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Photo of Nathenael Nathenael from Ethiopia

A 2 year old boy with a bone condition.

Nathenael is a sweet little child! He was found at our mobile clinic which is a couple of hours from the capital. Before seeing our doctors, his parents t…

Photo of Janbert Janbert from Philippines

A 14 year old boy with a bone condition.

“Janbert will go from 'disabled' to 'this is able!'” - Lito, Janbert’s brother-in-law.

Janbert is a quiet kid with a big smile. His family is super …

Photo of Xavier Xavier from Kenya

A 2 year old boy with clubfoot.

Xavier was with us a couple of months back. At the time, the doctors decided not to take him through surgery and instead decided to put him on serial casting…

Photo of Tayamika Tayamika from Malawi

A 6 year old girl with clubfoot.

“Me and my husband are nurses by profession and we usually see clubfoot everyday in the hospital, but it was difficult for us to accept it when I had gi…

Photo of Rabecca Rabecca from Malawi

A 12 year old girl with a bone condition.

Rabecca is an aspiring teacher, and she says whenever her teacher is talking to the class, she listens to her very attentively, because that's what she wa…

Photo of Marjorie Marjorie from Philippines

A 11 year old girl with a broken bone.

“If I could change one thing in the world, no one would be hungry.” - Marjorie.

When Marjorie was 9 years old, she fell from a tree, and fractured he…

Photo of Vincent Vincent from Uganda

A less than 1 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

“ At first we didn’t know that it (Hydrocephalus) was a medical condition, we thought it was spirits,” says Rose, Vincent’s mother.

When they vis…

Photo of Deborah Deborah from Uganda

A less than 1 year old girl with hydrocephalus.

“The day I gave birth to Deborah we went to the only hospital in my village but it was closed, so we decided to go back home from where I gave birth,”…

Photo of Daniel Daniel from Ethiopia

A 9 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Daniel had a car accident a couple of years back and he had an operation right away. The surgery helped him to walk better but he still limps and needs anoth…

Photo of Prisca Prisca from Uganda

A less than 1 year old girl with hydrocephalus.

“Since I came to this hospital, I love the way we worship and the way the doctors work,” Esther said.

Prior to coming to CURE, Prisca and Esther spen…

Photo of Sauda Sauda from Malawi

A 5 year old girl with burn contractures.

“My prayer to God is that Sauda should be restored, and her hand will be as it was when she was born. I believe that God will help my daughter Sauda,” sa…

Photo of Bridgette Bridgette from Malawi

A 14 year old girl with a limb deformity.

“My girl was born without any deformity. One morning, she woke up and was complaining of pain, and I did not know what was causing the pain, hence, I di…

Photo of Nelia Nelia from Malawi

A 14 year old girl with knock knees.

“I felt so bad as Nelia misses her classes at school and being in pain. I kept asking the Lord to heal my daughter,” said Hannah, Nelia’s mother.


Photo of Emmanuel Emmanuel from Malawi

A 6 year old boy with a limb deformity.

“I feel hurt for my grandson as he finds it really hard to use his arm to write and do other things which requires his hand,” said Esther, Emmanuel’s g…

Photo of Gorreti Gorreti from Uganda

A less than 1 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

“Prior to giving birth I had done scans and I knew that she (Gorreti) was a child with hydrocephalus, in fact, I even knew that I was going to have a C-…

Photo of Brian Brian from Kenya

A 11 year old boy with a broken bone.

“I pray all the time to be honest to God and to be good to everyone,” Brian told us with a kind smile. We were immediate fans. Our new friend fell fr…

Photo of Margaret Margaret from Kenya

A 5 year old girl with cleft palate.

“I was blown,” that was Margaret's mothers best way of explaining her initial reaction to her daughter's condition. Margaret had both a cleft lip and …

Photo of Bashil Bashil from Malawi

A 4 year old boy with knock knees.

Bashil is a toddler boy and he is the last born child in his family of six children. “My son was born without any deformity. We were so afraid to see Ba…

Photo of Praise Praise from Malawi

A 6 year old girl with a limb deformity.

“When my daughter was ill, I took her to the hospital where she was treated, it took some time to heal but we prayed that she feels better quickly,” Anne…

Photo of Lezill Lezill from Philippines

A 18 year old girl with clubfoot.

“God really answers my prayers. He is a really good God.” -Lezill

Lezill has two great desires in life, to go to college and get her clubfoot fixed. …

Photo of Carlo Carlo from Philippines

A 15 year old boy with a spinal condition.

“My favorite thing about Carlo? He’s kind. He also doesn’t talk back, he’s obedient.” - Carlo’s dad Edgardo.

We could easily add “patient”…

Photo of Matthew Matthew from Philippines

A 8 year old boy with a bone condition.

“When I grow up, I want to be a pilot, because, they make like a million pesos. But I’m afraid to fly.” - Matthew.

For someone who’s afraid to fly…

Photo of Balkissa Balkissa from Niger

A 14 year old girl with a limb deformity.

“I want my granddaughter be able to walk normally,” said Ramatou, Balkissa’s grandmother.

When we first saw Balkissa, her grandmother was walking …

Photo of Lhuzyt Lhuzyt from Philippines

A 2 year old girl with a limb deformity.

“It hurts me to see my daughter get bullied and mocked by kids in the neighborhood, and I can only hope that her foot gets fixed so she won’t have go thr…

Photo of Shelifa Shelifa from Malawi

A 7 year old girl with bowed legs.

“Shelifa is my sweet child. She was born a healthy and strong baby. With her deformity that she developed when she was a toddler, I thought the worst co…

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