and praying for the children in the hospital. Annet and Aaron were prayed for, that he would be healed and strength for his mother. Please join our community in praying for Aaron to be healthy enough to go home soon. Photo of Aaron

Jun 20, 2017

“The doctors told me they are still watching if the water is coming, then tomorrow they are taking him to theatre. Things aren’t good, but everything will be okay. Let us be patient,” said Annet. Donysius, Annet’s husband, was in a motorcycle accident and is now in a hospital about an hour from CURE. Annet told us that he hurt his right side and left leg. “I thought I would see him, but I’m still this side. I just pray for the Lord to help me leave this place this week,” said Annet. Please join us in praying for swift healing for this family as we minister to them! Photo of Aaron

Jun 19, 2017

“The thing is still leaking, still leaking so maybe back to theatre this week,” said Annet. This morning, Annet was told there is a possibility Aaron will need another operation to close his back. She was hoping they might get to go home today, but now knows they will be around for a while longer. Please be praying for Aaron, that if he needs another operation that will it go well and for strength and patience for Annet. Photo of Aaron

Jun 16, 2017

“I have to be patient until they say 'now you are okay.' Yesterday, I had packed each and everything, then the time came to look at the wound,” explained Annet. Aaron’s wound on his back is still leaking when he cries hard. Yesterday, they were very close to going home and had even been discharged. Annet had packed up their belongings and they were almost out of the hospital, but with there still being a leak, Aaron will stay another 72 hours for observation. “You pray for us,” said Annet. Please join us in praying for Annet as she patiently waits for the doctor's ok to go home. Photo of Aaron

Jun 15, 2017

“Aaron is now okay, since we came he has got each and everything. His dad was very happy to see him,” said Annet. Before Aaron got discharged, his doctors wanted to run a CBC and malaria test. “Yesterday, the temperature was high,” said Annet. Once the lab results showed there was no major concern, Aaron and his mother were allowed home! We will see them again at the hospital in a month. Please remember Aaron in your prayers that he will continue to recover well! Photo of Aaron

Jun 14, 2017

“They told us tomorrow we are going back. I’m very happy, and they (Aaron’s family) are going to be very happy because he is now healthy,” said Annet. Today, Aaron’s father came to visit and Annet showed him all the get well messages they have received and they figured out transport for getting Aaron and Annet home tomorrow. Please be praying for Aaron to grow up healthy and that he will get to go home tomorrow. Photo of Aaron

Jun 13, 2017

“I have faith he will be fine,” said Annet. This morning, Aaron is being transferred from the ICU to the ward and we're thankful that his doctors have no major concerns. Aaron had a fair night and has been feeding well too. Aaron received a couple of get well messages which made Annet happy and encouraged. Please be praying for Aaron to continue to recover well and for them to be able to go home soon. Photo of Aaron

Jun 12, 2017

“I’m here and Aaron is there (ICU). I’ve seen he’s not okay, we are waiting, but I know he will be okay. He has just come back now (from surgery) I’m strengthening now,” said Annet. Aaron had an ETV/CPC performed and his operation went well, he recovered in the PACU and has been moved to the ICU. The nurses are waiting for him to become stable and then they will let Annet feed, and hold Aaron. Please be praying for Aaron to recover well. Photo of Aaron

Jun 08, 2017

“We are still keeping him around to observe head size,” said Dr. Stewart. Aaron has finished is antibiotic regiment and his doctors main two concerns are his increasing head size and if there is any cerebrospinal fluid leaking from his back. This morning, Annet went to a spina bifida meeting for all the families with spina bifida. She said she learned a lot about the cause and that mothers should take folic acid supplements three months in advance of getting pregnant if they are not eating enough vegetables. Please be praying for Aaron, that he will soon be healed and be able to go home. Photo of Aaron

Jun 07, 2017

Aaron is doing well and since his back hasn’t leaked in several days, his doctors are planning on removing his stitches soon. He is also about to finish his antibiotics. They have continued to monitor his head today and took another measurement of his head which showed there has been growth since he's arrived at the hospital. Annet is doing well, she is staying strong and hoping for the best. Please remember Aaron in your prayers that he will soon become healthy. Photo of Aaron

Jun 06, 2017

“The doctors said they will work on it, (his head) but for me to be patient,” said Annet. Aaron continues to be on antibiotics and his pressure dressing on his back is working well, he hasn’t had a CSF leak in three days which has made his doctors and mother very happy. Annet is being strong about their extended stay at the hospital, “I know that the problem (with the head) will also be solved,” said Annet. Please be praying for Aaron to be healed and strength for his mother. Photo of Aaron

Jun 05, 2017

“The head is swollen, so they told me they want to go again for scanning a second time. The weekend we went for prayers, we are just praying for our children we want them to be healed. We have to pray very hard so He will heal our children,” said Annet. Please join Annet and pray for healing for Aaron and the other children in the hospital. Photo of Aaron

Jun 02, 2017

“We are going (to have surgery) next week. I just pray to God, I want people to pray for Aaron to have a good life in the future, and I pray the doctors to work hard for him,” said Annet. During morning rounds, Annet was told they would have surgery next week. Aaron has a new pressure dressing on his back. His doctors told Annet that there is a lot of pressure causing the back to leak, and the operation on the head should reduce the pressure both on the brain and back. Please be praying for strength for Annet and a successful operation for Aaron. Photo of Aaron

Jun 01, 2017

“Aaron is okay, the back is still leaking so they told me he’s going for scanning to see the head,” said Annet. “Ventricles are enlarged, (he will) most likely need surgery before he goes (home),” said Dr. Noah. Please be praying for Aaron, that if he needs another operation it will go well and for strength for Annet. Photo of Aaron

May 31, 2017

“I’m praying for Aaron to have a good life in the future,” said Annet. Aaron continues to be on antibiotics, and there has been a cerebrospinal fluid leak from his wound site resulting in him getting a new dressing. Annet and Aaron have had a good morning, he has been resting and she has been doing laundry and socializing with friends. “I want people to pray for me, for my child to be alive,” said Annet. Photo of Aaron

May 30, 2017

“They are telling me that the child is having problems with the legs and he may not walk, I’m just living for God,” said Annet. Many children with spina bifida have nerve damage causing them to be unable to walk. Annet says, they are both doing well and she has been checking Aaron’s back regularly. Today the bandage covering his stitches was removed. Please be praying for Aaron to recover from his operation and for strength for his mother and him. Photo of Aaron

May 29, 2017

“She is worried about the head, I was explaining to her the head is good. All is going well for him except for his myelomeningocele being infected by the time he came in,” said Dr. Michael. Aaron is on two antibiotics for another five days then he may get to go home. “Aaron is okay even I, I don’t have any problem,” said Annet. Please be praying for Annet and Aaron that the next several days at the hospital will go well and Aaron will have a quick recovery from his operation. Photo of Aaron

May 26, 2017

Aaron has gone into surgery. Our doctors performed a myelomeningocele closure, and he is currently resting in the PACU where he will be stabilized and wake up. Then, he will be transferred to the ICU where he will be reunited with Annet and will spend the night there. Annet has been very worried about the operation, and while he was in the OR she met with the spiritual team. Please be praying that he will recover well from his operation. Photo of Aaron

May 25, 2017

Tomorrow morning Aaron is scheduled for surgery where our doctors will first treat his spina bifida before operating on his head. Please be praying for a successful operation and for strength for Annet. Photo of Aaron

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