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  • Conditionbowed legs
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Princess's Story

“I’m here so I can fix my feet, then I can play! Other kids at preschool call me “bakang”, which means bowlegged, but I just tell them “It doesn’t matter, I’m still pretty!” Watch out once my legs are straight!” Princess told her … Read more

“I’m here so I can fix my feet, then I can play! Other kids at preschool call me “bakang”, which means bowlegged, but I just tell them “It doesn’t matter, I’m still pretty!” Watch out once my legs are straight!” Princess told her grandmother Anita, who relayed her very enthusiastic message to us.

Princess is being raised by grandma Anita, while her mom Lorna works as a house helper, and dad Aldwin is a motorcycle driver. Anita tells us, “We noticed her legs starting to bend when she started walking at one year old. We did massage, but with her parents’ hectic work schedule, we had a hard time keeping it up. Then, a doctor at a local hospital told us to come see Dr. Valera here at CURE. My hope for Princess’ future after surgery is that she’ll be able to focus on school, and be successful in whatever she does.”

Princess has three older brothers, but she is all girl. She likes to play house, watch TV, especially TV shows with Coco Martin, a Filipino heartthrob. (Jury is out on whether she thinks he’s cute or not though!) According to Aldwin, “When she’s all alone, she talks a lot. It’s all drama, drama!” When she’s not playing, she spends time with Anita learning Bible stories, and tells us that, “Jehovah is the name of the Lord!”

We are looking forward to Princess’ surgery, and are praying to Jehovah Rapha, The Lord Who Heals, and Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Who Provides, to provide for all her needs!

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Latest Updates

Oct 18, 2018

Princess didn’t waste any time getting comfortable in her favorite spot in the hospital, curled up with Dr. Jun! She’s seeing progress slowly but surely, but since it’s been confirmed that she has Rickets, her femurs have begun to bow slightly, while her lower legs have healed. She needs to continue to take her vitamins, and hopefully as she grows and her bones strengthen, she will straighten out. We’ll keep monitoring her over the next several months, and we’ll be praying for God’s miraculous healing! Photo of Princess

Jul 12, 2018

Sweet Princess was back today for a checkup, and while her legs are looking straight, her “wobbly” steps made Dr. Shelley suspicious that she may have Rickets as well. An x-ray revealed that her growth plates are soft, which is a primary symptom of the disease. It can be treated with vitamin supplements, which we got her going on immediately. The long trip made her tired, and she was more than happy to mold into Dr. Jun’s shoulder while she was here, he’s definitely a kid magnet! Photo of Princess

Apr 27, 2018

We’ve missed getting a cute picture of Princess at clinic! She’s so tiny and quiet that she just slipped through the cracks. We saw her going into x-ray, but we never saw her come out. Anyways, we can let you know that her walking casts were completely removed, and now she'll start to walk unassisted. Those walking casts did their job, it gave her a great head start to walking on her new straight legs. We’ll try to get a picture of her next time she visits!

Mar 15, 2018

With no complaints and no tears at all, Princess patiently waited for Nurse Chad as she removed her casts. The old ones were changed to walking casts, which will give her toes a lot more freedom to move. She's back to her long trek home again and we'll see her back in six weeks as we hope to remove her casts completely. Thanks for praying for Princess! Photo of Princess

Feb 09, 2018

Lots of attention surrounded our Princess this morning! She had a cast change, which is never fun, but she powered through it like a champ with minimal complaints and minimal tears! Now that her casts are all clean and fresh, she’s been discharged and is beginning the long trek home. We’ll see her back in March. Please continue to pray for her recovery! Photo of Princess

Feb 08, 2018

Princess received the royal treatment this morning in the playroom! She got a mini massage from one of our playroom volunteers, and while her pain isn’t completely gone, it helped put her in a nice relaxed mood. For just having major surgery yesterday, she’s doing awesome! Chances are she’ll get to home tomorrow. Please continue to pray that she keeps doing as well as she has been! Photo of Princess

Feb 07, 2018

Dr. Nesti got to try out the “Strongman Test” while cutting Princess’ rod to the right length during surgery this morning. (bottom left) He muscled through, and after a lot of cutting, hammering, and rod placements in each leg, Princess has straight legs! Her deformity is caused by Rickets, a disease which is the result of low levels of Vitamin D. Rickets makes bones very soft, so the doctors had to take extra care to not cause further damage. They succeeded, and now Princess is on her way to healing, praise God! Photo of Princess

Feb 06, 2018

Princess is still a little shy, and gives us a suspicious eye whenever the camera comes out. She had a blast in the playroom though, and we’re hoping for stronger friendship bonds as the week goes on! Surgery happens tomorrow, please be praying! Photo of Princess

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