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  • Age3
  • Conditionhydrocephalus
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Muhamad's Story

“I just prayed to God, help me. I’m praying for the hospital and the patients in the ward,” said Evaline, Muhamad’s mother. Muhamad is at CURE for treatment of hydrocephalus, which he began to show signs of when he was five days old. Evalin… Read more

“I just prayed to God, help me. I’m praying for the hospital and the patients in the ward,” said Evaline, Muhamad’s mother. Muhamad is at CURE for treatment of hydrocephalus, which he began to show signs of when he was five days old. Evaline noticed that his head was getting larger but she just thought he was getting fat. At a week old she took him to Masafu Hospital to test for malaria, a doctor told her he might have hydrocephalus and referred them to CURE. Upon arriving at CURE last week Muhamad was urinating blood and was sent to the regional hospital in Mbale, after getting treatment at the regional hospital they have returned to CURE. Muhamad is the third born he has a brother Jonathan who is seven and a sister Joann who is five, they are being watched over by their grandmother.

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Latest Updates

Jun 19, 2017

Muhamad and his mother were discharged home this morning and we are planning on seeing him again at the end of next month. Please be praying for Muhamad to recover well! Photo of Muhamad

Jun 16, 2017

Mohamed is having his electrolytes checked to make sure he is still in a normal range, there is some concern that he might have low sodium. Mohamed continues to have problems keeping food down so please keep praying for that. His nurses are watching the output of his drain, and if the flow lessens by this evening, he may get the drain out tomorrow. Please be praying for Mohamed that his drain can come out soon and that he starts to feel better! Photo of Muhamad

Jun 15, 2017

“The plan for today is leave the drain in another 24 hours,” said nurse Miria. Since the operation, 280 milliliters has been drained from his abdomen. He has vomited twice both after eating or drinking, he is stable but under close observation in the ICU. Please be praying for Muhamad to recover quickly from his operation and strength for his grandmother and mother. Photo of Muhamad

Jun 14, 2017

Two weeks ago Muhamad developed febrile illness which meant he was vomiting, had diarrhea and had no appetite. His grandmother Dorothy, whom he was living with at the time, thought it was malaria so she went to a drug shop and purchased some anti malarial medicine but it didn’t help him at all. Muhamad’s mother had traveled to Kampala, the capital city, to visit a sister so Dorothy decided to bring him to CURE Hospital by herself. Muhamad's abdomen was no longer absorbing the cerebrospinal fluid so he had to go in for surgery. Our doctors performed a repositioning of distal catheter from peritoneal to the pleural space and they placed an ascitic drain to remedy the problem. The new position will have the CSF draining higher in the abdomen and the external drain will remove the excess fluid already in the abdomen. Please keep him in your prayers for a smooth recovery. Photo of Muhamad

Apr 23, 2015

Muhamad was discharged this morning which made Evaline very happy. Muhamad will be back for his check up on May 25. Thank you for praying for Muhamad and Evaline and please continue praying for his recovery. Photo of Muhamad

Apr 22, 2015

With a smile and a little laugh Evaline said, she was happy that Muhamad’s surgery was over. Muhamad spent the night in the ICU and was moved to the ward this morning. Evaline was able to call home and share the good news about Muhamad’s surgery. Evaline is thankful for the prayers and get well messages Muhamad and she have received. Please continue to pray for them. Photo of Muhamad

Apr 21, 2015

Today Mohamad is going to have a shunt placed in him. Evaline says, he had a calm night and “he isn’t doing really bad”. Evaline is not worried about the surgery she believes it will be successful. Photo of Muhamad

Apr 20, 2015

Mohamed and Evaline had a quiet weekend, Evaline spent it talking and sharing with her friends at the hospital. She has been able to call home, she spoke with her brother Godfrey he told her that he was praying for her. Evaline was curious if Christians were praying for Mohamed even though he was a Muslim, I told her of course! This was reaffirmed when she received three get well cards! Keep them coming as they are a very real source of encouragement! Photo of Muhamad

Apr 17, 2015

Muhamad and Evaline are both doing well, Evaline has been able to call home and talk with her mother which was nice for her. Evaline and Annet spent the morning talking before Annet’s daughter went into surgery. Photo of Muhamad

Apr 16, 2015

Evaline and Muhamad have settled into the ward, Evaline has made a friend with the mother next to her in the ward, Annet whose daughter, Irene, is being treated for spina bifida. Evaline has been educated on the cause and treatment of hydrocephalus. Please pray for Muhamad’s upcoming surgery.

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