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Photo of Rosemary Rosemary from Zambia

A 7 year old girl with bowed legs.

"We came here early last year and she had an operation on the right leg. She has gotten so much better since then, she is no longer discriminated against…

Photo of Abi Abi from Ethiopia

A 11 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Abi's right leg has been deformed since birth. Although his condition does not stop this very bright 6 year old from playing soccer with his friends. Abi…

Photo of Sintayehu Sintayehu from Ethiopia

A 7 year old girl with a bone condition.

"When I grow up I want to be a driver," says Sintayehu.

Sintayehu is in the first grade. She comes from a town north of the capital and is stayin…

Photo of Tadelech Tadelech from Ethiopia

A 16 year old girl with a joint condition.

"I wish to finally start school for the first time when I'm healed," says Tadelech.

Tadelech has learned to use a wooden stick to walk because he…

Photo of Tigabu Tigabu from Ethiopia

A 14 year old boy with a bone condition.

“I want to go back to school and be a teacher someday,” proclaims Tigabu.

Tigabu and his father Fekade had to spend three nights and four days…

Photo of Haimanot Haimanot from Ethiopia

A 12 year old girl with a limb deformity.

When Haimanot started walking, her parents noticed that she would walk on her toes, so they took her to a hospital close to their village to seek answers…

Photo of Elleni Elleni from Ethiopia

A 10 year old girl with a bone condition.

Elleni is an energetic little 2nd grader who aspires to be an engineer once she finishes school. In the meantime, she loves running around and playing wi…

Photo of Mimi Mimi from Ethiopia

A 2 year old girl with burn contractures.

“I am so thankful that my baby is getting the help she needs,” said Tamenech, Mimi’s mother.

A couple of months back, Mimi was at home with …

Photo of Aduniyas Aduniyas from Ethiopia

A 7 year old boy with a limb deformity.

This little boy's parents took him all over Ethiopia trying to find a place that would help their son. His condition is hard to tell from a photo or even…

Photo of Gracerie Gracerie from Philippines

A 4 year old girl with bowed legs.

“When Gracerie grows up, I don’t want her to struggle through the circumstances of being bow-legged and having a disability.” -Gracerie’s Dad, Je…

Photo of Ryan Ryan from Kenya

A 5 year old boy with a bone condition.

One year old Ryan has been experiencing hip pain for a while now. It’s a miracle that his mother was somehow able to discern his pain and realize her s…

Photo of Ezra Ezra from Kenya

A 15 year old boy with clubfoot.

We first met Ezra when he was about six years old. At the time, his diagnosis was clubfoot and for that he needed surgery, a surgery known as proximal me…

Photo of Zerabiruk Zerabiruk from Ethiopia

A 15 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Zerabiruk is an energetic boy! When he is not at school he loves playing with his friends. His father makes clothes and his mother stays at home taking c…

Photo of Refif Refif from Ethiopia

A 7 year old girl with a limb deformity.

Refif’s mother says, her daughter fell from a bed when she was a couple of days old, and since then they have been waiting for her to start crawling or…

Photo of Soliana Soliana from Ethiopia

A 7 year old girl with bowed legs.

Soliana is such a beautiful little 3-year-old, and it was only after she started walking that her family realized her legs were bowing. Thankfully, becau…

Photo of Teresia Teresia from Kenya

A 16 year old girl with a spinal condition.

“When I look back, I can only testify that God is real and that He is the one who has brought us to CURE,” Lucy, Teresia’s mother told us.

Photo of Janbert Janbert from Philippines

A 15 year old boy with a bone condition.

“Janbert will go from 'disabled' to 'this is able!'” - Lito, Janbert’s brother-in-law.

Janbert is a quiet kid with a big smile. His family i…

Photo of Isaac Isaac from Kenya

A 12 year old boy with a bone condition.

Falls happen all the time. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are big. And sometimes, we don't get right back up on our feet as easily as we would …

Photo of Fanos Fanos from Ethiopia

A 12 year old girl with a limb deformity.

Fanos is not able to go to school because of a hip condition that she has had from birth. She is excited to go back, though, after her operation at CURE.…

Photo of Tariku Tariku from Ethiopia

A 11 year old boy with a bone condition.

"When I grow up, I want to be a doctor!" says Tariku.

Tariku and his father Alemu had to travel for an entire day by bus to get to our CURE hospi…

Photo of Gloria Gloria from Uganda

A less than 1 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

"When I saw this thing, (hydrocephalus) I didn’t know what exactly it was, I thought my child’s head is normal. However, when I went to visit my daug…

Photo of Decia Decia from Philippines

A 13 year old girl with knock knees.

“If I had advice for Decia about her surgery, I’ll tell her that it’ll be OK, and she can handle the pain.” - Decia’s brother Kevin.

If …

Photo of Kevin Kevin from Philippines

A 8 year old boy with bowed legs.

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor, but first I have to train!” - Kevin.

Kevin isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, not even medical …

Photo of Samuel Samuel from Ethiopia

A 9 year old boy with an amputation.

“I am in grade 3, and I want to become a doctor, like the one who just examined me!” Samuel told us, excitedly.

Samuel is a really smart boy, …

Photo of Nedi Nedi from Ethiopia

A 9 year old girl with clubfoot.

Nedi does not go to school because it is too far to walk for her in her condition. Her feet is a clubfoot which causes her a lot of problems. One of thos…

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