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Kato's Story

Kato was born a few minutes after Waiswa his twin brother, “I felt very bad when I discovered the children had big heads,” their grandmother Jane told us. Both Kato and Waiswa were born with hydrocephalus and the hospital that they were deliver… Read more

Kato was born a few minutes after Waiswa his twin brother, “I felt very bad when I discovered the children had big heads,” their grandmother Jane told us. Both Kato and Waiswa were born with hydrocephalus and the hospital that they were delivered at told them to take them both to Mbale to get treatment for their condition. At home, the families of Rose and her fiancé Magidu began to fight, blaming the other family for the children being born with large heads. “It’s a curse, that's why they produce a child like that,” recounted Jane of things that were said to Rose. Magidu has been supportive of Rose and their children. They are not married yet, but they are engaged to be married. When Rose and Jane arrived at CURE they felt encouraged and strengthened by seeing the other families in the same situation. Rose hopes Kato will become a teacher when he grows up. She has been praying “that God should give them life.”

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Feb 07, 2018

“Since I gave birth I have struggled with God. Most people tell me they (Kato and Waiswa) won’t grow up. How can God give me these children? I served him for so many years,” shared Rose. When Rose does pray she prays for help, “I have been praying that God should help me keep the children.”

Rose was kicked out of her home by her husband because of Waiswa and Kato’s conditions. So Rose, Waiswa, and Kato moved into Rose’s parents home, she is unable to work besides farming because she needs to be home with her children. Rose has had trouble saving for the round trip from her parents home to CURE for a check up. Yesterday, Moses from CURE was sent to find Kato and Waiswa due to them not coming for follow up in a year. He searched through a couple of villages relying on word of mouth to first find her ex-husband's home and then Rose’s families’ home, where he found them. He brought Rose, her sister Lydia, Waiswa, and Kato back to the hospital.

They spent the night at CURE and this morning they were seen by Dr. Michael. Kato, like his brother, is suffering from malnutrition so a CT-scan and blood work was done which shows his operation was successful though his brother had better results.

Rose has been asked to meet with a CURE social worker who will help her manage the money she gets from farming and help her plan financially to save money for her and her family. She is also being put in contact with a malnutrition clinic to help Waiswa and Kato get to a healthy weight. We know that God has Rose's prayers; please join us in continuing to pray for Waiswa and Kato that they will soon get to a healthy weight and for Rose to be able to care for them and have her faith in God renewed. We're thankful to be able to show Rose how much God loves her by serving her, and we're thankful for your support and encouragement as well! Photo of Kato

May 25, 2017

In January, Kato returned for his check up where his doctors noted that he was feeding well, had no seizures or vomiting and that he had started moving his hands and arms when he was playing. In March, Kato had another follow up scheduled, however, he missed that date. There have been several attempts made to call Rose, but unfortunately, there has been no answer. Please continue to pray for Kato and his twin brother Waiswa!

Dec 22, 2016

This morning during rounds Kato and his brother Waiswa were discharged! We will see them again at the end of January. Rose is very happy to see the improvement in Kato and his brother Waiswa. Baby Kato had a fair night with no concerns. Rose was worried that she would be unable to find a hospital that would treat them, but now that they have been treated, she is overjoyed. Please keep Kato in your prayers that he will continue to improve. Photo of Kato

Dec 21, 2016

Kato is doing well and he will soon be moved to the ward! He had a good night in the ICU according to his mother. Rose is happy that Kato and his brother Wasiswa are finished with surgery. Rose and Jane have been sitting outside the ICU talking with their friends today. Please continue to pray for Kato that he will have a successful recovery. Photo of Kato

Dec 20, 2016

Kato went into surgery this morning and six minutes later his brother Waiswa followed him. Kato had an ETV/CPC performed, the operation was successful and he is now in the PACU waking up next to his brother. They will soon be moved to the ICU where they will be reunited with Rose and Jane. Please continue to pray for Kato, that his recovery will be successful. Photo of Kato

Dec 19, 2016

On Friday night Rose, Jane, Kato and Waiswa arrived at CURE and the following day they were seen in the OPD and admitted. On Sunday they attended the chapel service where Rose and Jane were encouraged. Both Kato and Waiswa are both doing well and are awaiting surgery. Please keep Kato and Wasswa and this precious family in your prayers as they both await surgery. Photo of Kato

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