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Rodel's Story

“When I grow up, I want to become a soldier. But right now, I’m enjoying my 'multiply class' (Mathematics) in 3rd grade and playing basketball. I hope that my clubfoot will be fixed someday, so I can wear shoes like my dad—I like mine to be i… Read more

“When I grow up, I want to become a soldier. But right now, I’m enjoying my 'multiply class' (Mathematics) in 3rd grade and playing basketball. I hope that my clubfoot will be fixed someday, so I can wear shoes like my dad—I like mine to be in my favorite color - white!” Rodel tells us.

With his sweet and playful personality, Rodel loves to explore and learn about new things. Rodel’s dad, Ruben, told us all about his son. He says, “Rodel has a lot of friends at home and runs and plays with them. He can go up the slope but has a hard time going down. He can’t wear shoes either, so he’s barefoot most of the time. When he was a newborn, we had the opportunity to get casting for him for three months at a local clinic, but he still grew up with clubfoot. I don’t really know what happened and why it became clubbed again. I hope for his feet to become straight and someday see him accomplish his goals and finish school.”

Rodel is able to go to school and travel to Davao to get his clubfoot treated the second time around because of our partners from Cafe Bless International. With your support for Tebow CURE Philippines, we are able to provide sustainable clubfoot treatment for Rodel. We pray that our God, who gives second chances, uses Rodel’s healing story to strengthen his own faith as well as his family’s!

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Latest Updates

3 days ago

Rodel continues to walk with his first ever pair of shoes and got to exercise with them at physical therapy! With his progress, he'll be able to continue on with some physical therapy exercisess at home and will finally be reunited with his family. That also means we have to say goodbye to him for now. It was a bittersweet moment to see him go, but we gave Rodel and dad Ruben hugs as we hope for a safe flight back home! We hope to see Rodel before the year ends to see his progress and we continue to pray that he does well in school and enjoy his reunion with family and friends! Photo of Rodel

Aug 08, 2019

We celebrate with Rodel as he finally had his casts removed today! Since walking in casts has become his “new normal” for the past few months, he will need some time and practice getting used to walking without them again! He spent some time with one of our physical therapy interns, Shandeen, where he was taught some marching and standing exercises to help him with his balance and regain strength in his legs. Afterwards, he was fitted with some boots to support his feet and stop them from turning in. Rodel and his dad are looking forward to going back home where he will continue his healing progress and get back to his routine of going to school and spending time with family and friends! We praise God and all of you for being part of Rodel’s life-changing journey! Photo of Rodel

Jul 11, 2019

Rodel’s casts were changed from a long-leg cast to a short-leg cast today. In between changes, he saw that his feet looked straighter than ever! With a few more weeks on this last pair of casts, we hope Rodel will finally be cast-free! In the meantime, he is back in physical therapy to practice walking so he can be ready for the final cast removal! Keep praying for Rodel. We are almost there! Photo of Rodel

Jun 24, 2019

Rodel and his dad have been in Davao for several months, away from friends, family, and their native language. He’s had a lot of new experiences and made a lot of new friends here, but they are ready to go home and get back to regular life, with new feet of course! So, we’ve been squishing Rodel’s cast changes closer together to make that happen. However, he was looking pretty cozy in the playroom today playing video games, it might take a little coaxing to get him on the airplane after all! He traded his casts out for a pair of walking casts, so he can start taking steps and building that leg strength back up. We’ll see him again in a few weeks to get him closer to being done! Photo of Rodel

Jun 13, 2019

Yesterday was Filipino Independence Day and we were on a holiday to commemorate it. Our medical staff were still on duty while the rest of the hospital is quiet for the holiday. Rodel is healing well and bounced right back into being chatty! With his personality back to his usual self, the doctors made the call that he’s ready to be discharged and enjoy the rest of the holiday healing outside the hospital! We missed saying a proper goodbye, but no worries, we will see him again in a few weeks and catch up with all the get-well messages that you sent! In the meantime, we will leave you this funny video of Rodel playing soccer with Iona, staff from Cafe Bless International who connected Rodel to us! Obviously, he’s still doing OK after this!

