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  • Age4
  • Conditionhydrocephalus
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Prisca's Story

“Since I came to this hospital, I love the way we worship and the way the doctors work,” Esther said.

Prior to coming to CURE, Prisca and Esther spent some time at a government hospital but weren’t helped much. Prisca developed hydroc… Read more

“Since I came to this hospital, I love the way we worship and the way the doctors work,” Esther said.

Prior to coming to CURE, Prisca and Esther spent some time at a government hospital but weren’t helped much. Prisca developed hydrocephalus a couple of months ago and has just arrived at CURE. The delay in arrival was mainly because of lack of finances for transport. Esther was in school when she conceived Prisca so she quit, but she plans to resume later on. Prisca’s father Patrick has been supportive during this period of her illness, however he wasn’t able to accompany her to CURE because he lacked transport money. Since giving birth to Prisca, Esther now lives with Patrick’s parents and they are kind to her. Please join us in praying for Prisca's complete healing! We are so thankful to be able to provide the treatment that she needs!

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Latest Updates

Sep 11, 2019

Prisca and her mom came to our mobile clinic for a checkup today - along with new baby brother Peter! Her mom let us know that Prisca is enjoying being a big sister, and we could see that she and Peter are good buddies - even when he was trying to pinch her cheek! She has been going to school but has been sick and had a seizure recently due to a high fever. Her mom is hoping to send her back to school next year. CURE Uganda clinical officer Stuart reviewed her and said she's doing really well! Please join us in thanking God for baby Peter's safe arrival and that Prisca is doing well! Photo of Prisca

Sep 12, 2018

“Prisca is doing very well. She can walk on her own, is very talkative and we are planning to take her to school next year! Her mother didn’t come today because we are expecting another child. Prisca is going to be a big sister!" said Patrick, her father, smiling. It was our first-time meeting Patrick and he said that he is very grateful for the care that we have given Prisca over the years and that God will reward the good work that we and our supporters are doing. We thank God for Prisca! Photo of Prisca

Mar 08, 2017

"Prisca is a miracle child, with the condition that she has I never imagined that one day she will walk, let alone speak, but look at her, she is learning to talk. From the last time we visited the clinic her condition has just been improving and I thank God for that,” said Nesta, Prisca’s mother. Prisca was reviewed by our team and she is doing well, we praise God for that! Photo of Prisca

Jul 19, 2016

Prisca was one of the last patients to show up at our satellite clinic! She had her head circumference checked and it has increased since the last time we saw her. It was 65.5cm and it is now 66.2cm. Her doctor referred her to CURE Hospital for a brain CT scan, but her mother wasn’t sure when they will travel because she didn’t have the cash for transport. We referred her to a social worker and we are hoping that she will be at the hospital this week. Please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Prisca

May 16, 2016

Prisca was brought for review at our satellite clinic! She still looks fine with no need for immediate surgery! According to Esther, baby Prisca has even learned how to crawl and feed herself. We tasked a social worker from her village to be monitoring her as her case will be reviewed by the surgeon back at CURE for discussion. We’ll give the details when we have them! Photo of Prisca

Oct 02, 2015

At first look, Prisca shows all the classic signs of a child with hydrocephalus, however yesterday’s CT scan showed that her brain has a malformation. There are areas of her brain that never formed, and therefore have filled with water. At this time, there is no pressure from the water so having Prisca go into surgery is an unnecessary risk. Prisca and Esther are being discharged and we will see them again at an outreach clinic in a month to see how she is doing at that time. Photo of Prisca

Oct 01, 2015

Prisca's mother has made several friends since her arrival to CURE. She's been able to connect with many of her tribe mates, so they easily bonded. Today, Prisca is going to be immunized and then have a brain CT Scan done. She will also be in the laboratory later on for CBC, BS and Electrolytes. Please pray that she will be scheduled for surgery soon! Photo of Prisca

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