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  • Age8
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Luke's Story

“Luke moves non-stop! He also talks non-stop except when meeting someone new. He runs, jumps, and even climbs trees! When he gets bullied because of his disability, he only laughs about the idea of it, but doesn’t really get bogged down about w… Read more

“Luke moves non-stop! He also talks non-stop except when meeting someone new. He runs, jumps, and even climbs trees! When he gets bullied because of his disability, he only laughs about the idea of it, but doesn’t really get bogged down about what people say. He even gets good grades in school. Recently though, he’s feeling some kind of shame when he started to wear socks on his clubfoot,” shares Luke’s mother Rovelyn.

Rovelyn commits all of her time taking care of Luke, which is most likely why Luke carries such a positive attitude about having clubfoot and amniotic band syndrome. His fingers are shaped unevenly, yet nothing stops him from doing anything that he wants. He’s always involved with the People with Disabilities (PWDs) events in their hometown, six hours away from Davao, where Rovelyn heard about the opportunity that the Tebow CURE mobile clinic was coming their way. “A local government unit worker, Dudz, kept in touch with us and shared details about the clinic. When we met the clinic team, the doctors were so nice that I asked if we can get scheduled for surgery right away. I have been hoping for Luke to get surgery!” says Rovelyn.

Before Luke was born, Rovelyn lost her first child which has affected her physical health, causing problems in her pregnancy. “I didn’t even know that I was pregnant with Luke. I didn’t have hope after losing my first child. So when I found out that I was pregnant, it gave me hope to continue living,” shares Rovelyn. It’s amazing how Luke became a gift to Rovelyn after her loss. As Luke goes through his surgery here at the hospital, we pray for an opportunity to share a life filled with God’s love to him and his family!

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Latest Updates

Apr 23, 2018

While Luke had his very well-worn cast removed, Rovelyn told us with a shy giggle, “He probably has a lot of sand in his cast…” We proceeded to tell her the assortment of items that have appeared in casts of past patients, such as sticks, rocks, coins, you name it. She laughed even more and said, “There might be a peso coin in there…” and sure enough, when the cast came off, there it was stuck to the top of his foot! Luke follows a long line of “cast hoarders”, but fortunately, he now also follows a long line of kids who have experienced God’s healing here at CURE! Photo of Luke

Apr 02, 2018

We spotted Luke this morning in his natural habitat, in front of the gaming center in the playroom! Even with three of his limbs wrapped, he hasn’t had any issues navigating the controller. Today we made his life a little easier though, and removed the wrap on his hand and left foot. He’s healing really well, but he still needs to wear a cast on his right leg for a little longer. We’ll see him back in about a month for the final cast removal, then he’ll be unstoppable! Photo of Luke

Mar 22, 2018

Luke is back so soon! But there's nothing to worry about! He's only here for a quick dressing change and a couple hours of hang out in the playroom. His casts are not quite ready to come off yet, so we will all be patiently waiting until the first week of April to see it's progress of healing! Thank you for lifting him up in your prayers while he's at home. Healing is always better with a group of prayer warriors like you! Photo of Luke

Mar 16, 2018

Luke’s ward was quiet and dark when we came in this morning, it’s a holiday weekend here in Davao and everyone was itching to get home! As well as he was doing yesterday, we’re not surprised that he made an early departure, but we’ll see him back in a few weeks to see how his healing is coming along. Please continue to pray for Luke in the coming weeks!

Mar 15, 2018

Look who’s out and about! Luke was up in the playroom first thing this morning, and spent most of the day there on the Playstation, while making friends with kids who were here for our weekly clinic. It amazing how well he’s doing, very little soreness, and very few complaints. He was even using his hand already without any pain, wow! We want to thank you for your prayers, which are obviously being answered! Photo of Luke

Mar 14, 2018

Three out of four of Luke’s major limbs were operated on today, and although all of the procedures would be considered minor, they added up to a long afternoon in the operating room for Dr. Shelley and Scrub Nurse Daphne. But after a lot of snipping and sewing, Luke’s fingers are separated and deepened, so he’ll have a much better grip, his clubfoot is straight, and the extra toe on his left foot is gone. All these small procedures will probably add up to a pretty sore night for him as well, so please be praying for Luke’s recovery. Photo of Luke

Mar 13, 2018

“We didn’t care how long the bus trip was! The air conditioning was so cold! But we are happy to be here. It’s exactly what it looks like on Facebook!” says Rovelyn. Luke’s mom has been on social media to check out what the hospital does and so she knows what to expect when they come here. They’ve never been here since they met us at a mobile clinic. After the long trip, Luke had just woken up from a nap when we met him, but we heard that he’s been so brave throughout the admission process including the laboratory work, even though he is not a big fan of needles! Please pray for Luke as he goes into surgery tomorrow! Photo of Luke

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