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Cyndi's Story

“Cyndi loves to sing and leads worship in church. She also likes to draw. Even though she has no hands and is missing a leg, she helps sweep the floor at home and cooks rice and adobo (a famous Filipino dish)! She’s an inspiring girl and shares… Read more

“Cyndi loves to sing and leads worship in church. She also likes to draw. Even though she has no hands and is missing a leg, she helps sweep the floor at home and cooks rice and adobo (a famous Filipino dish)! She’s an inspiring girl and shares the Good News of salvation through Christ with our neighbors and her classmates,” shares Cyndi’s mom, Carolina.

Carolina sets an amazing example of faith to her eight children. Cyndi is number six, and the only one born with phacomelia—a congenital deformity in which the limbs are underdeveloped. “Cyndi’s physical appearance doesn’t matter to me, she’s my child and I accept her. I took her to school growing up until she learned to hop and get around by herself. Now that she’s going into 8th grade in a school further from our home, I’ve been praying for someone to provide a prosthesis for her leg, so she doesn’t need to hop long distance.”

Because of our partnership with Seeds of Dignity, Cyndi and Carolina made it to Tebow CURE for an amputation, so Cyndi can fit in a prosthesis. “This is an answered prayer! Cyndi desires to work in a call center or work a computer in the future. But as long as she uses it to serve the Lord, that’s all I encourage her to do!” adds Carolina.

God’s word is definitely true to Carolina when it says in James 5:16 that: “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” You’ve become an instrument of God’s faithfulness to Cyndi and Carolina through your support of CURE and we look forward to sharing an overflow of God’s love as Cyndi heals!

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Latest Updates

Mar 02, 2020

Cyndi walked down the red carpet looking like a queen at Night to Shine! Experiencing her first ever prom, Cyndi enjoyed having her hair and make-up done, playing at the entertainment station, taking photos with Mommy Carol at the photobooth, and being crowned as the queen of the night along with the other guests! Not only that, she got to put her PT exercises into good use as she danced the day away at the dance floor! It’s been almost a year since we first met Cyndi and we thank all of you for your support and prayers that helped her achieve all these milestones! Photo of Cyndi

Feb 12, 2020

After dancing the day away last weekend at Night to Shine, a prom event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation for kids with special needs, Cyndi made a visit to our clinic! “My favorite part was walking down the red carpet!” she recounted her experience, telling us that it was her first ever prom experience! Prosthetist Keziah adjusted her prosthetic leg and upgraded her device with a “knee cap” allowing her to bend a little bit. There’s still more to be done to adjust Cyndi’s device to its maximum comfort! In the meantime, she will continue working on her physical therapy to make sure that the device is well-suited for her! Photo of Cyndi

Jan 30, 2020

We heard some news about Cyndi through our friends from Seeds of Dignity who are currently visiting her hometown. She is back to school and serves as a worship leader at church! However, she’s growing fast and will need some adjustments on her prosthetic leg. Thankfully, it won’t be long until she travels back to Davao to join the Night to Shine prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and hosted by us here at Tebow CURE. By that time, Cyndi should have her prosthesis adjusted to her current height! We look forward to seeing Cyndi back very soon! Photo of Cyndi

Sep 26, 2019

Cyndi finally got her prosthesis through our partnership with the Limb Kind Foundation! It took a couple more adjustments to fit the device on her leg and she spent a lot of time in physical therapy. She worked hard to learn how to take every step. With much determination, Cyndi is doing her best to learn how to walk! Cyndi will continue to do her exercises at home and we’ll keep track of her progress. Now that she doesn’t have to hop around to get to places, Cyndi gets to travel back home this weekend! We’ll see her back in a couple of weeks! Photo of Cyndi

Sep 17, 2019

More exciting things are happening to Cyndi this week! Today, she went to shop for a brand new pair of shoes! She chose a pair of boots that she's excited to wear very soon! A few more days and Cyndi will be wearing these shoes with a brand new leg! Here's another day to be thankful for! Photo of Cyndi

Sep 16, 2019

Cyndi was pumped to finally meet our friends from the Limb Kind Foundation! Cyndi met Nicole, one of the mentors who is also an amputee. Nicole encouraged Cyndi that she can do things with no limitations despite her limb loss. They both hung out and played while Cyndi was waiting for her turn to be assessed and measured for a prosthesis of her own! Cyndi also introduced a song to Nicole and they sang together “Thank You, Lord”. Truly, the support of Limb Kind Foundation and people like you is something Cyndi is extremely thankful and grateful to God for! Photo of Cyndi

Sep 12, 2019

Lovely Cyndi is back at Tebow CURE this week! She is here to meet our friends from Limb Kind Foundation who are arriving this weekend. They're an organization who provide prosthetic care and services to children. We are blessed to have partner organizations that help our patients like Cyndi be measured and fitted for a prosthesis of their own to help them get walking! Cyndi also paid a visit to the physical therapy room in order to help her have a “good fit” for her soon-to-be-made prosthetics. Afterwards, she hung out and played with the other kids in the playroom. Despite her being all grown up and considered a lady for her age, we are glad to see the child in her come out! Photo of Cyndi

Apr 29, 2019

As expected, Cyndi checked-in with us today. Her surgical wound looked dry, which was great news, leaving us more confident to send her home and recover fully. She told us that she’s “ready to go home to see her siblings and cousins.” We caught her looking out the window as she looked forward to her trip back home when Peter from Seeds of Dignity stopped by to photobomb! In a few months, she will get ready to fly back into Davao again and stay at the Seeds of Dignity care center. But the stay will be longer next time as she's fitted for a prosthesis and practices how to walk with it! Please pray for Cyndi’s journey back home and her return in a few months! Photo of Cyndi

Apr 25, 2019

Cyndi went through a quick dressing change this morning and then we found out that she's being discharged today. She's staying at Seeds of Dignity care facility over the weekend and checking back in with us on Monday before she flies back out to another island to go home. On top of your prayers, drawing, one of her favorite things to do, helped her recover quickly. She showed us a sample of her artwork. Cyndi is a talented kid and we are so pleased to know that she uses her gifts to bring God the glory! When Cyndi receives her prosthesis one day, we don't doubt that her story will become an awesome testimony! Photo of Cyndi

Apr 24, 2019

Cyndi was a little teary this morning. She’s in pain, and missing home. Children’s Mentor Ella spent some time with her, showing her before and after pictures of other CUREkids who have gone thru the amputation and prosthesis procedure. She also shared the story of the man born blind in John 9. Jesus’ disciples asked who had sinned to cause the disability, to which he replied, “This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him”. Cyndi’s strong faith is a testament of God’s goodness, and now everyone will see God’s work through her healing! Photo of Cyndi

Apr 23, 2019

“Cyndi was nervous, but I told her to trust God, and set your mind on things above, because He holds everything.” Mom Carolina told us as Cyndi went to the operating room this morning. As the surgery before Cyndi’s wrapped up in the next room, anesthesiologist Dr. Norman stayed right by her side, making sure she was comfortable and stable. We put a lot of trust in our doctors and staff, but we are grateful to have a heavenly Father that we can trust above all! We’ll update you on how surgery went tomorrow, thanks for praying for Cyndi! Photo of Cyndi

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