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Ian's Story

“I am happy that Ian can finally have surgery so he won’t have to grow up suffering from deformity,” Menchie, Ian's mom, tells us.

Ian is the youngest of Menchie’s and Darsie’s three children. He has a sister named Victoria and a b… Read more

“I am happy that Ian can finally have surgery so he won’t have to grow up suffering from deformity,” Menchie, Ian's mom, tells us.

Ian is the youngest of Menchie’s and Darsie’s three children. He has a sister named Victoria and a brother named Prince who both love him! He is not in school yet so he spends his time playing Minecraft and basketball. Sometimes he likes to go out and play with sand and in the rain with his friends and siblings. Being the playful kid he is, Ian hurt his arm while playing one morning. “He climbed up the mango tree without our knowledge. He was up there sitting in one of the branches when his sister and his cousin swayed the branch, causing him to lose his balance. He fell from about three feet to the ground,” Menchie recounts the incident.

Afraid to go to a hospital because of the local transmission of COVID-19 in the city, the family brought Ian to a traditional healer instead. They hoped it would relieve his pain. But they soon started to notice that his arm’s range of motion had been limited which prompted them to seek medical help. “The x-ray result showed that he had fractured his arm and he needed surgery,” Menchie explains.

This worried Menchie and Darsie since the couple’s salaries as a service crew and a tricycle driver are only enough to cover the family’s basic needs. Thankfully, they found their way to Tebow CURE when one of their neighbors referred them here! Ian cannot wait to finally have the treatment he needs for him to get back to enjoying life to the fullest as you support him in his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Nov 19, 2020

We almost didn’t recognize Ian with his new haircut! He proudly showed us that he’s now able to move and flex his elbow in physical therapy. “He’s already super active!” Mommy Menchie told us. This is a good sign that Ian is on his way to recovery. He will be back again in the following weeks to spend more time playing and doing exercises with our therapists! Photo of Ian

Oct 09, 2020

Ian was back at the hospital today and paid a visit to the physical therapy area. Physical Therapist Chin taught Darsie some exercises which he could do with Ian at home. This is to ensure that Ian is able to regain his strength and mobility in his arm. He is also encouraged to feed himself and grab certain things like a drinking cup and a toy with his operated arm just so he could get back to using it more often. We will be seeing Ian again in the following weeks as he spends more time in therapy! Photo of Ian

Sep 11, 2020

We're assuming Ian's been back to playing and using his arm due to how dirty his cast was. We were so proud of him for being so brave. He didn’t even look away when Doctor Rayray removed two long pins from his elbow. He no longer needs to wear his arm sling which is a relief for him now that he can move around freely without it! We cannot wait to see his progress as he checks in with us next month! Photo of Ian

Aug 13, 2020

Menchie initially didn’t want to go to any hospital for the fear of COVID-19 transmission. However, she found herself relieved and at ease as she recounted her stay with us to her friends and family over the phone. “They really make sure that the patients are safe. There’s social distancing and the doctors are so quick to perform the procedures. Now we can finally go home!” she told them, grateful and satisfied with their experience. Ian is now up and about as if he didn't just have surgery! He was given the go signal to head home where he can continue recovering. We will see him again in four weeks for his follow up appointment! Photo of Ian

Aug 12, 2020

Ian was as ready as he could be when he went down the OR first thing this morning. Patient Ministry Coordinator Mary Ann prayed for him right before he was given some medicine to make him fall asleep. Not long after Ian dozed off, the medical team began the procedure. Since a portion of Ian’s humerus (the long bone located between the elbow and the shoulder) was broken, the team worked on putting the pieces back together and secured them using some pins. Afterwards, they finished up by putting Ian’s arm in a splint to ensure that his bone grows back in its proper alignment. Menchie is relieved to finally see her son in the recovery room and she thanks God and everyone who made Ian’s surgery possible! Photo of Ian

Aug 11, 2020

Help us welcome Ian! He arrived early this morning for his admission which involved undergoing triage and taking the rapid virus test with Menchie as part of our measures to ensure our patients’ safety during this pandemic. Thank God, they tested negative and they are now in the ward where Ian spent time drawing and coloring the workbook given by Child Mentor Patricia. Please pray that Ian and Menchie will experience Christ’s love and healing power as we serve them this week! Photo of Ian

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