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Prince's Story

“I have six children and three of them inherited osteogenesis imperfecta. We spend most of our time in the hospital and we couldn’t get a breather financially. For Prince, I can’t even keep track how many times he’s broken his bones. Thankf… Read more

“I have six children and three of them inherited osteogenesis imperfecta. We spend most of our time in the hospital and we couldn’t get a breather financially. For Prince, I can’t even keep track how many times he’s broken his bones. Thankfully, we discovered Tebow CURE Hospital for Prince’s treatment. All we need is to come here and show up,” shares Prince’s mother Marites.

Prince’s condition is described by the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation as “a genetic bone disorder characterized by fragile bones that break easily. It is also known as “brittle bone disease.” The condition is is exactly as it sounds since Prince has been back at the hospital countless times to get his broken bones treated. Fortunately, Tebow CURE is one of his favorite places as Marites tells us that, “Prince is excited to be here. He’s up early in the morning to come and travel to the city. This place is a safe place for him. Eventually, his bones will grow strong, but as we wait for that to happen, we watch his every move to make sure that he doesn’t break a bone again. We still let him play. We can’t take that away from him. But we need to tone down how he plays, even our neighbors are on the watch!”

Although Prince has made several trips to the hospital, we’ve never seen him complain nor scream in pain. He carries a strong and brave face and most of the time leaves with a happy heart! We are thankful to be able to help with his treatment as we pray for his bones to get stronger. While Marites waits patiently for Prince to get stronger, her hopes for Prince is to be able to finish school and get the best job that he possibly can!

Medical help is accessible for kids like Prince and that’s because we have partners like you! Thank you for your support as you keep Prince in your prayers!

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Latest Updates

Mar 06, 2020

Thank God that Prince get to go home. Prince together with his dad were delighted and grateful to read your uplifting get-well messages! Afterwards, Prince was given some medicine to bring home as he recovers. We will see him again in six weeks for his follow up appointment! Photo of Prince

Mar 05, 2020

“Maayong buntag, Doc! (Good morning, Doctors!)” Prince greeted Doctor Jun and Doctor Ulrike with his sweet voice. “He was practicing what he was gonna say to the doctors earlier,” Marites told us. Doctor Jun asked him if he is in pain to which he answered, “no” while shaking his head. Afterwards, he paid a visit to his favorite place in the hospital, the playroom and was given some goodies by our visitors from IAM Worldwide. He will spend one more night with us before heading home! Photo of Prince

Mar 04, 2020

Prince is back for another OR visit. He was accompanied by his nurse who coincidentally matches his royalty name, Nurse Princess. Even though he’s been here many times in the past, he still couldn’t help but feel anxious and scared. We prayed for God’s peace to surround him and Mommy Marites before the medical team started the procedure which involved replacing his rods with a new one to stabilize his bone growth and hopefully achieve leg straightening. Marites was relieved to see Prince wheeled back to their room after his successful surgery. Thank you for praying! Photo of Prince

Feb 24, 2020

Prince is back at Tebow CURE together with his brother David. His brother fell and hurt his arm and needed a cast to keep his arm in place as it heals! While waiting for his turn to be checked by Doctor Jun, Prince couldn’t help but enjoy a piece of choco cupcake offered to him by Child Mentor Patricia! Doctor Jun deemed it best to have him undergo another surgery to replace his existing implants with longer ones. These longer ones are a pre-emptive measure which will allow Prince to keep his straight legs as he continues to grow! Please pray for Prince and his family that they will continue to trust God for his healing! Photo of Prince

Oct 03, 2019

Prince is back! But we were a bit surprised to see him in a wheelchair. We hoped to see him up and walking by this time. Unfortunately, he is afraid to fall and break another bone, so he decided not to get up and move anymore. While waiting for his x-ray, we spent time with Prince and he taught us his new game—dampa! It's a game to make rubber bands move using your hands. Thankfully, his bones are still intact, giving him a little boost to stand and walk in physical therapy once again! We hope that he builds up courage to move about at home, so he becomes stronger when he checks back in with us in six months! Photo of Prince

May 30, 2019

Prince’s cast finally came off! We are proud to say that he’s braver than ever! He was a bit scared as he stood up in physical therapy. But nevertheless, he took several steps so he can get his muscles moving again which is important especially now that he’s looking forward to go to school soon! Please continue to pray for his bones to never break again and for his muscles to become stronger! Photo of Prince

May 02, 2019

“He’s so scared!” mom Marites told us as Prince prepared to stand in his casts. He clung to physiotherapist TJ for dear life, and his blood pressure may have nudged up a little, but he showed his brave side and powered through. He’s still in casts for a while, but if he can continue to stand for short amounts of time at home, it will make his recovery a lot easier. We’re so proud of Prince for his bravery, and we’re thankful to all of you for supporting him! Photo of Prince

Apr 15, 2019

Play therapy definitely works for our children as they recover. After spending some time in the playroom, Prince’s blood pressure went down and he was discharged over the weekend! Tata from our house keeping department took over to clean up. Please continue to pray for Prince’s bones to become stronger and for him to never have any fractures in the future! Photo of Prince

