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Photo of Xavier Xavier from Kenya

A 1 year old boy with clubfoot.

Xavier was with us a couple of months back. At the time, the doctors decided not to take him through surgery and instead decided to put him on serial casting…

Photo of Tayamika Tayamika from Malawi

A 6 year old girl with clubfoot.

“Me and my husband are nurses by profession and we usually see clubfoot everyday in the hospital, but it was difficult for us to accept it when I had gi…

Photo of Zubeir Zubeir from Kenya

A 8 year old boy with clubfoot.

“I always pray for good feet, because with good feet I can walk to see my friends, with good feet I can play with them,” Zubeir told us, smiling. He a…

Photo of Orkert Orkert from Philippines

A 9 year old boy with clubfoot.

“I had a hard time looking at Orkert when he was first born. I couldn’t look at him when I fed him, but now he is the one who comforts me when I’m sad …

Photo of Franzen Franzen from Philippines

A 11 year old boy with clubfoot.

“Sometimes I get envious of my friends who can walk. I pray that someday I will too.” - Franzen.

Besides wishing he could walk, Franzen wishes he cou…

Photo of Frenz Frenz from Philippines

A 4 year old boy with clubfoot.

“My biggest prayer right now is that the surgery will go well.” - Frenz’s dad Andy.

Frenz goes by the nickname Marshall. Why? We don’t know eithe…

Photo of Juliet Juliet from Zambia

A 10 year old girl with clubfoot.

“We are eager to get our children the help they need” says Catherine who has travelled a long way with some other mothers to get help for their childr…

Photo of Mainess Mainess from Zambia

A 4 year old girl with clubfoot.

"We are hoping for the best" says Ackim, Mainess's uncle.

Mainess is a very shy girl but still likes being around people. She doesn’t like it when peop…

Photo of Erica Erica from Philippines

A 12 year old girl with clubfoot.

“I pray for healing, and that no kids are teased.” - Erica.

This girl is remarkable. At her young age, she carries herself with a confidence far beyo…

Photo of Ericka Ericka from Philippines

A 10 year old girl with clubfoot.

“We’re excited about the surgery, but are also stressed about the finances.” - Ericka’s dad, Erick.

Ericka’s shy, yet warm, smile, instantly …

Photo of Christy Christy from Philippines

A 7 year old girl with clubfoot.

Christy came to CURE from Palawan, an island on the far western edge of the Philippines, it was quite a trek to get here! She arrived late last night, an…

Photo of Grace Grace from Malawi

A 14 year old girl with clubfoot.

“I really want God to heal my daughter so that she can be normal like any other child is, there are so many things that I can't do as a mother because I ha…

Photo of Maynard Maynard from Philippines

A 15 year old boy with clubfoot.

“We’re nervous about the surgery, but it’s for his own good, and it’s in God’s hands.” - Maynard’s sister Liza.

Maynard lives just up the…

Photo of Joshua Joshua from Kenya

A 11 year old boy with clubfoot.

Joshua is a quieter kid. He is not shy in the sense that some kids are when they interact with new people, but he is just...quiet.

A futbol fan and admir…

Photo of Charish Charish from Philippines

A 5 year old girl with clubfoot.

“I thought she'd never walk, so I am so thankful to Jesus because Charish started to walk when she was 4-years-old." - While there have been small victo…

Photo of Friday Friday from Zambia

A 13 year old boy with clubfoot.

Friday! What a name! Friday was named after his father who brought him to us here at CURE Zambia. Friday was born with club feet and has learned to walk on t…

Photo of Esnart Esnart from Malawi

A 4 year old girl with clubfoot.

“The prayer that I always pray is that 'God please heal my daughter' and one day if I could find the opportunity to sit and chat with God, the first thi…

Photo of Moses Moses from Malawi

A 5 year old boy with clubfoot.

“When the doctors called me to go and see the feet of my grandson, my heart was so full of fear and I didn’t know what to do. I started asking myself …

Photo of Lazaro Lazaro from Malawi

A 11 year old boy with clubfoot.

Lazaro was born with clubfoot and received early treatments at a Lilongwe clubfoot clinic. They casted his legs and performed an Achilles tendon release on e…

Photo of Nancy Nancy from Kenya

A 21 year old girl with clubfoot.

Our journey with Nancy has been a long one. We have followed her life for the past one and a half years. A couple of things have changed in her life, the mos…

Photo of Abdoulaye Abdoulaye from Niger

A 10 year old boy with clubfoot.

We met Abdoulaye some weeks ago and he has been staying at the “Case de Passage” for three months now. He has had a series of casts before he can have…

Photo of Malcolm Malcolm from Philippines

A 11 year old boy with clubfoot.

“We are always praying to God. Before, during and after surgery. We will pray and give thanks for a successful surgery.” - Malcolm’s Uncle Ricky.

Photo of Brian Brian from Zambia

A 1 year old boy with clubfoot.

"I had six children successfully. I did not understand how the seventh one turned out different,” said Marjory, Brian's mom.

At just 17 months of ag…

Photo of Samuel Samuel from Malawi

A 9 year old boy with clubfoot.

“It was so painful and it was not easy to see my son deformed, but I thank God for the courage, because I did not lose hope but I always prayed and am s…

Photo of Gelane Gelane from Ethiopia

A 19 year old girl with clubfoot.

Gelane lives in a place called Sendafa, which is a couple of hours away from CURE Ethiopia. When she was a 7 year old some metal fell on her and hurt her foo…

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