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Photo of Quency Quency from Philippines

A 12 year old girl with cleft lip.

"I pray that Quency’s cleft lip will finally get fixed.”- Quency’s dad, Pedrito.

Quency is currently in 5th grade and the oldest child of thr…

Photo of Justin Justin from Philippines

A 3 year old boy with cleft lip.

“We’ve been waiting for so long to get Justin’s surgery and we are so happy to know that the waiting is finally over.” Justin’s mom, Jonalyn.

Photo of Shantel Shantel from Kenya

A 3 year old girl with cleft lip.

“What I have gone through because of this child’s condition….” She begun to say but could not get herself to finish her statement. Unfortunately,…

Photo of Wilson Wilson from Kenya

A 3 year old boy with cleft lip.

We annoyed Wilson, probably because not only were we changing his schedule around, but because he could not feed just when he wanted. He was born with bot…

Photo of Aizah Aizah from Philippines

A 2 year old girl with cleft lip.

“I’m so grateful for CURE, because we can get treatment for Aizah. I’m thankful for a hospital that will help people who can’t afford surgery.” …

Photo of Zian Zian from Philippines

A 2 year old boy with cleft lip.

“My hope for Zian is to have surgery for his cleft lip and palate so he can grow up and finish school.” -Zian’s dad Richard.

Zian is such a s…

Photo of Nathaniel Nathaniel from Philippines

A 7 year old boy with cleft lip.

“When I grow up I want to be a fireman because I want to save people’s lives.”- Nathaniel

Nathaniel has big aspirations in life, one of which…

Photo of Ayem Ayem from Philippines

A 2 year old boy with cleft lip.

“When he was born, I cried. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but I was hopeful for a solution.” - Ayem’s mom Rosemarie.

When we first met Ay…

Photo of Mohammed Mohammed from Ethiopia

A 3 year old boy with cleft lip.

Mohammed came to CURE with his mother seeking help for his cleft lip, this is not his first time coming to our hospital. A couple of years back he had a c…

Photo of Angel Angel from Philippines

A 6 year old girl with cleft lip.

“Hi! My name is Angel Grace Sicao. What’s yours?” - Angel

Angel definitely embodies her name pretty well. She is very approachable, talkative…

Photo of Denver Denver from Philippines

A 13 year old boy with cleft lip.

“Denver and I are excited to have this surgery so no one can use his disability against him whenever he falls short.” - Arlene, Denver’s mom.

Photo of Salé Salé from Niger

A 10 year old boy with cleft lip.

“You are different.” Sani has heard these words so many times. He was born with cleft lip, and it’s been really hard for him. He doesn’t have many…

Photo of Faiza Faiza from Niger

A 13 year old girl with cleft lip.

"It's probably God's will," says Faiza's grandmother, Salami, to explain her cleft lip. Here at CURE Hospital we know that getting healed is also a part o…

Photo of Aichatou Aichatou from Niger

A 3 year old girl with cleft lip.

Aichatou is a little cutie! She came with her mother from Bouza, a town north of Niamey. When we began to talk to her she was shy and was very busy eating…

Photo of Sabikou Sabikou from Niger

A 16 year old boy with cleft lip.

“When I passed through the entry gate, I feel relieved,” said Sabikou’s father, Sambou. Sabikou is coming from the Dendi tribe, who mostly live in B…

Photo of Sharifa Sharifa from Niger

A 12 year old girl with cleft lip.

"Well I've never known someone who hasn't insulted me because of my lip." Comments like that don't leave you very quickly, and that was Sharifa's response…

Photo of Oneal Oneal from Kenya

A 2 year old boy with cleft lip.

Before going for surgery, patients are expected not to eat for at least eight hours. This waiting period is bearable for adults, but for children, especia…

Photo of Adrian Adrian from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with cleft lip.

Six month old Adrian has both a cleft lip and palate. Fortunately, we can fix them both, but two separate surgeries at separate times will need to be done…

Photo of Alex Alex from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with cleft lip.

Alex is five months old, but apparently, five months hasn’t been long enough for his mother Sarah to come to terms with his condition. When I went to ta…

Photo of Dominic Dominic from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with cleft lip.

When Dominic’s mother first saw him after delivery, she immediately flashed back to her past. She had known a lady who had a son with a cleft lip. So i…

Photo of Eric Eric from Kenya

A 4 year old boy with cleft lip.

Eric’s uncle was born with a cleft lip and palate, and it wasn’t until he was 25 that his path finally crossed with Smile Train and CURE in Kijabe. So…

Photo of Mohammed Mohammed from Kenya

A 6 year old boy with cleft lip.

It’s always interesting to see the similarities between our kids and their parents, and Mohammed and his mother Sahdia are definitely no exception. They…

Photo of Peris Peris from Kenya

A 4 year old girl with cleft lip.

What a surprise it was to walk up on nearly one year old Peris, quiet, observant, and tiny arms outstretched. Her mother, Lilian, expressed to us how worr…

Photo of Ruth Ruth from Malawi

A 4 year old girl with cleft lip.

In the western world, there are examples all around us of people suffering from the same ailment. In the remote parts of Malawi, villagers haven't experi…

Photo of Meriem Meriem from Ethiopia

A 4 year old girl with cleft lip.

After coming into the world, Meriem was immediately taken to a local hospital to assess what could be done for her bilateral cleft lip. But after doctors …

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