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Denri's Story

“I am so grateful that God used people to lead us here at Tebow CURE for my son’s healing,” Riovel, Denri’s mother, shares.

Denri is a bubbly ten year old boy who loves to play! In fact, it was for this reason that he is here in the … Read more

“I am so grateful that God used people to lead us here at Tebow CURE for my son’s healing,” Riovel, Denri’s mother, shares.

Denri is a bubbly ten year old boy who loves to play! In fact, it was for this reason that he is here in the hospital. He lost his balance and tripped while playing hopscotch a few years ago. “I immediately brought him to a public hospital where we learned there’s a non-cancerous cyst in his right leg. We stayed at the hospital for a couple of weeks but because there were too many patients, the doctors and nurses were not able to attend to Denri. Later on, they just told us that his cyst disappeared and we could go home,” Riovel recounts their strange initial hospital experience.

Things were going well for Denri when he had another accident while playing last year. This time, he needed to use crutches to help him walk. “I am not able to walk properly anymore. I cannot join my friends when they play and I cannot learn karate,” Denri tells us with sadness in his voice. The public hospital informed them that his cyst supposedly reappeared but they could not do anything about it.

Riovel desperately looked and asked for help and thankfully, one of her friends told her about us here at Tebow CURE. “Not everyone knows about this hospital yet and I am grateful to be one of those who have received the information about your services,” Riovel tells us. Through your support and partnership, we get to spread the good news of hope and healing to kids like Denri and help them fulfill their God-given dreams! Join Denri as he embarks on his journey towards healing with us!

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Latest Updates

Aug 27, 2020

Denri was back for his follow-up appointment and heard the good news that his biopsy result showed that the mass was benign! On top of that, his x-ray also showed that his bone has been growing back in the part of his leg that had been hollowed out due to the mass. He then visited physical therapy where he read your get well messages while waiting to be attended and practiced putting some 20-30% of his weight on the his leg. Denri and Riovel are grateful to God and all of you who cheer them on and support them in Denri’s healing journey! We will check on Denri’s progress in four weeks! Photo of Denri

Aug 03, 2020

Denri is in high spirits and feeling good before getting discharged. He was such a champ for not letting the pain and discomfort from his surgery site get him down! We spent the morning hanging out with him where Child Mentor Patricia took the opportunity to tell him about the One who made his physical and spiritual healing possible. Denri then took the chance to praise and thank Jesus for the hope and healing He offers and expressed his faith through prayer! “When you have faith, God hears you,” was Riovel’s realization with a feeling of relief and gratitude for her son’s successful surgery. Afterwards, Doc Jun visited him and told him the good news that he can finally go home. Before doing so, Denri was taught by our physical therapists on how to go about walking with crutches while putting minimal weight on his operated leg while it heals. We will see him again in three weeks for a follow up and we will keep you posted about his biopsy result! Photo of Denri

Jul 30, 2020

Denri is recovering well in the ward. He still feels a little bit of pain on his leg, but he’s not completely bummed about it. We can tell that he’s still smiling behind his mask, which says that he’s thankful for his healing. He expressed his gratitude when Dr. Jun, his orthopedic surgeon, stopped by for rounds. Denri will spend one more night in the ward, so we can watch him recover closely. Hopefully, by tomorrow, he will continue to heal at the comforts of his home surrounded by his family. Thank you for praying for Denri! Photo of Denri

Jul 29, 2020

Today is finally the day that Riovel and Denri have long waited for. Surgery day! Doctor Jun and the medical team worked to remove the cyst from Denri’s femur (the bone in the upper part of your leg). After they succeeded, they inserted a surgical rod with some screws to strengthen the bone and hold everything in place. The rod will help stabilize Denri’s bones in the correct place and prevent them from healing abnormally. The cyst was then brought to a local laboratory for a biopsy. After staying for a long time in the OR, Denri is now back in the ward recuperating. Please continue to pray for a good report from the biopsy results and for peace to be upon Denri and his family as they patiently wait for it. Photo of Denri

Jul 28, 2020

“I am so happy and excited to finally be admitted!” Denri tells us. He first came to Tebow CURE at the start of the year for his initial assessment. He was scheduled to have surgery last March but it was postponed due to the lockdown issued by the government in response to the global pandemic. Indeed, good things come to those who wait and he is now back! Denri spent his whole morning going through the admission process which included undergoing triage and rapid testing. A little after lunchtime, he was finally admitted! Please be praying for Riovel and Denri that they will be prepared emotionally, mentally and spiritually for Denri’s surgery! Photo of Denri

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