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Lady Jean's Story

“Lady Jean gets high marks in school. She has perfect attendance, so we’re nervous about taking time off school for surgery. But, it’s a priority, so we agreed. If she makes high marks, but can’t work [because of her clubfoot], then school … Read more

“Lady Jean gets high marks in school. She has perfect attendance, so we’re nervous about taking time off school for surgery. But, it’s a priority, so we agreed. If she makes high marks, but can’t work [because of her clubfoot], then school is a waste. Her teacher is supportive of her taking time off of school.” - Lady Jean’s mom Violeta.

Sweet Lady Jean is quiet, but will happily engage you with her warm smiles. “She’s usually pretty quiet.” Violeta tells us. “There are seven kids in the family, five boys and two girls. But the youngest girl, Jamaica, plays like a boy too!” With all the male influences surrounding her, Lady Jean has no problems playing tough too. “I play with my friend Carol at school. We pretend to be police women, but I don’t want to be a police woman when I grow up. Sometimes I watch TV after school too.” However, if Lady Jean did decide that being a police woman was her ultimate dream in life, Violeta would be all for it. “I will support whatever she wants to do.” Giving her every opportunity to succeed in life includes surgery to correct her clubfoot.

The family took early action to treat Lady Jean, but now years later, she is still struggling. “When Lady Jean was born, we noticed her clubfoot. No one else in the family has it. She was born at a small clinic, and they told us to try herbal remedies. Next, we tried a wooden brace, but it fell off every night. Then we tried massage for four months, and even applied tree sap; we were told it would loosen her muscles. Finally, we just let it be. The Department for People With Disabilities (PWD) said we could do more damage if we continued.” In addition, the costs were mounting. “My husband works at a rubber company, and makes only enough wages to cover our daily needs. My sons sometimes help financially, but they also have their own expenses. She can walk and run, but can’t wear shoes on that foot, and it hurts from her being barefoot. Our neighbor heard about CURE’s mobile clinic, and we went together. The doctor said her foot could be corrected with surgery.” Lady Jean has already gone through three castings in preparation for surgery, the first having happened at that mobile clinic. She’s nervous about surgery, but we encouraged her by reminding her how much God loves her, and He is the ultimate healer. We encourage you as well to pray with us for her upcoming operation!

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Latest Updates

Apr 06, 2018

Lady Jean typically doesn’t like being the center of attention, so she was a little uncomfortable with being surrounded by so many adoring fans during her follow up! But, our expert clubfoot team couldn’t help but check out her progress, and we’re happy to report that her foot is looking amazing! She still needs to wear a cast for about a month, but she can start putting weight on her foot, which will give her a big head start on walking when she gets it off! Photo of Lady Jean

Feb 15, 2018

No sleep last night equaled a crashed out day today for Lady Jean! Violeta’s droopy eyes were evidence that she didn’t get much sleep either, but she’s running in Supermom mode, solely focused on what she can do to keep Lady Jean comfortable. Lady Jean’s toes are still itchy and she’s still in a little pain, but as long as she can get plenty of rest today, she’ll be discharged this afternoon. It looks like she’s moving toward that goal, sleeping kids are usually happy kids! Photo of Lady Jean

Feb 14, 2018

We promise Lady Jean is buried in that pile of blankets, but she was in a lot of pain today and not up to chatting today. Her feet are itchy, which is never fun, and she’s still battling some pain. Children’s Mentor Ella found some videos of a local police show on YouTube to provide some distraction, maybe she’ll see some new police women tricks to show Carol! We’re praying that tomorrow is a better day for Lady Jean, please join us in praying for her comfort and recovery! Photo of Lady Jean

Feb 13, 2018

Not too many smiles today from Lady Jean. She was nervous as she came into the operating room. After prayer from the nurses and some soft encouragement from Elaine, Lady Jean fell asleep so the work could begin. Since she’s been wearing casts, all Doctors Shelley and Nesti needed to do was move a tendon in her lower leg so it pulls her foot the correct direction. That required cutting the tendon at the base and then sewing it near the correct bone. Now, Lady Jean’s body will naturally join the two. God made our bodies extraordinary, didn’t He?! It’s a much less intrusive procedure and will allow Lady Jean to heal quicker. She’ll still have some pain, but at least Dr. Jun’s statement of it “not being his fault” remains true! Please keep praying for low pain levels and rapid healing for Lady Jean! Photo of Lady Jean

Feb 12, 2018

With five older brothers, Lady Jean is no stranger to a little good natured teasing. Dr. Jun checked her foot and told her, “Tomorrow’s surgery won’t hurt, but if it does, it’s not my fault!” She responded with a big smile; after a few weeks of coming for cast changes, she’s figured out his goofy sense of humor. We can’t guarantee a pain-free recovery for Lady Jean, but we know that with your prayer backing, she’ll feel God’s love during her time here. Thanks for all your prayers and support! Photo of Lady Jean

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