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  • Age3
  • Conditionhydrocephalus and spina bifida
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Jowasi's Story

"I have been here (CURE) for just a couple of days and I have already noticed change in my baby, he is improving," said Mbabazi, Jowasi's mother.

Jowasi, a three month old baby, was admitted on Monday with a critical wound as his shunt sudd… Read more

"I have been here (CURE) for just a couple of days and I have already noticed change in my baby, he is improving," said Mbabazi, Jowasi's mother.

Jowasi, a three month old baby, was admitted on Monday with a critical wound as his shunt suddenly emerged out of his neck. His parents are peasant farmers with four other children to look after, Jowasi being the youngest. He was first diagnosed by another hospital with Spina Bifida and later, at the age of two months, developed Hydrocephalus. The doctors at the former hospital referred his case to CURE when it became too complicated for them to handle.
Currently, Jowasi is peacefully being cared for and his wound kept clean before proceeding into surgery. Please pray for Jowasi and his family as they prepare for his surgery and the road to recovery.

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Latest Updates

Jun 19, 2019

Jowasi was discharged this morning! He lives really far away from CURE Uganda, 600 kilometers away which is an 11 hours’ drive so Mbabazi didn’t waste any time to starting out on their trip. They will be heading directly to a government hospital in their district for nutritional rehabilitation. We are praying that when we next see Jowasi he will be a good bit chubbier than he is now! Photo of Jowasi

Jun 18, 2019

Jowasi's mom Mbabazi is getting some training today in bowel management. As most children with spina bifida aren't able to go to the bathroom by themselves, their parents need to help them. Our CURE Uganda nurses are experts in training parents just like Mbabazi! Once the training is finished, Jowasi is going to be transferred to the malnutrition unit of the local hospital where they’ll be able get him on some special formula. This formula will help him gain the weight and strength he needs! Thank you for praying for this family! Photo of Jowasi

Jun 17, 2019

“Jowasi now notices his siblings” Mbabazi told us excitedly! Jowasi had an ultrasound which showed that his renal system is fine and he's scheduled to have a brain CT scan soon. Our doctors believe that his shunt is functioning well, but are concerned about his malnutrition. They're referring him to a government malnutrition unit. Please be praying for him as we're making progress, but not in the clear just yet! Photo of Jowasi

Apr 03, 2017

Mbabazi was very happy as she packed up this morning, because she and Jowasi were discharged home. Before departing, Mbabazi said goodbye to the friends she had made and got several get well messages, which added to an already large smile. At the end of this week, Jowasi will get his stitches removed then we will see them again at the start of June. Please remember Jowasi in your prayers! Photo of Jowasi

Mar 31, 2017

“We had a good night. Jowasi is now much better, the diarrhea and cough is gone. The doctors say we are about to go back home,” shared Mbabazi. We are thankful for the gift of a good night's sleep! Please continue to keep Jowasi and Mbabazi in your prayers! Photo of Jowasi

Mar 30, 2017

“I know that he will be fine because the fevers have now reduced,” said Mbabazi. Last night Jowasi had diarrhea and fevers, but he is having a much better morning. Later on in the day he will be in the lab for more investigations. Apart from doing her laundry, Mbabazi is spending most of her time at Jowasi’s bedside, nursing and taking care of him. Please continue to pray for him. Photo of Jowasi

Mar 28, 2017

“Jowasi is going for operation,” said Mbabazi. Another operation was performed because his first ETV surgery had failed. Today, his doctors performed a lamina terminalis reopening and he his currently resting in the ICU. Before being moved to the ICU, Jowasi had a seizure which was treated, but this has scared Mbabazi. Please be praying for Jowasi's recovery and for strength and courage for Mbabazi. Photo of Jowasi

Mar 27, 2017

“Jowasi is okay except for the head,” said Mbabazi. Jowasi was taken to New Town Clinic today for an Echo, tomorrow we expect to learn the results. Jowasi is still awaiting surgery as his doctors are determining if he is healthy enough for the operation. Jowasi and Mbabazi both seem to be doing well, Mbabazi seems happy and in high spirits. Please be praying that Jowasi will be healthy enough for surgery soon. Photo of Jowasi

Mar 24, 2017

Mbabazi says that both she and Jowasi are doing well and that Jowasi had a good night, he slept well. His doctors are doing a chest x ray because Jowasi has had breathing trouble so his doctors want to know the cause. Jowasi is also getting a CSF tap so his doctors can determine the condition of his cerebral spinal fluid. Please be praying for Mbabazi that his upcoming operation will go well. Photo of Jowasi

Mar 23, 2017

Jowasi's head has been gradually increasing in size, he has had high fevers and hasn't been responding to treatment so Mbabazi thought it wise to return to CURE. The doctors are closely monitoring his condition and making a plan for his surgery. Please remember him in your prayers. Photo of Jowasi

Aug 15, 2016

Jowasi was discharged on Saturday and we will see them September 26th for a check up. His doctor will check his head growth and determine if he will need an operation. Please keep Jowasi in your prayers, that he will be healthy and not need another operation.