Apr 12, 2019

"Can I go to the playroom?" was Prince's bright-eyed request when we walked into his room this morning. He has been waiting all week to get the playroom all to himself. The playroom has been packed with rowdy kids for the past few days for clinic, and with Prince recovering from his injuries, it was best that he stay in the ward. But because God loves our kids and hears even their little desires to go into the playroom, Prince's request was granted today! He is getting lab work done to make sure that he's set to go home and if that's all cleared, he's more likely to travel home this weekend! Please pray for Prince's blood pressure to go down and a perfectly clear blood work result! Photo of Prince

Apr 11, 2019

"It still hurts, but I'm OK," Prince told us today. Even though he is not ready to go home yet, today is so much better for Prince. He even helped out nurse Lyka raise his legs as she added the fiberglass wrap on his cast for more support! We were happy to see Prince smile today and we pray the same thing for Prince––quick recovery and stronger bones! Photo of Prince

Apr 10, 2019

Even though Prince had some pain in his legs today, he didn't hesitate to give us a glimpse of his sweet smile! Thanks to Marites' toe massage, recovery is still bearable! Hopefully, the pain goes away soon and he will be ready to travel and heal within the comforts of his home! Photo of Prince

Apr 09, 2019

Prince’s surgery was today, but it went a little different than we expected. Dr. Jun was able to align Prince’s arm and recast it without doing surgery, praise God! The decision was also made to replace the rods in both upper legs with longer ones, just to keep him stable and hopefully prevent further breaks from minor injuries. Thanks to your support, we are able to provide long term care for our patients who need it! Photo of Prince

Apr 08, 2019

Prince was admitted today, and will have surgery tomorrow on his arm and leg. He will also have the implants from his previous surgery removed, since those breaks have healed. That’s the good news in all of this! He’s being such a trooper for the amount of pain he is in, and even gave us a small smile during his admission today. He brought along a buddy, his stuffed chicken, who does not yet have a name, so we’re taking suggestions! Please pray for Prince tomorrow as he undergoes another challenging surgery. Photo of Prince

Apr 04, 2019

We were excited to see Prince back in clinic, but we immediately knew what the visit was about, seeing him in a wheelchair with homemade braces on his arm and his leg. Prince fell off of a chair last week and broke a couple bones again. With brittle bone disease, we have no control as to how strong his bones are going to be, but through our surgeons, we are able to put Prince's bones back together. We read him some encouraging letters today, reminding him that he is loved by Jesus and by many people from all over the world. In Prince's bone weakness, Christ will make him strong. We scheduled Prince for another surgery soon! Photo of Prince

Nov 15, 2018

Dr. Shelley was content to see the improvement of Prince's healing. She decided that today was the day that Prince will be cast free! But only for some time, we wanted him to spend the holidays not being confined to a pair of casts. We then made sure that his bones were strong enough to stand on his feet. Thanks to the physical therapy crew and a little help from a stuffed Koala, Prince bravely stood on his feet again! With this freedom, we knew that Prince will want to move again, so we reminded him and Marites to continue to take caution. We are not done with what we need to do to keep Prince's bone from breaking again, and Marites understood that. So we ask that you continue to pray for Prince that God holds his bones together, and will not have to experience another break again! Photo of Prince

Oct 04, 2018

It's another happy day for Prince to be back in his happy place! He also received good news that this will not be the last, not because he will need more procedures to be done, but because his X-ray images look good but not enough to be completely cast free. He has a walking cast though, which means he will be able to move around more freely with this one. Since his bones are so brittle, we are asking for his prayer warriors to lift up Prince and pray for a lifetime without broken bones anymore! In the meantime, we are keeping an eye on his legs to heal well and become strong! Photo of Prince

Aug 03, 2018

Marites wasn't kidding when she told us that this hospital was one for Prince's happy place. He wasn't so pumped with his fiber cast addition this morning, but it didn't take too long to get his happy face back! He spent the last few minutes in the playroom with Children's Mentor Ella before he packed up to go. Please continue to pray for him as he heals at home. We're confident that by the end of the month, Prince will be back to his happy place for a follow-up! Photo of Prince

Aug 02, 2018

"I threw up this morning!" was Prince's big news for us when we saw him, but he said it with a huge smile on his face. He's been in a bit of pain which he was easily distracted from when he went up to the playroom. The big screen TV was a better option than his usual cellphone game, which made him ecstatic. If Prince's pain levels continue to go down he will soon be able to go home! Photo of Prince

Aug 01, 2018

This was a big surgery for a little boy like Prince. Even so, he's proved just how brave he was by giving us a thumbs up before going into the OR. He said, "I got good sleep last night. Do you have a phone that I can borrow?" Clearly, we know what his priorities were and it made us giggle! Thankfully, Prince's surgery was successful and he's on his way to recovery! Photo of Prince

Jul 31, 2018

We don’t question why Prince comes to visit with a new broken bone every time. He is on the move no matter how many times Marites asks him to slow down! As we hope for his bones to grow stronger, we will fix his newly broken bone with a rod. We pray for a successful surgery tomorrow and pray against any other broken bones in the future due to his condition! Photo of Prince

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