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  • Age4
  • Conditioncleft palate
  • Next Appointment 11/17/2020

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Xian's Story

“I have big dreams for my son. I hope that he will have a good education so that he will not become like us (his parents) who didn’t finish school,” Jalibe shares about her son Xian.

Xian is a four year old boy with a pleasant smile an… Read more

“I have big dreams for my son. I hope that he will have a good education so that he will not become like us (his parents) who didn’t finish school,” Jalibe shares about her son Xian.

Xian is a four year old boy with a pleasant smile and a much more pleasing personality! He is the only child and the source of joy to his parents, Jalibe and Jomari. As a four year old, playing tag with neighbors and accompanying Grandpa Joel to the farm field are some of the things that keep him preoccupied.

Xian has a cleft palate (a problematic opening on the roof of his mouth) that went undetected until his parents noticed when he was already one month old. He was brought to a local hospital with the hope of receiving surgery, but Jalibe and Jomari didn't earn enough to cover even reduced surgical fees. “Growing up, Xian has experienced difficulty while eating since the food gets stuck in his nose because of his open palate. He would sometimes come up to me and ask why he has no bell (uvula) as though he can sense that something is different about him,” Jalibe tells us. This is why she was deeply relieved and overjoyed to learn about Tebow CURE Hospital when they came across a post promoting our services on social media. “There are people discouraging me from getting Xian surgery saying ‘this is what God has given you.’ But what kind of parent wouldn’t want to give their child to have a good and normal life?” Jalibe tells us, revealing her heart and hopes as a mother.

Xian is indeed blessed to be surrounded with a loving and supportive community and, little does he know, his circle is about to get even bigger as you join him on his journey towards healing and transformation!

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Latest Updates

Aug 19, 2020

We were reunited with Xian this afternoon as he visited for a quick follow-up. Jalibe was pleased to hear the news that his palate is healing well. Doctor Andrew advised to wait until Xian’s palate has completely healed before he moves forward to to the next step of his treatment which is undergoing speech therapy sessions! We celebrate with them for this milestone and we cannot wait to see them again in three months! Photo of Xian

Aug 05, 2020

And just like that, Xian’s time with us at the hospital has ended. He is doing great overall and was given the green light to go home. Nurse Clem removed his IV and made sure to give Jailbe some medication Xian needs as he continues to recover at home. Not long after, we said goodbye to him! We’ll see him again in two weeks when he comes back for his checkup! Photo of Xian

Aug 04, 2020

Xian was the last one to go down the OR today. He busied himself watching cartoons to distract him from his hunger since patients aren't allowed to eat before surgery. Finally, his patience paid off and he was wheeled down the OR where Doctor Andrew and the team worked on closing together the split muscle on his palate and uvula. This procedure will hopefully help Xian make certain sounds he couldn’t properly pronounce due to his cleft palate. The procedure didn’t take long and Jalibe was relieved to see her son in the recovery room! She thanks God and everyone who prayed for her son’s successful surgery! Photo of Xian

Aug 03, 2020

Help us welcome our new friend, Xian! He woke up very early this morning to travel a couple hours from his hometown for his admission! After undergoing rapid COVID testing as part of our measures to ensure that our patients are safe and healthy, he dozed off on Jalibe’s lap while waiting. Thankfully, he woke up with the good news that his results turned out negative and he is finally admitted to the ward where we got to chat with him and watch cartoons with him! Please pray that Jalibe and Xian will experience peace as Xian goes down the OR and that we will get to be Jesus’ hands and feet as we serve them this week! Photo of Xian

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