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  • Age3
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Jhon David's Story

“Just like any other parent that wishes what’s best for their child, I hope and pray for the best for John David,” Mom Roliza tells us.

John David is a sweet boy who loves to play and watch movies. “Batman! Spiderman!” are some of … Read more

“Just like any other parent that wishes what’s best for their child, I hope and pray for the best for John David,” Mom Roliza tells us.

John David is a sweet boy who loves to play and watch movies. “Batman! Spiderman!” are some of his favorite movies to watch! At a very young age, he already knows how to show his love and affection to Mom Roliza and that is one thing she likes about John David!

When John David was born, Roliza was filled with joy and sadness—joy that she finally got to see the baby she had been carrying for 9 months, and sadness since she was told immediately after delivery that her son had clubfeet. “I felt pity for my son that he has to live a difficult life with clubfeet. But I later realized there is more to be grateful to God (for) since John David is so handsome, and he doesn’t have neurological problems,” Roliza recounts her experience.

After having learned about John David’s condition, Roliza felt discouraged since she could not afford to go to a specialist but only relies on her mom, a fish vendor, for her and her kids’ day-to-day living. Just as Roliza was about to lose hope, John David was seen by Seeds of Dignity, a partner organization that refers patients to Tebow CURE Hospital. John David dreams of becoming a pilot someday but for now, we are looking forward to seeing God answer Mom Roliza and John David’s long-term prayer for help and healing!

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Latest Updates

2 days ago

Jhon David was trying to suck his operated finger last night! Good thing Nurse Aileen secured his bandage and gave him a pacifier instead to keep Jhon David from tinkering with his newly operated finger. He spent this morning hanging out in the playroom watching “Ice Age” and, not long after, we said goodbye to him! He will be staying at the lodging house provided by our partner organization, Seeds of Dignity and we will see him again in two weeks. Please pray for his healing and recovery so he could start with his clubfoot treatment! Photo of Jhon David

3 days ago

Today is finally the day Mom Roliza and John David have been waiting for! Although there were some tears while going down the OR, John David finally calmed down and dozed off! Doc Shelley decided to work on the amniotic band releases on John David’s finger on his left hand and left leg first before correcting his club feet. This was done by making an incision and removing the abnormal tissues that constrict John David’s limbs, allowing his fingers and legs to stop swelling and grow back to normal over time. Once Doc Shelley was done, she put John David’s leg in a splint to keep the bandage in place. After he has healed for a couple of weeks, John David will undergo series of casting to treat his club feet. Although the process is long, we are thankful that John David is one step closer to his healing! We thank all of you for praying! Photo of Jhon David

Aug 13, 2019

We were glad to see John David at Tebow CURE Hospital this morning! We saw him hanging out inside the closet as he was getting himself acquainted with his “new home” for the next couple of days. He also had a visitor this morning which he wasn’t so happy about. Che took some blood tests of John David to make sure he is ready for his surgery tomorrow. There was some crying, but John David was back to his happy self watching cartoons in no time! We ask that you cover him and Mom Roliza in prayer as they trust God for John David’s healing! Photo of Jhon David

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