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Nels's Story

“I am still in 1st grade but when I grow up, I want to become a soldier or a police officer,” says Nels.

“My hope for Nels is that he will be able to finish school. We have to cross a rice field to get him to school, so I actually take… Read more

“I am still in 1st grade but when I grow up, I want to become a soldier or a police officer,” says Nels.

“My hope for Nels is that he will be able to finish school. We have to cross a rice field to get him to school, so I actually take him to school daily since he was in kindergarten. I never thought that there’s still a chance of healing for his foot. He was born this way, so I thought I’d receive him for how God made him. When kids hear what he wants to do in the future, they tease him about his foot as they say, ‘kimpang!’ (somone who walks with a limp)” shares Geronima, Nels' grandmother.

Nel’s childhood hasn’t been easy since his dad has Parkinson’s disease and his mom has left the family. Nevertheless, Nels has never ceased to show a courageous character as he jumps high and runs fast! “Nothing actually stops him! He can attend all school activities! He can even dance!” adds Geronima.

Little did Nels know that help was on the way when an American doctor visited Nels' hometown. The doctor saw Nels in town and was able to tell Nels' family about the correction we can offer here at CURE Philippines. Nels and Geronima have now made the journey and they are imagining a future bigger than they had ever imagined before.

Physical and spiritual healing is possible for children from all over the Philippines because of your help! We couldn’t do what we do without our partnership with you!

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Latest Updates

Jan 13, 2020

It’s a new year, new feet kind of 2020 for Nels! We were so happy to see him walking and playing around the hospital with flat feet! “My prayers for Nels’ healing have been answered!” Geronima told us with joy. Doctor Rayray was even pleased with Nels’ feet correction. Although Grandma Geronima and Nels may no longer need to see us as often, they still need to continue with their stretching exercises back home. Thanks to your support in Nels’ journey, he can now go back to his routine of going back to school and work on his dream of becoming a police officer someday! We will see him again next year! Photo of Nels

Oct 10, 2019

Guess who is finally back to give give us hugs and play with us? Today marks a new milestone in Nels’ healing journey when he finally said goodbye to his cast for good! There were some tears during the cast removal but he was relieved that the worst part is over! After helping Doctor Jun with some paper works at clinic, he immediately went to Physical Therapy and started walking like a champ! Grandma Geronima couldn’t stop saying, “Thank You, Lord” seeing her long time prayer finally answered! Of course, they would also like to thank all of you for being part of their journey to Nels' healing. We will surely miss them but we will see them again next year for his follow-up! Photo of Nels

Aug 29, 2019

Nels was able to go back to his hometown for a bit and now he's arrived back here in Davao for his follow-up appointment! He was excited and jumped right back into his favorite thing to do—the Playstation! It was an awesome reunion between him, his grandmother Geromina, our staff, and our partners from the Seeds of Dignity. His old cast came off and was replaced by a shiny walking fiber cast that will stay on for six more weeks! This new cast should allow Nels to start moving as he looks forward to being completely cast-free! Photo of Nels

Jul 18, 2019

Though he was feeling some pain today, Nels was eager to go up to the playroom with Geromina and Storyteller Ella! He played video games and read get-well messages that encouraged him as he recovers! At the end of the day, Nels felt 100% and was ready to be discharged! He is now back at Seeds of Dignity, a partner organization who helps us lodge patients, to continue recovering until his next follow-up appointment. Photo of Nels

Jul 17, 2019

Nels went to the OR this morning. He was feeling nervous so Nurse Ivy did her best to relax him by singing a few Disney songs until Nels fell asleep from the anesthesia. Doctor Jun did a tendon lengthening to keep Nels' foot flat and a tendon transfer to allow his foot to have more flexibility and range of motion. Geromina couldn’t help but be worried for Nels, so Patient Ministry Coordinator Mary Ann prayed with her. They asked God to help everyone involved. Through your support, Nels' life-changing surgery has been made possible! Photo of Nels

Jul 16, 2019

Nels has finally been admitted to the hospital for the next step of his healing journey! He shed some tears as Che from the laboratory drew some blood, but a kiss and hug from Nanay (Grandma) Geronima was enough to comfort him! He spent his day coloring and drawing on his patient’s workbook and playing with his buddy, Roy! We ask for your prayers as Nels prepares for his surgery tomorrow! Photo of Nels

Jul 11, 2019

Nels is down for another cast change which means he’s getting closer to having surgery. Even though him and Grandma Geromina are patiently waiting, Geromina couldn’t help but think about their family at home. Please pray that though they are away, God will continue to take care of Geromina’s family. Thank you for partnering with us as we continue on with Nel’s healing journey. We’ll leave you his sweet smile to brighten up your day just like it did to ours! Photo of Nels

Jul 08, 2019

Nels came back today with the group from a partner organization where he's staying. They came in as a team and everyone was excited to be in the playroom again! But being in the playroom is not the only exciting thing that happened to Nels today, he got to hear from very special people as well! We read Nels your get-well messages and Grandma Geromina was excited to hear from Dr. Gary from America! "We are so thankful!" Geronima told us. Nels is cleared for another cast today and he's one step closer to becoming clubfoot free! Photo of Nels

Jul 01, 2019

Hopping from the waiting room, to the playroom, to the exam room, and back into the waiting room, Nels has been brave throughout his whole casting process. He's currently staying at the Seeds of Dignity care center, a partner organization who helps lodge our out of town patients, with his Grandma Geromina. There, he gets to be with other kids from all over the Philippines, who are going through the casting process just like him. Having community definitely makes this long process easier especially at times when they are missing home! Dr. Shelley cleared Nels for another cast change today and Nels will come back to see us again next week! Photo of Nels

Jun 25, 2019

Someone is warming up to being here at Tebow CURE! Nels is slowly coming out of his shell, smiling and playing in Timmy's Playroom during clinic. You'll just have to take our word on the smile though as we were playing hide and seek with this mask! Nels has made it through another cast change and he was brave through it all! We look forward to playing with Nels again next week! Photo of Nels

Jun 17, 2019

New to the idea of going into a hospital, Nels's grandma, Geronima, was so thankful to have met Dr. Gary, who came to visit their hometown. “My daughter saw Nels and asked if we can do something to heal his foot? And that led us here,” said Dr. Gary, who assisted Nurse Jhun and Nurse Francis during Nel’s first casting. Nels’ will have clubfoot surgery with us, but first he will need to go through a series of casting first to minimize the invasiveness of the surgical procedure. We’re amazed to see so many people working together to support what we do here at Tebow CURE and heal kids like Nels! Thanks for being a part of what we do! Photo of Nels

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