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CURE in Philippines

The picture above is of CURE in Philippines. Everyone who serves with CURE in Philippines, from medical professionals to office staff, are dedicated to providing the highest quality medical and spiritual care to people who, without CURE, couldn't find it and couldn't afford it, just like Harold. To do that, we're inviting you to partner with us.

We need to raise approximately $1000 to treat children like Harold. When you give a gift through Harold's CUREkids profile, your contribution will help us continue our work in countries like Philippines. Have more questions? Ask us.

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When you partner with us monthly, we'll send you an email each month to introduce you to a different child who was helped because of your generosity. You can choose to follow their updates and send them get well messages. That means that each year, you're a part of helping 12 different children, beginning with Harold. We call it being a CURE Hero!

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Harold's Story

“I hope that my son gets to play basketball and wear shoes one day just like his brothers,” Aguinaldo shares his dreams for Harold.

Harold is a seven-year-old boy with a smile that can light up a room! He is the fourth of five children o… Read more

“I hope that my son gets to play basketball and wear shoes one day just like his brothers,” Aguinaldo shares his dreams for Harold.

Harold is a seven-year-old boy with a smile that can light up a room! He is the fourth of five children of Emma and Aguinaldo and the only one born with clubfoot. “When I first saw my child, I cried because I felt pity for him,” Aguinaldo tells us. Aguinaldo and Emma exhausted all means to correct Harold’s foot. “We were referred to a hospital that was hours away from our home to have my son undergo treatment. However, we do not have enough funds to pay for the travel there and the hospital bills. We just resorted to a cheaper alternative by using a carton and bandage as a splint instead. Every day we would massage his foot, but we did not see any improvement,” Aguinaldo recounts their experience.

“I do not want to go to school sometimes because kids would call me names because of my condition,” Harold shares his struggles and challenges.

When Emma and Aguinaldo learned that the Tebow CURE Hospital was conducting a mobile clinic near their home, they did not waste the opportunity and they met our medical team. “We were so happy when they told us that Harold would undergo surgery. My son won’t have to suffer anymore because he will finally be treated,” Emma tells us with thankfulness.

With your support, Aguinaldo’s dreams for his son and Harold’s dream to become a doctor will finally become a reality as he embarks on this healing journey! Please pray for Harold and the doctors at Tebow CURE.

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Latest Updates

Mar 02, 2020

Harold has finally moved forward in his healing journey and traded his cast in for his trusty pair of rubber shoes! Doctor Ulrike, our new team member at Tebow CURE, advised Harold to wear his shoes for 22 hours in order to keep his foot flat and prevent it from turning back in! We are pleased to see his progress and we will see him again next month! Photo of Harold

Jan 20, 2020

Out with the old and in with the new! Harold said hello to his new walking cast as he kicked off the new year! “The goal is that we get him back to using his operated foot again. The more worn out his cast gets from walking, the better.” Nurse Ken told Aguinaldo. Since his old cast was switched with a new one, it will take some time for him to adjust and get comfortable in it. He did a quick visit at physical therapy where he practiced walking again with the help of our PT intern! We will see him again in six weeks to check on his progress! Photo of Harold

Dec 18, 2019

Harold has had a difficult night due to the pain he experienced in his foot. Thankfully, he was given medication and a cold compress to alleviate the discomfort. Even though he barely slept, smiled when Doctor Jun told him the news that he could go home! Before saying goodbye, he listened to a story about the blind man named Bartimaeus who was healed by his faith. Harold is hopeful that he is on his way to healing through the faith that he has and the faith of everyone supporting him in his healing journey! We cannot wait to see his progress when he visits us again next year! Photo of Harold

Dec 11, 2019

Today is Harold’s surgery day! He went to the operating room where Doctor Jun did a tendon transfer to restore his foot’s function. Through the procedure, the tendon is transferred to the outer side of the foot for the muscle pull to be changed and the front of the foot is pulled straight. Afterward, his foot was put in a cast to keep it flat and in place. We thank God for his successful surgery, and we thank all of you for your prayers! Photo of Harold

Dec 10, 2019

We met Harold at one of our mobile clinics two months ago. Since then, Harold has been coming to Tebow CURE for weekly casting as a preparatory step before undergoing surgery. After 7 cast changes, he is finally admitted here and will be staying with us for a couple of days! Please remember to keep Harold and his family in your prayers as he takes a step closer to healing through surgery! Photo of Harold

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