Aug 12, 2016

Jowasi and Mbabazi had a good night and have been doing well today. During morning rounds they were told they will go home tomorrow once they finish the last of Jowasi’s medication. Mbabazi is very happy about getting to go home tomorrow. Please be praying for them as the journey home will take over 10 hours. Also keep Jowasi in your prayers that he will improve and for his infection to clear. Photo of Jowasi

Aug 11, 2016

“This morning I was told that Jowasi should first finish his dose and then they discharge him and I am already noticing positive change, he is breathing well,” said Mbabazi. Mbabazi has made so many friends with other mothers in the ward and they spend most of their time discussing their lives and their children. We hope things keep getting better for Jowasi! Photo of Jowasi

Aug 08, 2016

“The doctor told me that Jowasi has fever and cough and they are first treating that, then he will be discharged and reviewed in a month,” said Mbabazi. Since it is her second visit to CURE, Mbabazi told us that it wasn’t difficult to settle in. Please keep him and his mother in your prayers. Photo of Jowasi

Aug 03, 2016

Jowasi was brought for review at a satellite clinic and he isn’t doing so well, his ETV needs to be redone so they referred him back to CURE Hospital. His mother Mbabazi didn’t have money for transport to CURE, so she contacted her husband who has promised to send the money soon. We’ll keep you updated, please keep them in your prayers! Photo of Jowasi

May 11, 2016

Jowasi was discharged today! Mbabazi and her sister Margret are very happy, they will travel half way home today to the capital and then travel the rest of the way on Thursday. Mbabazi was all smiles today and Margret says they are happy to see Jowasi doing well. Please keep Jowasi in your prayers as he recovers. Photo of Jowasi

May 10, 2016

Jowasi got moved to the ward this morning, which has made Mbabazi happy! He is fighting some fevers but is doing well otherwise. Jowasi has been laughing and enjoying the company of mothers and staff members. Please keep them in your prayers, once Jowasi’s wound sites are in good shape without any sign of infection they will be able to go home. Photo of Jowasi

May 09, 2016

Jowasi went into surgery today where our doctors performed an ETV/CPC, he is now in the ICU recovering with Mbabazi by his side. She seems happy that he is out of surgery and that she can be with him. Please pray that he will recover quickly and that they will soon be able to go home. Photo of Jowasi

May 06, 2016

Since yesterday, Jowasi’s mother Mbabazi has been showing signs of being distressed and sad. She has been counseled by our hospital Pastor and been talked to by our nurses to encourage and calm her down. Family has been informed about her situation and are on their way to come and support her. Jowasi is doing well, his wounds are healing and is ready for surgery, but we're waiting for someone to come and consent before he goes in. Please be praying for both Jowasi and his mother, Mbabazi. Photo of Jowasi

May 04, 2016

Jowasi was scheduled for surgery today and Mbabazi had already signed the consent forms, but then when the hour approached, Mbabazi got really scared and backed out. She told us she wasn’t feeling well and requested to be sent home. She was counseled by a doctor and she decided to stay at the hospital. Over the last 24 hours, she has changed her mind eight times about having Jowasi go into surgery. Please keep praying for mother and child, for clarity and wisdom. Photo of Jowasi

May 03, 2016

"When I woke up today I was feeling low, but I now feel better,” said Mbabazi. Today Mbabazi and Jowasi spent some good time in devotion with the other mothers in the ward. Jowasi was awake for most of this time. He is still on antibiotics and his wounds are healing well. Please continue to pray for him and his mom! Photo of Jowasi

May 02, 2016

Mbabazi and Jowasi are doing just fine. Over the weekend, Mbabazi's husband wired her some money for upkeep and it brought happiness. Mbabazi is being taught how to dress Jowasi's wound and the doctors are considering tapping his CSF today as he awaits an ETV/CPC surgery this week. We thank God for the steady progress! Photo of Jowasi

Apr 29, 2016

When Mbabazi, Jowasi's mother saw us this morning, she smiled widely and then said to us, "I think he is OK." Everyday, Mbabazi notices an improvement in Jowasi and she is really happy. Jowasi is still on a regiment of antibiotics and salt solution, his wound is being cleaned and treated daily, and he doesn't cry as much as he used to. The doctors are closely monitoring him. Please continue to pray for him! Photo of Jowasi

Apr 28, 2016

Yesterday afternoon, Jowasi had a Brain CT scan that showed a growth in the ventricles, so he is going to be monitored for a while here at the hospital. His mother has noticed a positive change in his health and says his wound is healing. She also says that he is feeding well and no longer cries in pain. Please continue praying for Jowasi! Photo of Jowasi

Apr 27, 2016

Today is Jowasi's third day at CURE and he is already getting better. Yesterday, he had a blood transfusion because his Haemoglobin was low and he is also on salt solution. His wound is dressed daily and he is on antibiotics for the infection in the wound. He is being monitored by our doctors until a plan for his surgery can be made. His mother Mbabazi has already noticed a lot of improvement in his condition. Today, Mbabazi attended the daily devotions and then spent most of her time with Jowasi. Please keep him in prayer. Photo of Jowasi

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