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Marvin's Story

“Marvin is a very happy child, most of the time he is laughing and playing. When he fell ill, the first doctor who saw him told me that he needs to be brought to CURE hospital and that is exactly what I did and although it was a weekend, we decid… Read more

“Marvin is a very happy child, most of the time he is laughing and playing. When he fell ill, the first doctor who saw him told me that he needs to be brought to CURE hospital and that is exactly what I did and although it was a weekend, we decided to come,” said Lydia. In Lydia’s village there are other children with hydrocephalus and one of them was treated from CURE and is getting well so this encouraged Lydia. Lydia has been married to her husband Peter for one year and Marvin is their only child, however, Lydia hopes to have two more children. Lydia was accompanied to CURE by her mother-in-law, but she went back home. Lydia hopes that her child gets well so that he can have an education and a good life when he grows up.

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Latest Updates

Jan 31, 2020

Marvin was making everyone laugh yesterday by being very chatty! When we last saw him, he was recovering from surgery and not very talkative, but today he was talking a lot! He had a cosy Star Wars sweatshirt on top of his dinosaur jammies, and he and Lydia met with Pastor Winnie for some spiritual encouragement before seeing the medical team. He's doing great and it was wonderful to see his sweet and chatty personality! Photo of Marvin

Dec 06, 2019

Marvin is heading home today! Neurosurgeon Dr. Onen checked on him this morning and said that he and Lydia could be discharged. They'll go over some exercises with Issac, our physical therapist before they go, and we'll see them again soon for a checkup at one of our mobile clinics! Lydia shared with us yesterday that Marvin has been doing great, and he already knows how to count to 10. She's hoping he can go to school next year. Thanks for praying for this sweet family as they head home today! Photo of Marvin

Dec 05, 2019

"I know I can take good care of my son," Lydia shared with us this morning. She and Marvin have moved back to the main ward, and while he's still pretty tired, they are hoping to go home in the next couple of days. Marvin said he's missing his grandmother and is excited to see her again. Lydia laughed as she told us that he'd been asking to brush his teeth, but she forgot his toothbrush! Lydia teaches Primary classes 1-3 (first through third grades), and her fellow teachers are holding down the fort while she's gone. She's looking forward to getting back home to help, too! Photo of Marvin

Dec 04, 2019

Marvin had surgery today! In his previous operation last week, the CURE Uganda neurosurgeons removed his shunt, which had become infected. After a few days of recovery and receiving antibiotics in the ICU, he was ready to have a new shunt placed today. The neurosurgeons placed his new shunt on the other side of his body and the operation went well. He recovered in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), with nurse Janet watching over him very carefully. The PACU nurses are masters at helping babies recover right after surgery! Once he felt strong enough, he was transferred over to the ICU for a reunion with Lydia. All the CURE Uganda nurses, whether on the PACU, ICU, or main ward, do an incredible job watching over these little ones, and we're so thankful for them. Photo of Marvin

Dec 02, 2019

Marvin and Lydia are back with us at CURE Uganda. Unfortunately, Marvin developed an infection that affected his shunt, and he had a fever and was vomiting. On Friday, the neurosurgeons removed the top portion of his shunt, and he's been recovering in the ICU. Lydia, the ICU nurses, and the medical team are keeping a close eye on him! He'll need another operation once he's feeling better. For now, Lydia is doing a wonderful job of watching over him, holding his hand, and letting him know she is right there. Photo of Marvin

Sep 27, 2019

Marvin is heading home! CURE Neurosurgeon Dr. Emmanuel checked on him this morning during rounds in the ward. Dr. Emmanuel wanted Marvin to have one more CT scan before heading home. Our radiographer Simon gave him the scan and since everything looked ok, Marvin and mama Lydia were ready to go! He'll get his stitches out next week at a local clinic, and then we'll see him for his checkup at our mobile clinic at the end of next month. Thank you for praying for him and his family as he continues to heal! Photo of Marvin

Sep 26, 2019

"My son is getting better" - mama Lydia is really encouraged, and happy to tell us that Marvin is doing well! Marvin is recovering in the ICU, and he was a bit sedated this morning in order to help him sleep, but he should be able to move to the main ward later today. We're thanking God that his recovery is going smoothly, and thank you for your prayers for him! Photo of Marvin

Sep 25, 2019

Marvin had his surgery today! Dr. Emmanuel, assisted by Dr. Noah, investigated into Marvin's brain to evaluate what is causing his hydrocephalus. Using a flexible endoscope, Dr. Emmanuel found that Marvin's ETV was still working, so there must be another cause for the extra fluid and pressure building up in his brain. While the surgeons aren't exactly sure what's causing the problem, they were ready with a solution! They were able to do surgery to give Marvin a shunt, which is a tiny plastic tube that will drain the extra cerebrospinal fluid from his brain down into the area surrounding his stomach. Marvin's surgery went well, and he's recovering in the PACU now. We're hoping that he'll feel a whole lot better soon! Photo of Marvin

Sep 24, 2019

“Marvin was really doing well, he would walk, talk and I was planning to take him to school, but now he struggles to do any of these things”, Marvin's mom Lydia tells us. Because of all his regression, Lydia has brought Marvin back to us. Our clinician Stewart explained that although Marvin had a successful ETV to treat his hydrocephalus, he has now developed subdural hematoma which is a collection of blood on the surrounding parts of his brain. Marvin is getting ready for surgery which will be later this week. Please be praying for him and his mother Lydia. Photo of Marvin

Aug 01, 2016

Over the weekend Marvin was discharged and he was recovering well. He will have his stitches removed on August 5th from any health center close to their home then we will review him at the end of this month at CURE Hospital. Please keep him in your prayers!

Jul 28, 2016

“He will be okay,” said Lydia about Marvin. This morning they were moved out of the ICU and into the ward which made her very happy. Marvin is very alert and has been playing with his mother. Please keep Marvin in your prayers that he will continue to make good improvements! Photo of Marvin

Jul 27, 2016

This morning Marvin went into surgery for treatment of his hydrocephalus. The operation was completed and he is now resting in the ICU where he will spend the night. During the operation, Lydia sat on a wall by the garden next to the OR with several other mothers lined up. Now that the stress of the operation is over, Lydia can see and hold her son. Please keep Marvin in your prayers that he will have a complete and fast recovery. Photo of Marvin

Jul 26, 2016

Marvin is feeding well, but overnight he was vomiting a bit and his doctor noted that. Marvin has had a CT Scan and his CSF was tapped and is being analyzed in the labs. He and his mother have settled in the ward and are comfortable. Please keep him in your prayers. Photo of Marvin

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