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Danielle's Story

“I like to play with bears with my best friend Mina and my little sisters Barbie and Sarah,” says Danielle.

Danielle is sweet and self-spoken. While in kindergarten, she enjoys writing and spending time with her friends and sisters after… Read more

“I like to play with bears with my best friend Mina and my little sisters Barbie and Sarah,” says Danielle.

Danielle is sweet and self-spoken. While in kindergarten, she enjoys writing and spending time with her friends and sisters after school. “At home, Danielle watches princess movies and plays on her tablet. Before, she liked to run and play hide and seek. A year ago, Danielle’s knee accidentally hit the door hard which caused soft tissue damage. We went to a local clinic and it wasn’t until almost a year later when she had surgery at a local hospital,” shares Danielle’s dad Cliniel. Unfortunately, Danielle’s surgery a year ago didn’t make the situation better and her knee became stiff. “She complains every midnight about pain, so we finally decided to get her leg checked again,” adds Cliniel.

Danielle is currently at Tebow CURE for a radical synovectomy procedure which we hope will alleviate the pain that she experiences daily. We pray for God’s healing on Danielle’s knee so she can go back to playing with Mina, Barbie and Sarah just like she use to!

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Latest Updates

Oct 26, 2017

“Every week, she cries,” physical therapist Alex told us about Danielle’s recovery. Even with her casting her leg is still stiff, but her parents have been so faithful to bring her in each week to have it iced and stretched. It’s painful, not only for Danielle, but for everyone who witnesses her sad face. However, all the hard work will pay off! Danielle and her parents can use a lot of prayers for encouragement because it’s been a rough time for them. We love to tell stories of success, but sometimes it’s a lot of hard work to get there! Photo of Danielle

Sep 22, 2017

Danielle patiently waited in the lobby for clinic while she got her hair done. Her long wait is now over and she's finally free from the green cast! She will now have to focus on making strides in physical therapy to continue with her healing. This is good news for Danielle and we appreciate all of your prayers through it all! Photo of Danielle

Aug 09, 2017

Guard Gerald snipped Danielle’s hospital bracelet off, checked her paperwork, and told her she gets to go home! After a less than happy day yesterday, she was all smiles today as she was wheeled out the exit. She’ll be back at the end of the month, hopefully she’ll just spend a few weeks in her cool green cast, please keep praying for Danielle’s healing! Photo of Danielle

Aug 08, 2017

“She might need to be in a cast again for a while,” Dr. Jun sighed as he looked at Danielle’s tightly flexed knee this morning. While she was under heavy sedation, Dr. Jun stretched and bent her knee, finally getting some motion. We all hoped that would be enough, but the tough decision was made to cast her leg straight, so everything will stay stretched out and not contract again. Dad Cliniel caught a short nap while Danielle continued to sleep, but once she woke up and discovered she was in a cast again, no one slept! She’s not thrilled, please keep praying for grace and patience for this family and situation. Photo of Danielle

Aug 07, 2017

Danielle's adorable smile is back when she saw her adorable face on the camera's screen. She actually enjoys taking selfies, which her dad Cliniel can attest to. So even though being here is not really one of her favorite things, she enjoyed taking selfies with CUREkids Coordinator Hope Kim in the playroom. We don't expect this smile to be kept as she goes into the OR to release the tension on her knee, but we pray for a favorable post-procedure outcome! Photo of Danielle

Aug 04, 2017

"She didn't want to see the d-o-c-t-o-r," spelled out Children's Mentor Ella. We had to spell it out so we can keep the doctor's name on the down low. Danielle didn't want anything to do with the hospital anymore, which we understand. She has gone through a lot of pain, and we are trying our best to make her as comfortable as possible while she's here. Unfortunately, she'll have to come back next week for another procedure. Her knee locked and will need some work under anesthesia. Please continue praying for Danielle! Photo of Danielle

Jul 20, 2017

As you can see, Danielle’s right leg is bending just fine! But it’s her left leg that needs work. Good news to report though, her biopsy came back clear, and her swelling has gone down, so there’s no concern of anything more serious. She really needs to exercise and stretch her left leg, and according to mom and dad, she’s being kind of stubborn. We know it hurts, and we know it’s really hard, but we pray that Danielle will use that tough attitude to push through the pain and get moving towards recovery! Photo of Danielle

Jul 06, 2017

Danielle was back today for her cast removal, but made sure to spend time with Ella first! Everything is healing, and now she can focus on regaining mobility. A biopsy was done after surgery just to make sure the soft tissue damage didn’t have any other issues, and we haven’t gotten results yet, but things are looking good! Photo of Danielle

Jun 23, 2017

This adorable smile shows a pain-free morning for Danielle! She's still cuddled up in bed, but will have to get up to pack soon since she's headed home today. No one's in a rush though, Danielle lives within city limits so we're making the most of the time that she's with us until she comes back for a follow-up. Photo of Danielle

Jun 22, 2017

We noticed that people in blue scrubs are not on Danielle's "friends list." At least we didn't have to wear those for now, which is why she freely gives us her sweet smile. Danielle hasn't been able to move yet, but will soon have to get up to do physical therapy, so please pray that the pain will go away as she prepares to go home before this weekend! Photo of Danielle

Jun 21, 2017

Medicine through syringe wasn't as hard of a battle for Danielle today. Dr. Norman, one of our anesthesiologists, showed her that the syringes didn't have needles. Dad Cliniel was there to chat about important things like Barbie pop star dresses, so that distracted her a little bit. Once under anesthesia, Dr. Tim and Dr. Shelley got right to clearing her knee and Danielle is now done with surgery and recovering! Photo of Danielle

Jun 20, 2017

We missed seeing that adorable smile! Danielle is now focused on playing a game, so this is our attempt to hang out with her again after a rough start in the ward today. She says, "I thought I didn't have to do this again?!?" and cried the whole time during her blood draw. We understand though, no one wants to get poked over and over again, but it needed to be done during her past few visits to make sure her blood test results are cleared for surgery. Hopefully, this was the last and we pray that she continues to be well and happy for tomorrow's surgery! Photo of Danielle

May 24, 2017

Well friends, unfortunately Danielle's adorable smile couldn't coax her way into the operating room today. She's been battling a cold over the past few days, and it's enough to put her surgery on hold, better safe than sorry! She was discharged earlier, and will continue to get better at home. We're hoping to see her very soon again for surgery, and we'll keep you updated!

May 23, 2017

Awww, look at that adorable smile! Danielle's face lit up as soon as she got a purple bear from LIFE 102.5 radio station! Her stay at Tebow CURE is already off to a good start and we pray that it continues to go well for her surgery tomorrow! Photo of Danielle

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