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  • Age2
  • Conditioncleft lip
  • Next Appointment 02/15/2022

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The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Andrea. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

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Andrea's Story

“I thank God for bringing us here to Tebow CURE so that my daughter won't have to suffer anymore because of her condition,” Jenn, Andrea’s mom, shares with us.

Andrea is the only child of Jenn and Alejandro. “She is the exact look a… Read more

“I thank God for bringing us here to Tebow CURE so that my daughter won't have to suffer anymore because of her condition,” Jenn, Andrea’s mom, shares with us.

Andrea is the only child of Jenn and Alejandro. “She is the exact look alike of her daddy, thus she is named after him! The only thing she got from me was her gender!” Jenn jokingly tells us about her one year old baby whose favorite activities are “asking for whatever food we eat, making a mess out of our house, and taking selfies!” When asked what she likes about her daughter, Jenn proudly shares that, “Andrea continually amazes us and makes us proud of her milestones and development. As young as she is, we can already tell that she is brave and courageous!”

Andrea was born with a cleft lip and palate. “I found out about her condition during my birthday when I was 7 months pregnant with her. The doctor explained that her defect was genetic and I found out that my mom had relatives who had the same condition as hers. Sadness overcame me but I soon got over it and was thankful for this gift of life God had given me. When Andrea was born, I felt unexplainable joy and peace when I saw her for the first time,” Jenn remembers.

However, Andrea’s family experienced some hurdles brought about by her condition. “We went to multiple hospitals, but were turned away. She was underweight and feeding her was a challenge because of her condition. Her weight eventually improved but then our plans of seeking treatment was stopped because of the pandemic and my husband and I had to temporarily stop working because of the lockdown implemented by the government” Jenn recounts their struggles. “Thankfully, I came across Tebow CURE Hospital through social media and I messaged them. Now we are here and my daughter can finally have the surgery we have all been waiting and praying for!”

Despite all the challenges, Jenn is blessed to be Andrea’s mother and she is thankful for God and her family who never left her and supported her throughout the entire process. Little does she know, Andrea’s circle of support and family is about to get bigger as you guys join them in their healing journey! Thank you!

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Latest Updates

Dec 08, 2020

Andrea walked like a boss during her clinic visit today. Her smile was so bright as she greeted all the staff members she came across with! She gave Doctor Andrew a big smile and obediently said, “Ahhhh,” to show her palate. So far, her lip and palate look so good! We are happy to see her fully healed physically, but we’re sad that we won’t be able to see her sweet facee anytime soon. Her next appointment will be early 2022, a couple years from now, for speech therapy! We are thankful that we get to work with Andrea as she continues to grow. Photo of Andrea

Oct 27, 2020

Andrea has been MIA during the past clinics due to some colds but thankfully she is now in perfect health! She proudly opened her mouth and said “Ahhh”, showing Doctor Andrew her healed palate! So far, she’s been doing great with no complaints and will see us again in three months. Andrea’s recovery has been smooth sailing all thanks to your prayers! Photo of Andrea

Sep 18, 2020

Andrea is now cleared to go home today! Before saying goodbye, Storyteller Hope Kim read her your Get Well Messages. Although she is to young to understand, we can tell that she is pretty pleased with your words of prayer and encouragement! Keep praying for this sweet girl as she continues to recover at home! Photo of Andrea

Sep 17, 2020

We are so impressed with how quick Andrea has bounced back after surgery! She was up and about coloring in her workbook when we visited her this morning. On top of this good news, she will only stay with us for one more night before she gets to go home and be reunited with her family! Photo of Andrea

Sep 16, 2020

Andrea is back for another surgery! She had her swab testing done last Monday to make sure that she’s fit and healthy for surgery. Andrea shed some tears as the q-tip was stuck inside her nostril and throat but we thank God her result turned out negative! Right after she was admitted this morning, the medical team proceeded with closing Andrea’s palate. We celebrate with Andrea and her family for her successful surgery and for this new milestone in her healing journey! Photo of Andrea

Sep 10, 2020

We were so surprised to see how much Andrea has grown since the last time we saw her! Doctor Andrew checked on her progress and was impressed of how her lip has healed. He could barely notice the scar! He then scheduled Andrea to come back next week for her palate repair! Please be praying for Andrea and her family as they prepare for her second surgery. Photo of Andrea

Jun 17, 2020

Andrea and her bubbly self came to the clinic to get her stitches removed. We would say that her stitch removal was superb without any fuss. She was patient and still, with only a few tears at the end of it. Before she left, she blew kisses to all of the staff and several more “flying kisses” to Dr. Andrew, the doctor who did her surgery. Andrea will be back in three months to get her cleft palate repaired. Thank you for your prayers! Photo of Andrea

Jun 10, 2020

The day after surgery, Andrea snoozed the entire morning until she was ready to go home. Nurse Vannie cleaned up her wound before she left. Though she wasn’t happy about that, she bounced back pretty quickly to her usual bubbly self. Her bags were all packed and waved goodbye to us. But no worries! We’ll see Andrea again next week when she comes back to get her stitches out. Photo of Andrea

Jun 09, 2020

Andrea was the last one to go down the operating room. While waiting, she busied herself entertaining us with her giggles and showing off her cute little antics! When it was finally her turn, the surgical procedure was a breeze and the medical team was able to repair her lip in no time! She is now reunited with Jenn and recovering in the ward. Thank you for praying! Photo of Andrea

Jun 08, 2020

Andrea instantly won us over when we first met her during admission today! Thanks to our partner Seeds of Dignity who provided free transportation, Andrea and her mother Jenn arrived safely here at Tebow CURE. They underwent a rapid testing as part of our protocol to combat the spread of the COVID-19 and to ensure that Andrea is healthy and ready for surgery. We thank God that their results turned out negative and they are now finally hanging out in the ward. Please be praying for a successful surgery as they go down the operating room and await her healing! Photo of Andrea

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