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Khazer's Story

Khazer became a gift to his parents a couple weeks ago when Ive and her husband became a family of three. Since Khazer's family live cities away from the hospital, they went to a regular check-up at a local pediatrician who recommended to get him t… Read more

Khazer became a gift to his parents a couple weeks ago when Ive and her husband became a family of three. Since Khazer's family live cities away from the hospital, they went to a regular check-up at a local pediatrician who recommended to get him treated here at Tebow CURE. Khazer is diagnosed with arthrogryposis that results in limb deformities, including clubfoot, at a young age. "We feel pity for his situation. We don't know what caused it, but our hope and dream is that his legs will be fixed as well as his arms," shares Khazer's mom, Ive. Week by week, Khazer will go through Ponseti casting as an early treatment for his clubfoot as we continue to observe his progress. We are hopeful for a great outcome as we keep track on Khazer's healing and continue to see you all pray for his journey!

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Latest Updates

Mar 12, 2019

Another week of being in a cast again was a challenge for Khazer and his parents, so they had a tough conversation with our medical staff today, hoping to postpone the treatment. And while we understand where they are coming from, we made sure to explain that holding off treatment for a long time with result in a much more difficult case for Khazer. At the end of it, Khazer's parents decided to take a month off so they can be much more prepared to take on Khazer's healing long term. While this was all happening, Khazer played hide and seek with us––laughing and giggling! Khazer gives joy to his parents and we ask that you pray for Khazer and his family as they face this challenge with great faith! Photo of Khazer

Mar 04, 2019

Khazer is walking! And, his memory is as sharp as ever…when the elevator doors opened to reveal that he was at clinic, he began to cry, just like before! He’s standing and taking steps, but because of his arthrogryposis, his right foot has relapsed some. If left untreated, all of the hard work invested in his treatment would be lost, so his parents made the tough decision to begin casting again. Hopeful he’ll only need to wear casts for about three months, but seeing him stand and walk today was an awesome reminder of how good God really is! Photo of Khazer

Sep 10, 2018

Look who came walking on his feet today! Khazer's family is finally seeing the fruit of their labor, from consistently coming into clinic for a little bit over a year! Khazer came to visit today rocking his shoes, but not only that, he also got a night brace upgrade! As he continues to grow fast, we will keep up with his brace upgrades to make sure that his progress will not go to waste! With our thankful hearts for all of your support, we ask that you continue to be a channel of provision as we keep track of Khazer's needs! Photo of Khazer

Aug 14, 2018

Awww look at that sweet little face. Khazer is about done with all the cast change and removal, and we have good news! This was his final cast removal and he finally upgraded to boots and bars! He will need to wear it at night and he finally gets to wear shoes during the day! We are seeing the fruits of all their hard work! Thank you for praying with us! Photo of Khazer

Jul 04, 2018

Khazer is heading home today! But, our presence in the ward made him wonder if that might not happen, so he got a little nervous. After a few minutes of peek a boo, he finally peered out with a grin, confident that we weren’t there to ruin his escape plans. He’ll be back in six weeks, which gives him a nice long break from us picking on him, and plenty of time to heal after surgery! Photo of Khazer

Jul 03, 2018

Dr. Shelley has walked this long journey with Khazer and his parents, and it continued this morning in the operating room. His right foot still needs some work, so she made an incision in his foot and after some rearranging, pinned his foot in place so it can heal in the correct position. This has been the most aggressive step yet, please join us in praying for a successful outcome, and a solid step in getting him clubfoot free! Photo of Khazer

Jul 02, 2018

Khazer’s surgery day has finally arrived! Dr. Shelley made the decision to defer his surgery a few months back, since he was so young and could undergo casting for a while longer. But, tomorrow, he will have surgery at last, after months and months of casting. He was hanging with his parents in the ward this afternoon, they have been amazingly patient through this whole process, and this will be one of the last steps! Photo of Khazer

Jun 25, 2018

Thanks to the "Choo Choo Show," Khazer was at his best after his cast change today. He's not done yet, he'll keep at it with the cast changes until his surgery schedule next week. We're slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! It makes a huge difference to have people supporting Khazer and his family throughout this long process. So thank you for all of your continuous support and prayer for Khazer and his family! Photo of Khazer

Jun 11, 2018

Yay, Khazer's rash is cleared and the casting continues! He will be on it for a few more weeks until he's scheduled for surgery. His parents have been so patient throughout his healing and so has he. Like usual, the cast change is a pain for him, but he doesn't hesitate to show us his adorable smile for the camera after we say, "click!" Please keep your prayers coming for Khazer and his family! Photo of Khazer

Apr 30, 2018

Khazer came to see us at the mobile clinic this time. He looked around and probably wondered "What is this place with all these familiar faces?" We were happy to see a familiar face, too! It was a quick visit and a short trip for Khazer! He had rashes all over his legs so we gave him a break from his cast as long as each foot gets a good stretch daily. Before he comes back for his scheduled surgery in a couple weeks, we pray that his legs gets cleared out of rash! We wouldn't want anything to get in the way of Khazer's healing! Photo of Khazer

Apr 16, 2018

Khazer came in for recasting today! Despite all the painful visits that he's made, he is now learning that it's okay to trust and show us his best personality with lots of smiles and giggles! And when they found out that we will have a mobile clinic within their town in a couple weeks, Khazer's parents were happy to know that they wouldn't have to make a long trip for his next appointment. Khazer will come to our mobile clinic and get recasted and it'll be good for us to see a familiar face in an unfamiliar territory to our clinic staff! Photo of Khazer

Apr 04, 2018

Khazer slipped out early this morning, so we didn't have a chance to say goodbye. He lives several hours from the hospital, and his family has been very faithful in making the long journeys, sometimes weekly, to get him the help he needs. We know they'll continue to visit us in the coming weeks, and we'll update you on how Khazer is doing then! Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

