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Junior's Story

“I have never been as shocked as I was the day I gave birth to Junior and saw his condition (spina bifida). This is a very strange disease,” said Molly. Junior was born in a small clinic but when the doctor assessed his condition he was then re… Read more

“I have never been as shocked as I was the day I gave birth to Junior and saw his condition (spina bifida). This is a very strange disease,” said Molly. Junior was born in a small clinic but when the doctor assessed his condition he was then referred to a bigger government hospital which in turn referred him to CURE. Neither he nor his mother have been home yet. Junior’s father is very supportive, he accompanied Junior and his mother to CURE. Junior is the firstborn in his family. Molly studied fashion and design, she had just graduated when she got pregnant with Junior so she hasn’t found work to do yet, however, Junior's father is an electrician and he is the sole provider of the family. Molly hopes that later on when her boy is healed she will be able to find a job and become a fashion designer but as for now she is focusing on getting the best medical care for Junior.

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Latest Updates

Sep 08, 2017

“I am very okay, this man is going home,” said Molly. During the ward rounds, Molly was told they could go home! She was wished safe travels by her doctors and nurses. Prior to leaving, Junior received a handful of get well messages which brought a smile to Molly’s face. Thank you for your support and encouragement during Junior's time at the hospital, we will see them again in a couple of weeks at a clinic in the capital of Uganda. “Let us pray that this (shunt) will work,” requested Molly. Photo of Junior

Sep 07, 2017

“Let's pray he will be fine,” said Molly. Today, Junior has Nobert as his nurse who updated us by saying, “Junior has been vomiting and having diarrhea, his temperature is even a bit up. The plan is to put the baby on ORS and manage fevers, we will even do labs, urine and blood.” Nobert had his phone playing music while he examined Junior this morning, his phone was playing 'Lead Me To The Cross' by Hillsong United which Molly liked. We're thankful for the small ways our staff minister to our families here! Photo of Junior

Sep 06, 2017

“Thanks be to God,” said Molly and she continued, “Junior is okay just a bit weak, but he will be okay. If all goes well in some few days we will go home.” Molly is a little worried about the shunt, “we pray that it works,” she was not expecting a shunt to be placed and her concern is it failing. Thank you for continuing to be on Molly's prayer team, please be praying for Junior, that his shunt will work properly and for no future problems! Photo of Junior

Sep 05, 2017

“I’m a bit worried but think it will be okay, I just pray all goes well,” said Molly. As Molly waited for Junior to be taken into surgery she received several get well messages which were a comfort to her. Junior went in for a ventriculoscopy and shunt placement, and we're happy to tell you that the operation was successful. He will be transferred to the ICU where he will spend the night. Please be praying for Junior to recover well from the operation and for continued strength for Molly. Photo of Junior

Sep 04, 2017

“I don’t feel bad, I’m okay because this is not the first time, I just pray all goes well,” said Mary. Today Mary was told that Junior will go into surgery tomorrow. He is feeding well and has no major concerns. Junior and Mary would like to thank those who have been writing messages and praying for them. “Thank you for your prayers, seriously. I know I may fail, but they can not fail with their prayers and support. Thank you, I appreciate their prayers and everything they do for us,” said Mary. You're an important part of her prayer support! Photo of Junior

Aug 31, 2017

Molly has been attending the afternoon chapel services and says, “it was so good, amazing! I enjoyed it, even this one (Junior) was awake. The prayer and worship was so good,” said Mary. “Know that we are victorious if we believe in God, no one can take that from you,” said Molly. Junior and Molly had a calm night, his doctors have no major concerns at this time and they are discussing a plan for surgery next week. Molly was up early in the morning, washing clothes and then around midmorning, Junior took a nap so Molly watched a show on her phone. Junior and Molly received a of couple get well messages today which Molly was thankful for. Please be praying for Junior to soon be fully healed! Photo of Junior

Aug 30, 2017

“He was supposed to be operated today, but the salt level was too low. I just pray for him to get healed seriously, most of my prays manage to work,” said Molly. Today Molly and Junior have had a quiet day, he has been resting and feeding well. The last time they were at CURE, Molly was restless, but this time she has brought her phone and she has been watching movies on it. Today, Molly was able to attend the afternoon chapel service. Please be praying for Junior, for him to soon be able to have surgery and for the operation to be successful! Photo of Junior

