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Photo of Junior Mustafa Junior Mustafa from Uganda

A less than 1 year old boy with spina bifida.

“When I was pregnant, I went for all my doctor’s appointments. Everything looked great until I did my second ultrasound. It showed my baby had a swel…

Photo of Junior Junior from Uganda

A 2 year old boy with spina bifida.

“I have never been as shocked as I was the day I gave birth to Junior and saw his condition (spina bifida). This is a very strange disease,” said Mol…

Photo of Junior Junior from Uganda

A 3 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

Even though Junior was born healthy, he started developing Hydrocephalus after just one week. His parents took him to Mulago Hospital, which is the natio…

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Why I Support CURE

Chris is excited to join CURE for the same reason most of us are part of it: Seeing the Kingdom of God at work in kids lives. "Kids right now who can't walk, they're being carried, who can't go outside because their faces look different… they get to be kids again. Because of CURE… because of you and me and everyone else involved, kids will be kids again, and be able to walk and run.
Chris Tomlin

Financial Accountability

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Practicing fiscal accountability is a critical aspect of CURE’s financial stewardship model. Along with annual audits by an independent CPA firm, CURE is a member in good standing with the ECFA.

Pie chart of CURE FY 2018 Expenses *FY 2018 Expenses *CURE’s 2018 Fiscal Year: July 2017 - June 2018
  • 83.5% Program Expense CURE hospital and specialty program expenses
  • 5% Administration General and administrative expenses
  • 11.5% Fundraising Telling people about CURE
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