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Ben Ben's Story

“I didn’t cry at all while I was in labor with Ben Ben. But, when I saw his hands after he was born, I cried.” confesses Noime, Ben Ben’s mom.

”Ben Ben is one of those kids that makes friends wherever he goes. If there’s the chan… Read more

“I didn’t cry at all while I was in labor with Ben Ben. But, when I saw his hands after he was born, I cried.” confesses Noime, Ben Ben’s mom.

”Ben Ben is one of those kids that makes friends wherever he goes. If there’s the chance of having a playmate, he’ll join in. He’s an only child so far, but he always finds friends. Some of the kids in the neighborhood make fun of his hands, and call him “baliko”, which means “crooked.” He can do almost everything with his hands right now, but I still feel sad for him. I also don’t want him to be bullied.” Ben Ben was born with stiff joints in his wrists, which makes them “lock” in a folded position. While he can do most everything now, it will get more difficult as he gets older, so we’re thrilled to see Ben Ben receive treatment at such an early age.

Noime and her husband Eljohn were very proactive with Ben Ben’s healing. “When he was a baby, we started therapy at another hospital. We went monthly, did exercises, and he wore splints, and they told us that when he was two, they might do surgery.” Like so many hospitals in the area, things began to get complicated, and communication lapsed, then a random bus ride changed everything. Noime continues, “One day my mom was riding a bus, and met Ann, a social worker from Mati. She told my mom about CURE. After going to the other hospital, I’m so thankful that we heard about CURE. I think it was ordained that the two rode the same bus.”

Ben Ben has definitely brought a high level of energy to the hospital, he wears his emotions on his sleeve, both happy sad, good and bad! We’re already loving having him around, and we love that he’ll see complete healing soon!

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Latest Updates

Apr 06, 2018

It took Ben Ben about three seconds to make a friend in the playroom, and the two chased bubbles all over while exchanging squeals and giggles. He was in a good mood today; he’s healing well and not in pain so we’re not so scary anymore! His hands are physically healed, but now he needs to learn how to use them, so he spent some time in physical therapy learning some exercises that will help. He still tries to “scoop” things with his hands, forgetting that he can use his fingers now. It’ll come with practice, this is sometimes one of the hardest parts of recovery, making the brain and body cooperate! We appreciate all of you who support our kids while they go through the entire healing process! Photo of Ben Ben

Jan 25, 2018

It was a treat to see Ben Ben's adorable face even just for a few minutes! He has a slight infection that was noticed through a pungent smell, so we're glad that he was taken back to us right away. We changed his dressing and cleaned up his wounds, but he was so brave through it all and resumed playing at the end of it! His hands are wrapped in bandages still and we'll check on him when he comes back in a few weeks! Photo of Ben Ben

Jan 11, 2018

We made another effort to be buddies with Ben Ben today, but he still wasn’t falling for it! We had a brief connection when he waved “goodbye” and blew kisses, but we think it was really a ploy to get us to leave. This afternoon Ben Ben was the one who left, he’s been discharged and will get to continue recovering in the comfort of home, without unfamiliar people lurking around! Please keep praying for his recovery, we’ll see him back next month to see how his healing is coming! Photo of Ben Ben

Jan 10, 2018

We’d like to say that Ben Ben is sad because his buddy Rex is going home soon, but the tears are because familiar people (us!) entered his presence. Most kids get upset when an unfamiliar person approaches them, Ben Ben’s just the opposite! He’s had a couple of tough days though, with lots of unfamiliar situations for anyone, especially a toddler. Cuddling with grandma Marlene seemed to help, but we still got the suspicious eye from him. We’ll see how things go tomorrow, please keep praying for continued improvement! Photo of Ben Ben

Jan 09, 2018

It was a rough start, but Ben Ben’s hands are straight! When he discovered that a little more than a blood pressure check was on the schedule, he wasn’t ecstatic, but our anesthesiologists did a fantastic job of getting him calm and happy in no time. Once he was asleep, Dr. Nestie took small bone segments out of both wrists, so Ben Ben’s hands can lay flat. Each one was secured with a pin, then a splint, so they’ll heal that way. Once he heals it’ll take some time for him to learn how to use his new hands, but it’ll be worth it! Photo of Ben Ben

Jan 08, 2018

Disclaimer: No Ben Bens were harmed in the making of the photo on the left! Remember when we said he wears his emotions on his sleeve? Here’s Exhibit A! He didn’t dig having his blood pressure taken, that is what the (slightly adorable) meltdown was about. But, minutes later, he found his way onto ward neighbor Rex’s bed to watch him play on his phone. Noime’s claim about him making friends wherever he goes has already been proven! We hope he’ll be friends with the doctors and nurses in the operating room tomorrow morning, when he heads there for surgery! Photo of Ben Ben

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