Jun 11, 2019

Patient Coordinator Mary Ann spent some time with Rodel's dad Ruben just before surgery started. Rodel and Ruben were all covered in both our and your prayers during the surgery! Because of the series of casts Rodel has had since April, the surgical process to transfer tendons and lengthen the achilles tendons on both feet was super straight forward! He rolled out of the OR into the recovery room in no time flat. Recovery is most likely the most painful part of this process so we're thankful the pain management plan is in place! We can't thank you enough for supporting us and allowing us to pray and share the love of Jesus to kids like Rodel! Photo of Rodel

Jun 10, 2019

Rodel is back! This time, he is headed straight to the ward instead of the clinic room. He is finally ready for the next step of healing⁠ - surgery. Our anesthesiologist, Dr. Ambo, made sure that Rodel is ready to go into the operating room tomorrow morning! We ask that you pray with us for a successful surgery for Rodel and feel free to send him encouraging get well messages as you pray! Photo of Rodel

May 27, 2019

Another week, another cast change for Rodel. Even though he's already got the routine down for cast changes, Nurse Christian still guided him and his dad to the washroom where Dr. Rayray helped wash Rodel's foot! We love being able to serve our patients even in the little ways. And we love when we have sweet patients like Rodel who make these acts of service so easy! Photo of Rodel

May 23, 2019

Look at those beautiful feet! It's amazing to see the difference in Rodel's feet since day one! Even though he's not so thrilled with the cast removal and foot adjustment process, he is another cast closer to having surgery! Thanks for cheering Rodel on during this process! Photo of Rodel

May 20, 2019

Although this has been a long process for Rodel and Ruben, there's been so many smiles radiating from their faces as they see progress. The smiles from today were just about being here and some came out of being tickled on his feet! It's hard to be away from home, missing family and community, but we try our best to make home environment for Rodel here at Tebow CURE. A few more casts and he will be ready for surgery. Please pray for Rodel as he perseveres! Photo of Rodel

May 16, 2019

Rodel has had a lot of cool adventures and new experiences since arriving in Davao, and today, he added another one to his list! He had an x-ray done on his feet to get a closer look at how things inside are moving. Things seem to be back on track, so we were able to do a cast change. We’re so impressed with how calm and cooperative Rodel and Ruben have been while so far out of their element! When Rodel is clubfoot free, all the sacrifice will be worth it! Photo of Rodel

May 07, 2019

"His skin does not like the constant cast change, we'll give him a little break and keep those casts on for a bit," said Dr. Shelley. Rodel was encouraged to see a glimpse of improvement on his foot even though there's a bit of skin irritation. It's nothing to be worried about, but we still want to make sure that the irritation does not get worse. We will make sure to keep an eye on him as him and Ruben stay in the city. This past weekend, we got to take Rodel and Ruben to church with us, as Ruben learned and read from the book of Ruth using his own Bible. God is truly at work in Rodel's family! Photo of Rodel

May 02, 2019

Another cast down for Rodel! He's been patient throughout the process and has been brave during feet adjustment, but he sees that it's all worth it! "We can already tell the difference," Iona, from Cafe Bless, tells us. Here's Rodel with his sweet smile after another cast change! Ruben says there are many kids like Rodel's case in their hometown, so we pray that his healing journey becomes a testament of God's healing power in their lives and that more kids would find healing at Tebow CURE because of it. Please pray that his feet become more flexible in the following days! Photo of Rodel

Apr 29, 2019

We got to go to church with Rodel and the staff from Cafe Bless International this weekend! He had quite a busy week––reading and hanging out at the beach. Iona, a member of Café Bless, told us how going out of the mountain area to the city has been a big deal for Rodel. But little did they know that Rodel being treated is a big deal to us! Even though he’s only going through casting changes for now, we are already gearing his muscles up to become strong in physical therapy, so he will bounce right back into walking once this process is all over! Photo of Rodel

Apr 25, 2019

Rodel and his dad, Ruben, flew into the city today to start his clubfoot treatment. Nurse Jhun explained the process that includes casting for several weeks, surgery, and then bracing. It will be a long process but Rodel is determined to become fully healed! With the new surroundings, Rodel and Raul have enjoyed seeing and exploring new sites in the city with some staff from Cafe Bless International, even if he's rolling around in a wheelchair with casts on. As Rodel starts his journey with us, please pray that he experiences God's love for him as he heals! Photo of Rodel

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