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Michele's Story

“Even though I am a Muslim, I don’t feel bad being in this Hospital (CURE) because I believe in one God,” says Mariam.

Michele, Mariam’s daughter, was referred to CURE Hospital after all attempts to treat her condition had failed in… Read more

“Even though I am a Muslim, I don’t feel bad being in this Hospital (CURE) because I believe in one God,” says Mariam.

Michele, Mariam’s daughter, was referred to CURE Hospital after all attempts to treat her condition had failed in other hospitals. Mariam sells clothes but she closed her shop because there wasn’t anyone to cover for her while she is at CURE Hospital. Her fiancé, Ismail, is at school studying health. Mariam’s relatives are aware that Michele was referred to CURE Hospital and they are planning to visit. Mariam didn’t grow up in a big family, she lost her mom when she was five years old and then she also lost her two younger siblings who were 2 years and six months respectively. Mariam was raised by her grandmother because her dad was a truck driver and was always on the road. Mariam and Ismail live together in a small town just an hour away from CURE Hospital. Ismail is very supportive and if he wasn’t at school, Mariam knows that he would be with her at CURE Hospital.

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Latest Updates

Oct 15, 2018

“Michele is fine, we are being discharged today,” said Mariam. She is very happy to be going home today, according to her Michele is doing very well and has no problems. Back at home Joyce has been asking their neighbors where her mother and sister are, she will be very happy to see them today. Prior to going home, Mariam's friend Annet helped her with her hair - over their time at the hospital Mariam has made many friends! Mariam’s prayer request is, “I want Michele to walk and talk very well. I want Michele to have wisdom and to have peace.” Michele has been given a month at home before returning to CURE Uganda for a follow up appointment. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers for them! Photo of Michele

Oct 12, 2018

“I have been praying for my baby to walk . . . to see very well, to have knowledge, to write and read,” said Mariam. She has been thinking a lot about having Michele start school at the beginning of 2019 but would like her to be able to walk. Michele doesn’t seem to have any problems, in her words, “I am goodo!” Michele got to sit outside and enjoy the morning sun while her mother did a couple tasks this morning. The only thing keeping them at the hospital is Michele’s antibiotics which in a few days will be completed. Please continue to pray for Michele that she will make a full recovery from surgery and be able to start school next year! Photo of Michele

Oct 11, 2018

Michele is continuing to improve, she is eating well and no longer having fevers. She has four more days of antibiotics and then she will hopefully get to go home! This morning Mariam attended part of a pastors meeting, she sang songs of worship before she was called back to the ward because Michele was crying. The area around Michele’s bed has become a place for socializing, Mariam has made several friends in the hospital including the ladies in her section. They spent most the day just talking and encouraging each other. Mariam has less to do at the hospital because Joyce Mary went back home yesterday and is staying with one of their neighbors. Please keep Michele in your prayers that she will feel better and in a few days get to go home! Photo of Michele

Oct 10, 2018

“Michele is now fair, the temperature is not that high,” said Mariam. Michele seems to be doing better than Monday because she has started an antibiotic regimen which has resulted in her fevers trending down. Mariam attended the staff devotions this morning which she enjoyed, she was taught about giving your burdens to God. Later in the day they went to the play room which Michele and Joyce enjoyed, they played with a couple toys one of which Michele called, “press the baby.” While the kids played, Mariam assembled a puzzle and got her nails painted. Please remember Michele in your prayers that she will no longer have fevers. Photo of Michele

Oct 08, 2018

“I’m good,” said Michele. “Michele - she changes like a chameleon. They were suppose to discharge us on Saturday but she had fevers. The weekend was not good, Michele kept changing. She can be well then change out of no where,” said Mariam. Michele has been having high grade fevers so her doctors ran many tests with no conclusion as to why she is having a fever. Today they will take cerebrospinal fluid out of her shunt to see if there is an infection. Joyce Mary seems to like the hospital and she enjoys watching videos on her mom’s phone and running around and playing. Mariam is physically not well having abdominal and back pain, she is also a little discouraged Michele is not better yet. Please continue to pray for Michele that her doctors will discover the cause of her fevers and for her to start to improve. Photo of Michele

Oct 05, 2018

“I’m feeling so good, I’m feeling so good. I was very happy she is still alive. She has come back when she is alive! I give glory to God, He gets the glory, He is the creator,” said Mariam. Michele is being moved out of the ICU and back to the ward, however, she had a tough night. “The night was bad, she was vomiting the whole night,” said Mariam. Her doctors have given her some medication to help the vomiting, they think the vomiting is due to the pressure change in her head. Joyce Mary, Michele’s two year old sister, is at the hospital and she spent the morning slowly sneaking in and out of the ICU to see how her sister and mother were doing. Please be praying for Michele that she will continue to make good progress! Photo of Michele

Oct 04, 2018

“She is good, just preparing to go for surgery,” said Mariam. Michele has returned to CURE Uganda, she has been regressing in milestones so her mother has brought her back. This morning, Mariam and Michele practiced English, Mariam would ask her to touch her head, eyes, or nose and look at certain things or to practice words by repeating them. “How are you? I am fine,” said Michele. Michele is currently in surgery where her doctors have done an outside pressure measurement and now will most likely place a shunt. Please be praying for Michele to recover well from today’s operation. Photo of Michele

May 25, 2015

Michele is doing well besides having a cough and a fever. Mariam believes that overall, Michele will make a full recovery. They came back today for Michele's check up and waiting for them were five get well messages which made Mariam very happy. They are heading home this evening and will return for another check up on August 31st. Please keep praying for Michele! Photo of Michele

Apr 27, 2015

Michele recovered at an amazingly fast rate! So fast actually that when we got to the hospital this morning, we heard from the doctor on call that she was discharged over the weekend and is doing well! We should be seeing her for review in a month, so please keep her in your prayers. Photo of Michele

Apr 23, 2015

Michele's surgery was a success, and she spent a night in ICU. She is doing really well, so this morning she was removed from ICU and transferred to the general ward. Mariam is doing well also, and she was visited by her best friend, so they spent a night time catching up. Please continue to pray that Michele gets well soon. Photo of Michele

Apr 22, 2015

“I am disturbed that they are taking my baby into theater today, I am worried over her,” said Mariam. Michele has spent the first part of the day sleeping and playing with a little guitar rattle. Michele is currently in surgery for treatment of her hydrocephalus. Please pray that the operation goes as planned and Michele has a quick recovery. Photo of Michele

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