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Sendro's Story

“I am happy to be here at Tebow CURE because I can finally have surgery so I can play and walk properly!” Sendro tells us.

Sendro is the third of Rolly and Emilyn's six children. He was born with distal arthrogryposis, a disorder restri… Read more

“I am happy to be here at Tebow CURE because I can finally have surgery so I can play and walk properly!” Sendro tells us.

Sendro is the third of Rolly and Emilyn's six children. He was born with distal arthrogryposis, a disorder restricting the movement in his hands and feet. Sandro told us that standing and walking long distances is difficult because he has pain in both feet and trips easily. He is also excluded from physical activities and sports in school. On the bright side, Sendro told us, “I do not experience bullying from my classmates and friends because of my condition. In fact, I am loved and cared for by them."

We learned from Rolly, Sendro's father, that one of his wife's relatives has the same condition as Sendro and that the doctors consider it hereditary.
When Sendro was two months old, the family sought medical treatment for him, and he had a series of castings. The doctor told them that the next step would be surgery to correct his feet.

Sendro’s family learned about Tebow CURE through a local government worker who referred them to one of the CURE mobile clinics. We are thankful that Sendro is with us now and look forward to his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Feb 26, 2020

Sendro was all smiles as he bade his casts goodbye in clinic! Doctor Rayray was impressed to see how Sendro's feet were straighter than they were before! Dr. Rayray said Sendro is ready to move on to the next step in his healing which is physical therapy! Sendro visited physical therapy where he spent some time learning some stretching exercises to help him get back on his feet again! We will see him again in a month to check on his progress! Photo of Sendro

Jan 14, 2020

Sendro is back for a follow-up! He had the pins removed from his feet today and his old casts were replaced with a fresh pair! “Did it hurt?” we asked him but like the brave boy that he is, he told us “nope” with a smile! He will be back again next month for another cast change and appointment with the doctor! Photo of Sendro

Dec 06, 2019

Thank God it's Friday! And, thank God that Sendro gets to home today. Before saying goodbye, Child Mentor Patricia made sure to give him a bible to bring home. "I seldom get to attend church because of my condition," he told us. Thankfully, he can continue knowing more about God through reading His word at home while recovering. Please continue to pray for his recovery and that he will experience more of God's love and power in this process! Photo of Sendro

Dec 05, 2019

We’ve got good news for you! Sendro is feeling much better today because of two things: 1) His feet do not hurt anymore and 2) He got to read your encouraging and uplifting messages! “Isn’t it amazing that you do not know these people personally but they know you and are praying for you!” Child Mentor Patricia told Sendro. He is grateful that he has found new friends and family in all of you that support him! Photo of Sendro

Dec 04, 2019

We were surprised to see Sendro’s room empty this morning. Apparently, he’s been in pain since last night due to the severity of his surgical procedure. The medical staff gave him a local anesthetic nerve block to help numb the pain. Once he was fully awake and conscious, Sendro had a chat with us about his operating room experiences for the past two days, “Once they start injecting, all I can see are animals. I saw a giraffe with a rotating head!” Sendro told us which made the whole room burst into laughter. Even though he is having a tough time, we are proud of Sendro’s positivity! Please continue to pray for him and send him get-well messages to encourage him in his recovery! Photo of Sendro

Dec 03, 2019

“Are you ready?” we asked Sendro as we accompanied him going down the operating room. He smiled and nodded his head while giving us a confident “YES!” The medical team along with Patient Ministry Coordinator Mary Ann and Rolly huddled around him and covered him in prayer before his surgery began. Doctor Jun corrected his clubfoot with a procedure called “triple arthrodesis,” in which the three main joints of the hindfoot are fused. This will help relieve pain, improve stability, and correct his clubbed feet. After hours of work, the medical team finished successfully, and Sendro left the operating room with casted feet! Thank you for praying! Photo of Sendro

Dec 02, 2019

We are happy to introduce to you CUREkid Sendro and Daddy Rolly! We met them during a mobile clinic visit last October. After a month of waiting, he was finally admitted today! To welcome him and make him feel comfortable, Child Mentor Patricia gave him a stash of goodies to munch on and a workbook to journal his thoughts and feelings about his surgery. Sendro is scheduled for surgery tomorrow. Please join us in praying for a successful operation! Photo of Sendro

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