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Photo of Miracle and Hope Miracle and Hope from Malawi

A 5 year old boy with bowed legs.

“Miracle and his twin brother Hope are very interesting and clever boys, who are orphans who lost their mother when they were only eleven months,” Ene…

Photo of Miracle Miracle from Malawi

A 4 year old boy with bowed legs.

“My legs were all fine, but later towards the end of last year, my legs started bending. I wish I had better legs again,” Miracle explained to us.


Photo of Shy Shy Shy Shy from Philippines

A 4 year old girl with bowed legs.

“This is the greatest gift and opportunity for Shy Shy. She is very fortunate that her legs will be fixed.” - Shy Shy’s mom Levi.

At just four years…

Photo of Abdurezak Abdurezak from Ethiopia

A 12 year old boy with bowed legs.

Abdurezak came to CURE with his father from a place called Dalocha which took them 8 hours by bus. He came because his legs are bowed. When Abdurezak bega…

Photo of Ashley Ashley from Philippines

A 8 year old girl with bowed legs.

“When Ashley is bullied, I tell her not to get mad because with God’s grace, she’ll get surgery.” - Ashley’s mom Beth.

After nearly five years o…

Photo of Estery Estery from Malawi

A 11 year old girl with bowed legs.

“I always ask God to have mercy on my daughter, and heal her, so that she can walk properly and be able to support herself, and to depend on herself, b…

Photo of Media Media from Ethiopia

A 14 year old girl with bowed legs.

Media is staying in the Alemachen House here in Addis Ababa. The Alemachen House is a place where children go to get care when their parents or families cann…

Photo of Aboubacar Aboubacar from Niger

A 6 year old boy with bowed legs.

When Aboubacar started to walk, his parents noticed that his legs were a little bit bowed. It was not so obvious but still wasn’t fully normal. They jus…

Photo of Adidya Adidya from Malawi

A 4 year old girl with bowed legs.

“My daughter was born with a deformity which I noticed after a couple of months later [after] her birthday,” Fatima, Adidya’s mother told us.


Photo of Bennadety Bennadety from Zambia

A 12 year old girl with bowed legs.

"I do not like playing sports," Bennadety tells us. We did find out that what she does like is Math! Bennadety and her father Custom come from one of the fur…

Photo of Sepo Sepo from Zambia

A 10 year old girl with bowed legs.

"I am deeply saddened," says Royda as she tells the story of her family and their disabilities. Royda is the mother of our new sweet 9 year old friend Sepo, …

Photo of Aster, Chaina & Bekelech Aster, Chaina & Bekelech from Ethiopia

A 5 year old girl with bowed legs.

“When I grow up I want to be a teacher,” says Chaina, the trio's unofficial spokesperson.

Chaina (6) is the middle child of these three siblings…

Photo of Estery Estery from Malawi

A 13 year old girl with bowed legs.

"I really want to see Estery to be able to walk alone and free without any problem," said her mother, Letise. "Estery has been in pain when walking, so she's…

Photo of Aicha Nana Aicha Nana from Niger

A 11 year old girl with bowed legs.

“We feel relieved” said Mariama, Aicha’s mother when we talked to her about being at CURE.

When Aicha began to walk, her parents noticed that so…

Photo of Matilda Matilda from Zambia

A 16 year old girl with bowed legs.

As Matilda Banda grew up, her left leg started to bend and deform. The change was painless, but the deformity seemed to become worse every day. Her parents b…

Photo of Innocent Innocent from Zambia

A 18 year old boy with bowed legs.

As Innocent Musamba grew up, it wasn’t apparent that his left leg was bowed. It didn’t affect his ability to walk too much, or prevent him from living th…

Photo of Domingo Domingo from Dominican Republic

A 7 year old boy with bowed legs.

When Domingo walked into our clinic a few weeks ago, the doctors told me there was something special about him. They could not have gotten it more correc…

Photo of Yelesani Yelesani from Zambia

A 15 year old boy with bowed legs.

“I do martial arts, even with my bowed leg.” - Yelesani, our resident ninja, has been making the most of life despite his condition.

Currently in …

Photo of Caroline Caroline from Kenya

A 16 year old girl with bowed legs.

Bowed legs are so odd to me, mainly because there’s not a specific incident that causes them. Most kids I’ve met with the condition just spontaneously…

Photo of Lackson Lackson from Zambia

A 3 year old boy with bowed legs.

Lackson is an energetic young man who is only slowed down by the fact that he has a bowed leg. At birth, everything seemed in order for both him and his twin…

Photo of Gifti Gifti from Ethiopia

A 4 year old girl with bowed legs.

"When my husband and I learned about CURE, we were overwhelmed that someone cares enough to give free care to our daughter." - Gifti's mother Kumisha said wi…

Photo of Patience Patience from Zambia

A 5 year old boy with bowed legs.

Patience is a shy little guy with some bowed out legs, but he hates it if you draw attention to them. Patience has learned that his legs are what makes him d…

Photo of Joyce Joyce from Zambia

A 6 year old girl with bowed legs.

“I had to help her understand," Nelly, Joyce's great grandmother, told us, as she explained her efforts to motivate Joyce's mother Alaida to find real t…

Photo of Ryan Ryan from Zambia

A 4 year old boy with bowed legs.

"My twins both have bowed legs," Gloria, Ryan's mother told us.

Ryan is a cute and very energetic twin boy that has bowed legs. He also adores his twin br…

Photo of Helina Helina from Ethiopia

A 8 year old girl with bowed legs.

Helina is a little ball of sunshine. She's 7 years old, is very smart and has the cutest giggle ever. Her family heard about CURE through word of mouth an…

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