Aug 29, 2017

"Junior is doing well, we just came for the shunt placement. When I got home from CURE last time, I learnt that my in-laws had been convincing my husband Julius to leave me because of Junior's condition. They told him that he is still young and had a chance to have another wife and healthy children but he decided to stay with me, he loves me and says that Junior is a gift from God. Me and Julius have high expectations in Junior because we see an improvement," said Molly. Here at CURE Hospital the necessary arrangements are being made in preparation for Junior's surgery for hydrocephalus, he and his family need your prayers, support, and encouragement! Photo of Junior

Feb 02, 2017

“I am happy that we have been discharged, I have noticed lot of change in Junior. I have been here for three weeks now. At first, my stay here was challenging but as time went by I got along well. My boyfriend has been very supportive, he came to visit us about three times. My plan is now to focus on taking care of him, I don’t even have any other plan,” said Molly. Please keep them in your prayers. Photo of Junior

Feb 01, 2017

“Thank you for comforting me in this dangerous time, thank you for your prayers. I know I’m not alone, thank you for praying.” Molly said after reading several get well messages that Junior has received. Today, Molly has been taught how to properly dress Junior's wound and she is hopeful that they will go home tomorrow. Please keep Junior and Molly in your prayers, that they will soon return home. Photo of Junior

Jan 30, 2017

Junior and Molly have had a good weekend, they are patiently awaiting Junior's discharge. Molly is fine with staying at CURE as long as it takes for Junior to become healthy enough to go home. She is confident he will be fine and she has seen improvement. Today, Junior has spent the morning resting and Molly has been by his side and with her friends. Please continue to be praying for Junior that his recovery will continue to go smoothly and for strength for Molly. Photo of Junior

Jan 25, 2017

Junior is doing much better today compared to yesterday according to Molly. Yesterday day Molly said, he was "a 5 out of 100," but today she says, "he is doing better and will be fine." He hasn’t been crying as much as the previous few days which is nice for Molly. Junior had lab results come back this morning showing no infection of his wound site; he will continue his antibiotic regiment and then they will be discharged once that is completed. There are also no signs of hydrocephalus at this time which is good news! The majority of spina bifida cases develop hydrocephalus. Please keep Junior in your prayers, that he will continue to recover well. Photo of Junior

Jan 23, 2017

“He will be fine but he cries all the time, maybe the wound is paining him,” said Molly thoughtfully. Junior and Molly have spent a restful day in the ward, socializing with the mothers in the hospital. This afternoon, they attended the chapel service. They both had a good weekend and Junior did get a CBC done and a blood transfusion. Please keep Junior in your prayers that he will continue recovering well. Photo of Junior

Jan 20, 2017

“I’m okay because he is recovering,” said Molly. Molly has spent the morning with Junior outside the ward talking with the other mothers. Junior’s dressing has been removed that was covering his back and he is currently under observation looking for signs of hydrocephalus. He is also battling a cold. Please keep Junior in your prayers that he will have a successful recovery. Photo of Junior

Jan 19, 2017

Junior had a stable night in the ICU and will soon be moved back to the ward. Molly is doing better today, she is relieved the operation is over. Junior has spent the day in his bed, and Molly has gone back and forth between his bedside and visiting with other mothers outside the ICU. Please keep Junior in your prayers, that he will have a successful recovery. Photo of Junior

Jan 18, 2017

“I’m feeling lots of pressure, my child is going to theatre,” said Molly. Junior has gone into surgery for a myelomeningocele closure. Junior will spend the night in the ICU where he will be reunited with his mother. Please keep Junior in your prayers that he will recover well. Photo of Junior

Jan 17, 2017

“Junior cried a lot at night, I think it was the colic. The doctors told me this morning that he may be scheduled for surgery late this week. I haven’t received any visitors like other people here because we are from far and there isn’t money for transport for my folks,” said Molly. Please be praying for Junior's upcoming surgery and for encouragement for Molly. Photo of Junior

Jan 16, 2017

“Anytime this week Junior will have surgery,” said Molly. Junior, however, still has fevers which the doctors are treating. Molly just gave birth four days ago to her first child so she still has backaches and general body weakness. Please keep both of them in your prayers. Photo of Junior

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