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Photo of Sylvia Sylvia from Kenya

A 5 year old girl with cleft palate.

Sylvia is about two years old, and this is the only face she would give me! She is about the age at which children are typically learning how to talk. Unfort…

Photo of Blessing Blessing from Kenya

A 4 year old girl with cleft palate.

At 8 months old, Blessing is obviously oblivious of her condition. As her mother, Alicia, made the 31/2 hour journey to the CURE clinic at Kisumu her only…

Photo of Oscar Oscar from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with cleft palate.

Oscar and I meshed immediately. From the moment I first held him, we instantly became best friends. So much that when I tried to return him to his mother he …

Photo of Dorcus Dorcus from Kenya

A 14 year old girl with a limb deformity.

Catherine, Dorcus’ relative who brought her to the clinic, told us that after the incident with the malaria injection, Dorcus’ parents stopped trustin…

Photo of Emily Emily from Kenya

A 8 year old girl with a limb deformity.

Emily is so sweet and pleasant, and as we sat beside her listening, asking her mother Hannah questions or telling stories to the other children around her, i…

Photo of Emmanuel Emmanuel from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Emmanuel’s father used more than five fingers to count all of the hospitals that they had been through since they started dealing with the Emmanuel’s con…

Photo of Mwansa Mwansa from Zambia

A 22 year old girl with burn contractures.

While trying to start a bonfire with wood and kerosene, Mwansa’s face, neck and arm were caught in flame. She spent the next three months healing in a hosp…

Photo of Jesse Jesse from Kenya

A 6 year old boy with burn contractures.

Jesse got burned two years ago. The question that first came to mind as we interacted with them was why it had taken his family so long to get help for him. …

Photo of Gelane Gelane from Ethiopia

A 19 year old girl with clubfoot.

Gelane lives in a place called Sendafa, which is a couple of hours away from CURE Ethiopia. When she was a 7 year old some metal fell on her and hurt her foo…

Photo of Dayan Dayan from Dominican Republic

A 9 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Dayan born like a normal boy, but after 4 yeas he go to the otter house because him mother abandon him. In the new family Dayan doesn't get a lot of supervi…

Photo of Hope Hope from Zambia

A 1 year old girl with hydrocephalus.

Hope is the second child of the Kasokwe’s and they were filled with joy the moment she was born. This joy soon turned to worry as Hope’s head began to bu…

Photo of Eric Eric from Kenya

A 14 year old boy with a broken bone.

Back in August 2013, Eric broke his elbow while playing soccer, and although doctors at a local hospital tried to set the bone back in place, it's very clear…

Photo of Yair Yair from Dominican Republic

A 9 year old boy with clubfoot.

Yair, born with club foot, he has 4 surgeries because he has a severe club foot. he has a special family, his family accepted Jesus in cure and now they wai…

Photo of Bahati Bahati from Kenya

A 13 year old boy with cleft palate.

We got linked to Bahati through one of our mobile clinics. At twelve years old, she still has a palate condition because of financial issues. Her family, whi…

Photo of Naomi Naomi from Kenya

A 4 year old girl with cleft palate.

As Naomi let go of her mother, she began to express her discomfort. No one enjoys seeing a baby uncomfortable, but it often happens so that the child may rec…

Photo of Chishimba Chishimba from Zambia

A 4 year old girl with a limb deformity.

Since she was seven months old, Chishimba has been attending physiotherapy. Doctors at different hospitals recommended this treatment to her mother, Benzu, b…

Photo of Mwangala Mwangala from Zambia

A 2 year old girl with spina bifida.

Though Mwangala Mubu was born with a serious birth defect called spina bifida, she didn’t receive any treatment until she was a month old. She and her moth…

Photo of Bret Bret from Kenya

A 19 year old boy with clubfoot.

“ He was my first child,” Olivia told us. “I did not have any experience when I was giving birth to Bret so I wore myself out before it was time for me…

Photo of Jason Jason from Zambia

A 3 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Just under two years old, Jason Musonda can take a few steps and stand with support. He would be able to do more if not for the severe leg deformity that he …

Photo of Yosef Yosef from Ethiopia

A 3 year old boy with a limb deformity.

Yosef has been treated here at CURE for the past two years. He started casting when he was 4 months old, but stopped it for nine months because he lived with…

Photo of McDonald McDonald from Malawi

A 2 year old boy with a limb deformity.

If you look at McDonald’s leg, it appears as if it was tethered in the wound. The constriction is a perfect crease that stretches across the femur and tibi…

Photo of Susanna Susanna from Zambia

A 3 year old girl with a tumor.

Susanna is a sweet toddler who has come to Beit CURE Hospital due to a cyst over her right eye. It’s a barely perceptible lump, but it was enough to concer…

Photo of James James from Kenya

A 3 year old boy with cleft palate.

Felista, James’s mother, was born with a cleft lip and palate just like her son. Having been born in a time when people were not keen on hospitals, she liv…

Photo of Rodina Rodina from Zambia

A 2 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

Astridah is a 16-year-old wife and mother caring for two children on a farm in Zambia. As soon as her son Rodia’s unusual head enlargement was accompanied …

Photo of Kisu Kisu from Zambia

A 2 year old boy with hydrocephalus.

When Kisu was born with a birth defect called spina bifida, his mother Ruth was not surprised, or hopeless. Kisu’s brother also had spina bifida and had be…

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