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Wahida's Story

“I’m excited for surgery! I’m not nervous, just happy. At school, the kids used to tease me because of my clubfoot, calling me “piang” [meaning “crooked”]. I’ve had a few casts now, and already, the bullying has stopped. I’m looki… Read more

“I’m excited for surgery! I’m not nervous, just happy. At school, the kids used to tease me because of my clubfoot, calling me “piang” [meaning “crooked”]. I’ve had a few casts now, and already, the bullying has stopped. I’m looking forward to being able to walk properly. We’ve never had my foot looked at before, until my dad’s doctor told us about Tebow CURE Hospital.” - Wahida.

For such a young age, Wahida, who goes by “Joy Joy”, is incredibly bright and composed. She’s already planning for her future. “I like to write and read, but English is my favorite subject at school. If I can speak English well, then I can work or study abroad like my older sister does. She’s working in Kuwait as a caregiver. There are three girls in the family, and my younger sister and I like to wander around town. I can walk now, but it’s very hard for me to fetch water. That’s one of the biggest challenges I face.”

English will add just another language to Joy Joy’s extensive arsenal, she already speaks three Filipino dialects, and is learning Arabic on the weekends. “My younger sister and I go to an Arabic school on Saturday and Sundays; I can already read the Koran in Arabic! The school requires us to wear a hijab. My dad Mhoks is a Muslim, and my mom Janet is Ilongo tribal.” Between the multiple dialects and faiths this family represents, it’s an incredibly diverse household! But one thing is consistent, the entire family is looking forward to seeing Joy Joy healed, and so are we!

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Latest Updates

Jul 13, 2018

One more step in the casting process, and Wahida’s out of here! Before most of our clubfoot patients go home, they get a fiberglass reinforcement, so they can begin taking steps on their cast without risking the strength of it. Wahida was slow and steady in physical therapy yesterday, but we know before long she’ll be back up to her full speed. We’ll see her back next month, when hopefully she’ll get to ditch the cast and walk clubfoot free! Photo of Wahida

Jul 12, 2018

Wahida was full of smiles down in the ward earlier today, but once she got upright in physical therapy the grin vanished. She attempted “hopping” down the bars as a first step to learning how to use crutches, but she’s still in some pain. She muscled through though, and even though she said it hurt, our little overachiever made it all the way down and back! Photo of Wahida

Jul 11, 2018

“She’s such a sweetie! She has the best smile.” We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Shelley’s concise description of Wahida this afternoon as she began her surgery. Wahida was a little more nervous this morning as reality began to sink in, but she still did great. Since she’s been in a cast for a few weeks, Wahida’s surgery was much easier than the usual “bone cutting and banging” clubfoot surgery most older kids have to endure, Dr. Shelley simply needed to move a tendon from one spot in her foot to another, so it’ll pull her foot in the right direction. We’re thankful that this sweetie’s surgery is done, and now she can focus on not only her studies, but her healing as well! Photo of Wahida

Jul 10, 2018

Joy Joy’s writing skills were tested right off the bat today! Janet was on her way out the door to buy rice when we visited, so she had Joy Joy fill out as much as she could. And no surprise, her handwriting is perfect! She’s an amazing little perfectionist, and after surgery tomorrow, her clubfoot will be close to perfect as well! Please pray for this sweet family as their lives will all undergo an amazing transformation while here at Tebow CURE Hospital! Photo of Wahida

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