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  • Age18
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Francois Marie's Story

“Francois is a very dependable daughter. I just wish that she will be able to finish her studies successfully and reach her dreams,” Mommy Emiefe tells us.

Meet Francois! Beautiful. Smart. Kikay (slang word for someone who loves make-up,… Read more

“Francois is a very dependable daughter. I just wish that she will be able to finish her studies successfully and reach her dreams,” Mommy Emiefe tells us.

Meet Francois! Beautiful. Smart. Kikay (slang word for someone who loves make-up, fashion, accessories and the likes). Francois is the second daughter of four children of Emefie, a homemaker, and Christopher, a security guard. She was born with a condition where two of the toes on her left foot are fused together (syndactyly) and she has an extra big toe on her right foot (polydactyly). “Christoper’s family has a history of deformity causing fused and/or extra toes. Francois’ father has extra toes, inherited by two of our daughters—Francois and Kharishma. Immediately after she was born, we sought for possible solutions and treatments but the doctor advised to wait a little bit later until Francois turns 15 or 16 to have her undergo surgery,” Mommy Emefie tells us.

Because of her condition, Francois has experienced bullying. “Others would make fun of how my feet looked while I was growing up and I would get awkward stares from people every now and then. It’s also difficult to wear flip flops that would fit me and my right foot tends to hurt whenever I wear closed shoes because the toes get crowded,” Francois tells us. Aside from this, her condition has also affected her self-esteem. “She would have wanted to join pageants and beauty contests in school but she couldn’t wear heels and she is too shy to show her toes,” Mommy Emefie shares about the challenges brought about by Francois’ condition.

However, Francois is not dragged down at all by these things! She continues to do well in school and dreams big! She is currently in 11th grade taking up Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track strand. “I want to become a teacher. If not, I would like to become a nurse!” she tells us about her passion and desire of helping people.

After a long time of waiting and praying, Francois finally has a chance to have her feet corrected when she learned about us here at Tebow CURE from one of her relatives! “I am a bit nervous, but excited for the surgery! I thank God for this opportunity and I just pray that the procedure would go well!” are her sentiments! We are excited to see Francois’ dream of healing unfold as you support her in her journey and partner with us!

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Latest Updates

Feb 20, 2020

We were so glad to have been reunited with Francois at Night to Shine, a prom event attended by some of our CUREkids and teens with special needs sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Francois’ stunning royal blue gown was definitely a head turner and she was able to have a great time at the dance floor now that she’s fully recovered from her surgery! “It was my first time to experience being fancy!” Francois shared. The event did not just make Francois feel like a queen but reminded her of her identity that she is indeed one because that is how her Heavenly Father sees her! Photo of Francois Marie

Dec 13, 2019

Good things come to those who wait indeed! For Francois, her healing has come as she waited patiently. Francois can now wear heels, join beauty pageants in school, and live life confidently because of the life-changing surgery she has received! This would have not been possible with your support! Francois left the building happy and grateful to everyone who supported her in her healing journey. Thank you! Photo of Francois Marie

Dec 06, 2019

Francois is making progress in recovery! Her wounds are continually improving, although not yet completely dry. To speed up healing, Nurse Ken wrapped Francois' feet in a dressing made from surgical silver. We will see her again next week to check on her incisions! Photo of Francois Marie

Dec 03, 2019

Francois is back for a follow-up, and we are happy to see that her wound has improved! Before having another dressing change, she dropped by the playroom and had a quick photo op with Mr. Big Bear! She was advised by Doctor Rayray to use toe separators to keep the wound between her toes dry. She will be back again in a few days to ensure that her wound site will finally dry up. Please continue to pray for her recovery! Photo of Francois Marie

Nov 28, 2019

Francois is back with little sister Karishma for a check-up! Francois' incisions bled a little, and so they came in earlier than expected. Thankfully, the bleeding was nothing serious. Francois' casts were finally removed but her feet still need to be covered in a bandage to keep her incision site dry and clean. She will be back next week to monitor her incision. Please pray that her wounds will dry up and heal fast! Photo of Francois Marie

Nov 11, 2019

With legs propped up, Francois is happy to be out of her bed this morning. Her feet were wrapped with casts and she will continue to heal at home. When she had a glimpse of her feet, she said, “they are all separate and I only have five toes!” She knew that was the case, but has not really seen them unwrapped until today. Hopefully, Francois gets to unwrap the casts before Christmas, too! Wouldn’t that be the best Christmas present ever? Photo of Francois Marie

Nov 08, 2019

“I remember seeing clouds and lights. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming!” Francois started to tell us what she remembered from yesterday’s surgery. Though she stayed in bed all morning, she’s very happy to know that her extra toe is gone. Emiefe joked that “maybe we can use her big toe as a necklace pendant!” And the people in the room, including Francois, burst out in laughter. That’s just to show that Francois can laugh at the pain because she knows that it is for the better! Francois will stay over the weekend and will hopefully be discharged early next week! Photo of Francois Marie

Nov 07, 2019

"This is finally happening!" Emiefe told us as we rolled Francois down to the OR for surgery this morning. The wait to have surgery was worthwhile and Francois' extra toe was removed. Each foot had fused toes that were also separated. We are happy to let you know that all of these procedures happened without any earthquake interruptions! Francois is now in recovery. Thank you for praying with us! Photo of Francois Marie

Nov 06, 2019

Francois may be the last one in the group to have surgery, but she holds her head up, patiently waiting for her turn. Her sister Karishma had her surgery last week together with her cousins—James and Justin. Due to the series of earthquakes on our island, Francois' surgery was postponed for tomorrow! Please pray for a successful surgery day without any quakes! Photo of Francois Marie

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