Apr 03, 2018

Since Khazer has already wrapped the entire clinic staff around his little finger, he set his sights on the operating room staff! Today was their first introduction to this cutie, and as per usual, no one could resist oohing and aahing over him. Oh, and they also did some minor surgery while he was busy being adorable! Dr. Shelley poked a few holes in his left ankle in order to stretch his Achilles tendon, and did some heavy stretching and manipulation on his right foot. Our “Master Caster” Nurse Jhun made a guest appearance to help with the tricky casting, and now Khazer has cleared another hurdle in his journey towards being clubfoot free! Photo of Khazer

Apr 02, 2018

Khazer only had one expression for us today, the best way we can describe it is “curiously confused.” He typically cries when he sees us in clinic, once he puts together where he is and what’s happening. But today, he’s in the ward, awaiting surgery tomorrow. He recognizes us, but the location is different, so he’s giving us a half smile, unsure if life’s good or not! We know he won’t be thrilled once he figures out what’s happening tomorrow, but we also know it’ll make life good, getting him one big step closer to being healed! Photo of Khazer

Mar 27, 2018

This is a full circle of Khazer's face every visit! It's a mix of happy, annoyed, and incredibly adorable facial expressions! We weren't expecting him to be back so soon, but since he is here, we casted him one more time until he's back for his scheduled surgery next week. With his challenging case, we are thankful that his family are giving their all, traveling and committing, for Khazer's healing. We thank you as well for walking with Khazer in all of this! Photo of Khazer

Mar 05, 2018

Khazer had another cast change today, complete with a lot of sad crocodile tears! He had a whole room full of sympathetic family and staff members, but he's decided he's just about done with this whole process. He gets a little break though, we won't see him back until the middle of April, just before his first birthday! Please keep praying for this challenging case, we know that God is in control, and when Khazer is running around it'll all be worth it! Photo of Khazer

Feb 26, 2018

Khazer and his expressive eyebrows show us that he doesn't really want to be here, but his visit is necessary so we can continue to giving him his proper treatment and a new pair of casts! It's a good thing that he has a great family and prayer support from all of you! Khazer might not reciprocate the feeling, but we are excited to see him back next week for a follow-up! Photo of Khazer

Feb 20, 2018

Oh, look at those eyebrows! Khazer is back this week so we can attend to the congenital vertical talus on his right foot and continue to treat his left clubfoot. He obviously doesn't look very happy to be in a cast once again, but we pray that he will heal quickly and in time for him to start walking! Photo of Khazer

Nov 11, 2017

We've been overdue with baby cuddles, and Khazer came to the rescue! We almost didn't recognize him since he's gotten so big, but we remember his bright eyes! Although he's not looking so pumped to be back, especially since we had to put one of his legs back in a cast, we want to make sure that he continues to heal well. We were just as sad as he was that we had to put him back on a cast, but this is so he can continue to grow like a healthy boy as he already is! Photo of Khazer

Aug 10, 2017

It’s been one month since we’ve seen our buddy Khazer, and we’re pretty sure he’s doubled in size! He’ll still wear his braces for a while, but his feet are staying perfectly straight. He’s also been wearing braces on his hands to straighten his bent wrists, and thanks to his parents’ diligence in stretching them every day, they’re correcting as well. We’ll see him again next month, just in time to get our next baby fix! Photo of Khazer

Jul 13, 2017

It was a big day for Khazer! He’s all done with his casts for now, and got to graduate to braces! He wasn’t as thrilled about it as the rest of us, but we keep believing that someday he’ll appreciate it. His feet were a little puffy from his casts, so he’ll start wearing his braces in a few days once the swelling goes down. The next task is to start straightening his wrists, but we’ll give him a little break from casts for now, he deserves it! Photo of Khazer

Jul 06, 2017

We all oohed and aahed last week over how cute Khazer and his uncle were together, but today dad was back with him, and it’s clear that he's Khazer's favorite guy! Khazer’s stiff joints cause his legs to rotate out, so it’s hard to see the progress in his pictures, but trust us, he’s getting there. Just a few more castings, and his clubfeet should be healed. Then, we get to move onto the next step, his hands. He’s a work in progress, but has an amazing support team behind him. Photo of Khazer

Jun 29, 2017

Khazer's been on Planet Earth for almost two months, and has spent six weeks of that time in casts! But, progress is happening! His left thigh was rubbing on his cast edge though, that combined with the extreme heat led to a miserable sore. So, he gets a break from the full length cast this week while he heals. He and his uncle are getting the casting routine down, and kept each other distracted in the most adorable way possible!

Jun 16, 2017

We’ve loved seeing Khazer’s progress each week, but now his engaging little personality is starting to bloom as well! We witnessed some adorable chatting and smiles from him, until Dr. Tim started playing with his feet, which led to some big sad tears. But we have great news! His right foot is almost completely straight, and his left is “neutral”, meaning it can be manipulated straight without any stretching. Excellent progress! Photo of Khazer

Jun 08, 2017

We missed this little guy last week, but he’s back again today for another cast change. Khazer’s parents have become very capable assistants, allowing Nurse Jhun to get it done in a flash. And Khazer’s been absolutely thrilled about every visit! OK, maybe not yet, but we’re still hoping! His right foot is really coming along well, it’s just been a “slow and steady” battle, but we’re slowly winning! Photo of Khazer

May 25, 2017

Khazer attracted a lot of attention in the exam room today! He is such a cutie, and we just can’t resist babies. We discovered that he loves having his teeny little feet rubbed, so we felt a little bad casting them up. But, he’s here at the best possible time in his life for a successful outcome, the earlier the better. We’re looking forward to seeing him again next week! Photo of Khazer

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