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  • Age18
  • Conditiona limb deformity
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Niko's Story

“I usually hang out with my friends and go on road trips and ride on their motorbikes. That’s what I like to do for fun!” Niko tells us.
Niko likes to live a life filled with adventure especially because he has friends whom he can tag a… Read more

“I usually hang out with my friends and go on road trips and ride on their motorbikes. That’s what I like to do for fun!” Niko tells us.
Niko likes to live a life filled with adventure especially because he has friends whom he can tag along with. “They stay in the city, but sometimes they go outside the city. They don’t tell me, but I’ll see it on Facebook!” says his mom, Josie. Niko laughs a little as he agrees with his mom. Niko and Josie seem to have a close relationship especially because Josie is a single mom and provides for her six kids. “Niko was walking okay until he was about six years old. Then, I don’t know what caused his lower limbs to contract. It just started happening. He didn’t get sick or anything. We saw a doctor and said that he needed an operation, but I couldn’t afford to pay for it. So I told him, ‘Maybe I’ll find money someday’, but I didn’t,” adds Josie.
With Josie’s small online business, she’s able to provide just enough for her family, which is why she was excited to find out about a mobile clinic close to where they live. “My friend works at a social welfare with the local government and sent us a text about Tebow CURE coming to our town. We were happy to hear that the doctor can do our surgery,” Josie tells us.
Niko dreams to be able to join extra curricular activities at school one day and to be on stage for theatre and dancing. He also wants to be a fashion designer and maybe sell his clothes on his mom’s online shop. But not only that, Niko wants to become a teacher, too. The possibilities are endless and we know that God hears his heart’s desires just as He heard his desire to be healed!

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Latest Updates

Aug 31, 2018

Look at Niko standing on his own! But not only that, he's also walking independently as expected! "He needs to build confidence that he can walk, even outside the house, because he doesn't get thrown off balance anymore," was Physical Therapist Alex' advice to Niko. He was then excited to know that some of his exercises include going out some more and swimming! Photo of Niko

May 21, 2018

Never one to pass up a photo opportunity, Niko gave us a big grin during his check up today! His wounds have healed well, and he’s walking with his walker a little every day. He’s been working so hard, and is seeing results. He just needs to keep taking steps forward, literally, and before no time he’ll be walking unassisted! Photo of Niko

Apr 04, 2018

Niko usually makes his presence known wherever he goes, but today he quietly arrived for physical therapy, and we missed him! But we got an update from the physical therapy staff, and it sounds like he's doing fantastic. He walked with a walker some, all his hard work and being diligent in stretching every day is paying off! We'll see him next month, and will try to grab a picture of his progress then, but please continue to pray for him until then.

Mar 15, 2018

“I saw another kid crying, and I wondered why. I thought it can’t be that bad. Now I understand!” Niko candidly told us during physical therapy today. He got his casts off, which was uncomfortable in itself, but now the real work begins. As Alex stretched him out in physical therapy, it was all Niko had to keep it together, admitting that it hurt more than he could have imagined. But, he’s determined to start walking soon, and is committed to stretching every day, even when it hurts. We’ll see him back in three weeks to see how he’s coming, please continue to pray! Photo of Niko

Feb 15, 2018

While we were visiting Niko this morning, his phone was chirping from notifications nonstop. He posted about his surgery on Facebook, and since then has had an avalanche of well wishes, Get Well messages, and Facetime conversations from friends! We had no doubt that Niko’s smile and bright personality draws people to him, and this was proof. He'll get to meet all his fans in person as he heads home today! The exciting thing is knowing that his support extends beyond social media to all of our CUREkids supporters, we’re so thankful for all of you! Photo of Niko

Feb 14, 2018

The smile was a little fainter today, but despite dealing with some pain, Niko was still his happy self. Before we know it, he’ll be back to all his grand adventures! But for now, rest and recovery is the key. We showed him and Josie his CUREkids profile, which brought bigger smiles, there’s something about seeing your amazing story in writing that helps encourage healing. You can help encourage our kids through writing too, feel free to send a Get Well message to our CUREkids! Photo of Niko

Feb 13, 2018

"I'm hungry," Niko tells us before going to surgery. Since he's the older kid in the bunch of today's list, Niko patiently waited to be called down to the OR. Once he was brought in, it didn't take long until the doctors got right into his procedure. Dr. Tim started with a prayer and Dr. Shelley joined in to stretch out his tight hips, knees, and a tendon transfer to put his feet in the right place. We hope for a great outcome as he recovers after surgery! Thank you all for partnering with us in prayers! Photo of Niko

Feb 12, 2018

Niko’s lower limbs are contracted from his hips, knees, and achilles tendons, so he will have a surgery tomorrow for all these areas. Dr. Tim recommends to do it all at the same time, so Niko will only have to go through the pain once. Since English is Niko’s favorite subject, he loves to speak English and got to practice it with us today! He understood us well when we told him that people from all over the world are praying for him as he goes into surgery tomorrow! Photo of Niko

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