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Jay's Story

“I dream that Jay will not get to the point where he gets bullied. I think bullying is expected towards kids with disability,” said Jay’s mom, Cas, as she honestly shared her thoughts.

Walk, run, trip, tumble, repeat. Jay is a ball of … Read more

“I dream that Jay will not get to the point where he gets bullied. I think bullying is expected towards kids with disability,” said Jay’s mom, Cas, as she honestly shared her thoughts.

Walk, run, trip, tumble, repeat. Jay is a ball of energy bouncing off from one end of the room to the other! Then, add singing and dancing in the mix, and you’ll have Jay’s entire personality! Cas adds, “You give him any instrument and he is all about it!”

Being born with clubfoot runs in Jay’s family line. His father had it when he was a child and Jay’s cousin was recently treated through serial casting. Cas and Jay aren’t new to the disability but they are excited that Jay’s feet will be clubfoot-free soon. Cas says, “He doesn’t fall all the time, but he gets tired easily. He is also not able to walk up on a slope. Mobile clinic is the first time that we heard about CURE. We heard about it from our neighbor. Since then, I stopped working so I can take care of him full-time.

Jay’s family has made sacrifices, so they can focus on his treatment. They hope that Jay will be able to go to school just like any normal kid. We are grateful to know that Jay has his family’s full support, but we know that his treatment will not be possible without your help. Please pray for Jay as he starts his healing journey!

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Latest Updates

Feb 26, 2018

With arms wide open and a huge smile on his face, Jay greets us, "Good morning!" to let us know that he is happy to be back! We are excited to see him scoot around with his braces all in tact! Once Dr. Shelley removed it to check his feet, he refused to put it back on! But that's okay, he will have a little bit more freedom now and will only use the bigger pair of braces at night. Jay will be back the first week of May so we can follow through his healing. Thanks for all of your support! Healing for Jay would not be possible without you! Photo of Jay

Dec 18, 2017

Jay was back for a follow up today, and it was a tear-free visit, we think the first one we've had! He happily played with some "vroom vrooms" while Dr. Shelley checked his progress, and he's doing great. The only problem? He already outgrew his braces! He went home with a bigger pair, and he's not scheduled to return for two months, unless he outgrows his braces again before then. If this past month's any indication, we'll be seeing him soon! Here's a video update showing his progress!

Nov 13, 2017

Jay finally had his last casts removed! But, they were replaced by a brace that won’t allow him to walk for a while. He wasn’t thrilled, and it took distractions by a handful of people to even get them on his feet. You know how mobile he was before, so this is another small setback in his mind. He managed to find a cozy spot to snooze before leaving, though. Grandma Delapaz understands, “We know it’s hard now, but when he’s running on straight feet, he’ll forget all of this.” Thanks to all of you for remembering kids like Jay in your prayers! We know that because of you- they’re never forgotten! Photo of Jay

Oct 19, 2017

By the looks of Jay's activities, he shows us that he's ready to "vroom-vroom" his way home today! He strolls around the halls as he greets everyone "Good morning!" and showers himself with bubbles. We will miss hearing his giggles and sweet comments for weeks, but we look forward to see his casts off when he comes back. Because of your support, Jay is so close to becoming fully healed! Continue to follow his progress and not miss the day that his feet are straight!

Oct 18, 2017

Again, all was forgotten when Jay had some "vroom-vroom" time pre-surgery. He got into the elevator and thought he was headed up to the playroom. When he saw that the OR was an unfamiliar territory, let's just say that he wasn't very happy. Thankfully, Cas was around to make sure his pain was diverted into watching cartoons until he fell asleep. A few minutes later, two tendons were released and Jay is all done in surgery! Praise God! Photo of Jay

Oct 17, 2017

Today wasn't a regular clinic visit for Jay. He knew the surrounding was familiar but there were less people around. He had an idea of what happens when they come to see us, so he wasn't so pumped to be back. However, when he saw that the playroom was open without anyone else using his favorite toys, he forgot everything and went on to say, "Vroom-vroooom!" Jay's achilles tendons will be released tomorrow, which will be the most challenging part of his healing yet. This only means he's almost to the end, so please keep your prayers coming! Photo of Jay

Oct 12, 2017

It was a big day for Jay! He got his last pair of ponseti casts, multicolored as a form of celebration, and he'll have a small surgery next week to finish this phase of treatment! He even made it through the last casting without too many tears, but the big giggles came when he had his feet washed off in between cast changes. After his surgery, he'll get one more set of casts, but then it'll be on to braces, big changes coming soon! Photo of Jay

Oct 05, 2017

The fiber glass trick worked and Jay’s casts remained in tact to help keep his feet in place as it heals. After each cast was removed, Jay would say, “All done!” He would say so intermittently with crocodile tears and hi-fives, which got the staff giggling. His dad, Emman, took Cas’ place since she was running a fever. So, please send prayers her way as well. We hope to see Jay next week to see how much he’s improved! Photo of Jay

Sep 28, 2017

We were hoping that this was Jay's last casts to be removed. Unfortunately, his healing is taking longer than expected. Since he's a toddler, he can't help but move a lot even if he has to scoot all the way through, causing his casts to become soft right away. So to prevent that from happening, we replaced it with a new set made of fiber glass. Stick around for more updates from Jay, we hope that these new casts will work even better as we continue to follow his progress! Photo of Jay

Sep 22, 2017

Any of you who have been following Jay knows that he doesn’t do anything without a little flare! His casts were tough, so we soaked them in water to help soften them before removal. He took that opportunity to take a full blown bucket bath, scooping water with his hand and washing himself head to toe! Mom Cas had an extra outfit for him, so besides some water on the floor, no harm was done, and we all got some good laughs out of it! He got another set of casts, making him one step closer to being clubfoot free. Please keep praying for Jay’s treatment, and for all the other untreated clubfoot cuties out there, that they hear about the healing that’s available at CURE! Photo of Jay

Sep 14, 2017

Jay's adventure in clinic is becoming less of a scary trip. Today, he took a "vroom-vroom" and got to blow bubbles! Although there were times that the fun stuff didn't work for a distraction, he is definitely less afraid. Once his third casts were brand new, he moved on to scooting in the playroom with more "vroom-vrooms!" Photo of Jay

Sep 04, 2017

We met a new friend at our mobile clinic in Mati last week! Jay clearly hasn’t let his clubfeet slow him down, but we’re excited that his family sought treatment for him early, so he’ll continue to move full speed ahead as he gets older. He started Ponseti treatment right away, and went home in his first set of casts. He definitely didn’t enjoy that, but we know he’ll enjoy running clubfoot free soon! We’ll keep updating you weekly as Jay comes in for treatment, please keep him in your prayers, and feel free to send an encouraging Get Well message to him and his family!

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