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  • Age13
  • Conditiona limb deformity
  • Next Appointment 02/04/2021

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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Carl. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Carl. When you give a gift through Carl's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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When you partner with us monthly, we'll send you an email each month to introduce you to a different child who was helped because of your generosity. You can choose to follow their updates and send them get well messages. That means that each year, you're a part of helping 12 different children, beginning with Carl. We call it being a CURE Hero!

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Carl's Story

“I want to become an engineer someday so I could build a house for my parents and sisters!” shares Carl.

Carl is thirteen years young with big dreams and hopes for his life! He is currently in seventh grade and studies hard to make his d… Read more

“I want to become an engineer someday so I could build a house for my parents and sisters!” shares Carl.

Carl is thirteen years young with big dreams and hopes for his life! He is currently in seventh grade and studies hard to make his dream of becoming an engineer a reality. Due to the pandemic, face-to-face classes have been postponed and he spends most of his time at home studying. Not only that, he also gets to play his role of being the responsible Kuya (big brother) at home. “He helps with chores and takes care of his sisters,” Julie, Carl’s mother proudly tells us.

Aside from being the only boy among his siblings, what sets Carl apart from his sisters is his physical condition. He has a leg length discrepancy which means his right leg is longer than the left one. “He’s had it since he was born but we only began to notice this when he was about four months old. We didn’t really think it was a big concern and left it thinking that the length of his shorter leg will just eventually catch up with the other one as he grows older,” Julie explains. However, this was not the case as Carl’s condition worsened over time. “I would walk tiptoe on my left leg just to compensate the length discrepancy, making it difficult for me to play basketball with friends. I would also get called “pilay” (crippled) by other kids,” Carl shared his challenges growing up with the condition.

“This prompted us to seek medical help and we got worried that he might be bound in crutches if his leg won’t be treated right away. Thankfully, one of our neighbors who underwent surgery at Tebow CURE told us about its orthopedic services,” Julie recounts. “I am so happy to be finally here so I can now walk properly!” Carl shares excitedly.

Join Carl as he walks towards his destiny of healing and transformation!

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Latest Updates

Nov 13, 2020

Carl is back for a follow-up and the medical team were pleased to inform him that he’s healing well. He is now encouraged to stand back up on his feet and go back to his normal activities. Although it will take some years to see remarkable results from his surgery and allow his left leg to catch up with the length of the other one. We pray that Carl will be patient through the whole process! We will see and hear from Carl again next year in February! Photo of Carl

Oct 28, 2020

Carl has received two pieces of good news today! 1.) He is now cleared by the medical team to go home today, and 2.) He learned that people like you are praying for him! Before saying goodbye, Nurse Jeca read him your get well to which he responded with a big “thank you” and a big smile! Your prayers and words of encouragement do a whole lot in our patients’ recovery and healing! Thank you! We will see him again next month. Photo of Carl

Oct 27, 2020

Carl was visited by Child Mentor Patricia this morning right before he was wheeled down to the operating room. He learned about the story of the paralytic man healed by Jesus in Mark 2. “Jesus has the power not just to heal but forgive sins,” Patricia told him. This truth opened Carl’s heart and mind to accept the physical and spiritual healing that Christ offers. Not long after, his surgery began and the medical team worked on altering the bone growth of Carl’s right leg by stopping the growth plate in his knee. This will slow down the growth rate of his longer leg and allow the shorter leg to catch up. We celebrate with Carl for this milestone in his journey towards physical and spiritual healing. Thank you for praying! Photo of Carl

Oct 26, 2020

Help us welcome Carl! He had his initial assessment last week and, thankfully, he was scheduled for surgery this week! As our way of welcoming him and other patients, he was given a CURE bag filled with goodies donated by our donors and partners. “This is his first hospitalization since he was born,” his mother Julie shared. Help us make his first ever hospital experience memorable and meaningful by praying for him as he goes down the OR tomorrow! Thank you! Photo of Carl

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